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Also Known As

Kitten's Big Sister

on MUX as



The Explorer


Healing Hand

Apparent Age


Played By

Ana de Armas

Faction Membership

The Savvy
Healing Hand


It's a colorful, sensual world. Inspiration is everywhere -- in connections with other people, in ideas, in reinvention of self and of perspective. Live in the now, shape your own destiny, and never give up searching for new ways to push your passions and experience new things. Take risks and see the possibilities that abound everywhere you look. Take the road less-traveled. Or the road well-traveled. Boldly go wherever the fuck you want, because life isn't worth living unless it's been thoroughly explored.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You want to see everything and go everywhere. Curiosity drives you, and often it drives you into ditches filled with bad stuff, but that's just called the scenic route.

Role in The Last Road


She didn't start life out as Kat. In actuality, her parents had given her the name 'Kaethe,' meaning 'Pure,' when she came into the world at the Sanctuary. And pure she was. It wasn't until later, when her younger sibling took up the mantle of Kitten and built a reputation for themselves, that people started referring to her as, simply, 'Kat'. Some part of her was sufficiently amused to allow it to continue, and soon enough, it stuck.

Initially placed as a Meanie among the Fortunate, she picked up skills like cooking and sewing, and loved to dance. Her gentle and carefree nature drew people to her, and she easily made friends. When Kitten began to occasionally cough up blood, however, there was some concern that their condition might be hereditary. She had a keen and inquisitive mind, and the Savvy were more than happy to welcome her into their ranks.

For her part, she was delighted at the chance to learn and grow and, like the plants she and the other Greenthumbs cared for in the hydroponic fields, she flourished in her new role. Kat took particular interest in the uses for various plants beyond simple nourishment, especially those with medicinal properties. It was little surprise, therefore, that she set her path toward becoming a Healing Hand, the day she turned fourteen.

Now, she tends to the sick and injured, serves as a midwife when needed, and thrives on opportunities to accompany parties on trips outside the Sanctuary. On top of that, she's quite devoted to her curative research, and still cultivates a collection of medicinal plants for use in her healing arts.


Whether it's knowing her from when she tended to a previous illness or injury, or needing a Hand to accompany a trip outside, or requiring medical assistance, she's open to being involved.
Prior Fortunate
She started out as a Meanie, before being moved to the Savvy. Perhaps you're childhood friends.
Plants with medicinal properties are a great love of hers. Have some seeds? Need some advice?
Kat positively devours every bit of information she can find on the Wastes. Call it a persistent fascination, or an academic pursuit, or whatever -- either way, she'd be interested in hearing about what happened outside, or might know the answer to a question you have about the outside world.


Brawn: Poor
+ Resilient (Positive)

Knock her down, she gets right back up again.
- Diminutive (Negative)

Good for hiding! Not so much for reaching things on high shelves.
Finesse: Good
+ Precise (Positive)

Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, with the coordination to back it up.
+ Agile (Positive)

Kat be nimble, Kat be quick..
- Near-Sighted (Negative)

Kat trip over the $@#%ing candle-stick. (Okay, she's not that bad. Just don't put a gun in her hands.)
Brains: Good
+ Discerning (Positive)

She tends to see things others may miss.
+ Well-Educated (Positive)

Like all Savvy kids, she received a solid education and years of training.
- Abstracted (Negative)

She can, at times, become engrossed in something and come across as absentminded.
Spirit: Normal
+ Strong-Willed (Positive)

Headstrong and doesn't get shaken easily.
+ Serene (Positive)

She has an air about her, a sense of tranquility that makes her damned pleasant to be around. Excellent bedside manner.
- Curious (Negative)

An inquisitive spirit that sometimes leads her down paths she might've done better to avoid.

Perks and Quirks

+ Obscure Death
+ Wasteland Lore

The character has heard a lot of stories and rumors from the wastes, and can roll Brains +1 to see if they know anything about a name, place, creature, and so on.
+ Adrenaline Boost
+ Area of Expertise (Healing Arts)
- Can't Shoot
- Big Favor - Vishys (The Rogue)
- Small Favor - Kez (The Visionary)
- Communal Mindset

The character doesn't get things like jealousy, competition and profit. This can result in them making sacrifices that may not be strictly necessary, and often makes them seem callous to the feelings and desires of others. Savvy Only

ExplorerSR Fang.jpg

Fang (The Last Road)

Polecat (Centurion)
Found in the wastes as a child, the orphaned survivor of a vicious attack by raiders on a band of scavengers, Fang learned early on that you need to be tough to survive. It's uncertain how long she was out there alone, but something's always seemed a little 'off' with the girl. Like maybe her brain is a touch.. broken. She's edgy, taciturn, utterly dauntless, and a bit feral.

On the other hand, she's nimble as a monkey, fights like a honey badger, and seems to have more lives than a cat. She fits in well with the War Kids.

ExpSR Catch.png

Catch (The Last Road)

Midwif--husband, damn it!
In his own words...

"Lemme start this by sayin' one thing, loud an' real clear:

I have a penis.

That's right, I'm a man, with man parts. Ain't no female, so I can't be a wife. Not a midwife, not a fishwife, not a... you git the gist. They had a name fer cooterdocs back before the world got killed. Obgins. So you either call me a midhusband, or an Obgin, but not midwife.

I used ta work the fields, growin' all manner of greens an' tubers. Roundabout the third time I was there when some female or 'nother went into labor, an' everything went smooth as an oiled boob, folk started gettin' superstitious. Like I was some kinda good luck charm. Females started requestin' me when their time came.

If ya ain't never seen a cooter mid-delivery, I can't say I recommend it. Damned unsettlin'.

Anyway, weren't long afore somebody higher up than me decided I should get actual medical trainin', so as ta make my position more official like. An' that's how I became an Obgin."

No badges for The Last Road.

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