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[[Explorer2/Colby{{!}}Mira Chevalier-Colby (The Explorer)]]


Mira Chevalier-Colby

on MUX as

The Explorer


The Explorer


Exploration Geologist

Apparent Age

Early to Mid-Twenties

Played By

Ana de Armas

Faction Membership

Project Icarus: Mining Mission
Exploration Geologist (Scout)

Led Zeppelin - The Rover

I've been to London, seen seven wonders

I know to trip is just to fall

I used to rock it, sometimes I'd roll it

I always knew what it was for

There can be no denying,

That the wind'll shake 'em down

And the flat world's flying,

And there's a new plague on the land

Traversed the planet, when heaven sent me

I saw the kings who rule them all

Still by the firelight and purple moonlight

I hear the rested rivers call

And the wind is crying,

From a love that won't grow cold

My lover, she is lying,

On the dark side of the globe



It's a colorful, sensual world. Inspiration is everywhere -- in connections with other people, in ideas, in reinvention of self and of perspective. Live in the now, shape your own destiny, and never give up searching for new ways to push your passions and experience new things. Take risks and see the possibilities that abound everywhere you look. Take the road less-traveled. Or the road well-traveled. Boldly go wherever the fuck you want, because life isn't worth living unless it's been thoroughly explored.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You want to see everything and go everywhere. Curiosity drives you, and often it drives you into ditches filled with bad stuff, but that's just called the scenic route.

Role in Project Icarus

Mining. It's in her blood. A hundred years ago, Mira's great-great-grandmother captained the final haul of the USCSS Hephaestus' crew, and their heroism saved the lives of dozens of people who lived and worked on Tenochtitlan Station when catastrophe struck. Including her great-great-grandfather, as it turned out.

Mira grew up on those stories. True, the details have gone blurry over the century that's passed since, and alterations — intentional and otherwise — have been made to the tale with each retelling. If anything, though, those changes only stamped the epic romance and selfless heroism of her ancestors that much more vibrantly in her young mind.

So it's little surprise that Mira has decided to follow in her idol's footsteps. Not to the letter, mind — Mira has no interest in positions of leadership. Those tend to involve paperwork and politics and bullshit. No, she wants the thrill of discovery, the rush of exploring places she's never been, and the general satisfaction of working not only with her mind, but her hands, too.

Exploration Geology fit the bill. A career that often requires extended travel, working and sometimes living outdoors in any climate, and in defiance of the weather. Hiking, carrying equipment and rock samples, scouting potential locations for mining operations and finding the best places with the richest deposits. It's a dream job for someone like her, really.

When news of the opportunity to join the Project Icarus team filtered down through Penumbra's ranks, she was one of the first to sign on. And, for a change, it turns out that she'll be working on the same project as one of her spouses, for a change. Not that she knows it yet, but her other, long-estranged spouse will be right there on the asteroid, too. Buckle in, Mira. The world's about to flip on its ear.

Alien Mutation - Descended from one of the characters in this story? Mira, too. Namely, Maya Chevalier and Rod Colby.


Brawn: Poor
+ Resilient (Positive)

Know those kind of creepy inflatable punching clowns? She's like that. Knock her down, and she'll pop back up again. Usually with a grin. Which can be downright unsettling.
Finesse: Good
+ Nimble (Positive)

Running, jumping, ducking, dodging, climbing trees, putting on make-up when she's up there..
+ Quick (Positive)

So much as one joke about Jack and his candlestick, and people might get hurt.. ahem. Anyway. She's got quick reflexes and quick little feets.
Brains: Normal
+ Ingenious (Positive)

Resourceful, clever, inventive. She uses what's on hand to tackle what's before her, sometimes in unexpected ways. Like MacGyver. With tits.
+ Perceptive (Positive)

Situational awareness dialed up to eleven. She's attuned to her surroundings, and it takes some effort to startle her. Also, balls. Because she will deck anyone who leaps out at her from behind shit.
- Audacious (Negative)

Her great, great granddaddy was borderline batshit. She's not quite as bad (thankfully), but she does show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks at times.
- Curious (Negative)

It killed the cat. She isn't one. Perhaps she'll have better luck?
Spirit: Good
+ Magnetic (Positive)

For all her flaws (Eff you, she's perfect just the way Braden's Space God made her!), there's this indefinable quality about her that draws people in.
+ Tenacious (Positive)

Once she's got her mind set, it can be difficult to get her to veer off course. Waving espresso under her nose sometimes works. Pro tip.
- Outspoken (Negative)

There is such a thing as being too candid. She tends to speak her mind, intentionally or otherwise, regardless of whether it's critical, controversial or (usually for her) downright embarrassing.
- Honey Badger (Negative)

And she has zero f*cks to give.

Okay, some. But not many.



Penumbra Investigator

Hot mess. Good thing I love him, 'cause I hate messes.




Mornings are a whole lot harder without him.


Uncle Mal

Security Officer

What the hell's that saying? 'The family you choose'? Yeah. That.



Grumpy Miner

The Waldorf to my Statler. I've got his back.


Dakota "Dak" Stephens (Project Icarus)

The powers that be weren't all that thrilled with Samantha Davies took the bit between her teeth and pushed her way onto the Icarus project's second go. She's useful. Penumbra wants their assets to stay assets, and for that to happen, they need to stay alive.

Enter Dak.

He's strong, he's smooth, he's rugged, he's imposing, he's got a sharp eye, he's an expert marksman and a deadly opponent in any hand-to-hand brawl. Like, ninja level badass. Really. Stop laughing!

Right, well, he firmly believes all that. And most of it's at least partially true. What matters most, though, is that he's willing to take a bullet for Samantha if the need should arise.

... That may or may not have to do with a wee torch he's been carrying for her for a while now.

No badges for Project Icarus.

Warning: Display title "<span style="display:none">Explorer2/Colby</span>" overrides earlier display title "<center><span class="headline">Mira Chevalier-Colby (The Explorer)</span></center>".

Mira Chevalier-Colby - Personal Log

06 JUN 2249 - 01:47:42

What. The French. Toast.

Mira, looking haggard as all hell and carefully cradling a splinted wrist to her chest, glares into the camera from her coffin.

So, that didn't fucking go as planned. So much for curbing her language. We overshot our jump coordinates. Still don't know how that happened. I'm sure the sciencey types will come up with some explanation or other that'll fly right over most of our heads, but fact remains, the lot of us almost did a swan-dive into the goddamn black hole.

The pilots barely managed to get us back up and out, but the landing on Icarus completely obliterated our landing gear, which means there's no elevation beneath the station for us to start mining anytime soon. If ever. Lots of other damage, too. No clue how much, or what, yet.

She scrubs at her face with both hands. This is a mistake, as the splint connects pretty hard with her left cheekbone, causing an explosion of fresh curses.

Bae and Dae made it through, though Dae busted his leg. He's gonna be limping around in a cast for fuck knows how long. And I can't even give him proper TLC, 'cause we're all assigned to individual coffins.

Her eyes widen at the camera, ever so melodramatic.

I can't die on this rock. And I sure as hell can't die on this rock without having bounced on my boys a time or two first.

She flops back, falling out of sight as her back side connects with the mattress. All that's heard before a bare foot flails up and starts blindly tapping around in search of the button to cut the recording is..


07 JUN 2249 - 22:38:10

Mira sits alone in her coffin, visibly restless but restricted in her movements by space constraints. She drags her fingers through her hair, lets out a frustrated noise, and glares into the camera.

This is insanity. Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if the crazy bug has started getting into the people at the top, here. I mean...

She looks toward the exit hatch, puffs out a harsh sigh.

I get it. You do whatever's in your power to help the people you love. And there are people here who love the fuck outta CMO MacLeod. One of whom I happen to adore the fuck out of, so, yeah. Hell yeah, I want him to get his guy back.

Her eyes turn forward again, and now she just looks.. worried. Scared, even.

But we don't even know why he's in that pod. We have no way of knowing, unless we manage to find something in all the logs from Ick One -- and there's still a metric assload of data to comb through. He could have some crazy contagion in his system. He could've gone batshit crazy, and they stuck him in that cryo pod for their safety, not his. Fuck, he could even have one of those shadow things inside him, just waiting to hitch a ride back with the drones, and get in here.

She scowls.

Brass needs to take a beat and let us do our jobs, before pushing forward with this. I gotta find Malcolm. If anybody can talk some sense into these homicidal idiots, it's him.

A pause, as she smirks wryly.

Yeah, I said 'homicidal,' not suicidal. Because if this shit goes wrong, and we start dying off like those poor bastards on Ick One? It's on them. They'll be the ones who killed us all.

08 JUN 2249 - 06:14:08

Mira scrunches her nose, looking frustrated. And a little torn.

So.. all video footage from Ick One have been declared off-limits till further notice.

She arches an eyebrow, skepticism flickering through her expression.

What the fuck is a 'linguistic virus,' anyway? Sounds like something out of a bad horror flick. You watch the video, and you go batshit and kill all your friends with a rusty hatchet, or something.

Shrugging, she sits back on her mattress, leaning on hands planted casually behind herself.

Thing is, not all the video files got snatched up in the sweep. I still have that freaktastic copy that Mission Director Thornton shot over to me, so I could brace myself and get my gag reflex under control before Jazz and I start piloting drones over there ourselves.

I dunno. Maybe I should turn it over. Ain't seen any rusty hatchets lying around, but with both of my guys here, I'm not keen on taking chances.

She grumbles.

Fuck. Bae's gonna be all kinds of pouty if he finds out I had "research material" and gave it up willingly.

16 JUN 2249 - 02:09:45

Yep. Fell asleep in Bae's coffin.. after. Might get in trouble later. Don't really care in the here and now. I needed that.

Mira looks a bit rumpled, still tired as hell, but she's smiling for a change. Just a small smile, but it's a smile nonetheless.

Okay, so. Catch-up time. I'm nobody of consequence, so I don't have nearly the amount of info others have, but. I was the one who piloted the first drone down to the asteroid's core.

She scrubs briefly at her face with her hands.

Man, that was some crazy shit. Like, whoever designed that city -- or Endolith, whatever -- took all the laws of physics and threw them right out the window. It damn near made me hurk, first time I saw it. That much of a shock to the system. Wild. Dizzying.

... Beautiful, in a way. Honestly, the more I think on it, the more stunning the place was. And not just in that 'fucking Space Christ, my whole sense of reality just got flipped on its ear, whoa, why'm I on the floor' stunning, but actually... gorgeous.

She pauses, gives her head a quick shake.

Fuck, I shouldn't be talking like this. Prolly gonna get my ass locked up in some padded cell. Anyway. I pulled a sample from the tunnel wall, and ran some tests. Weird radiation. Nothing I've ever seen before, and it's not native to this rock. If I had to guess, the Endolith's radiating it, and it's soaking deeper and deeper into the rock surrounding it. No telling what it'd do to us, if it actually reached the surface.

Sent the data I had on it to Kolvek down in CT, and to Bae. Guess we'll see what, if anything, comes of it. Out.

She cuts the feed.

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