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Known As

Maya Chevalier
Llesenia Santi
Misty Alvarez
Mira Chevalier-Colby
Thea Marchant

on MUX as

The Explorer

Has Been

First Officer USCSS Hephaestus
Novice Drabarni
Film Student
Snake Dancer
Exploration Geologist
Feral Ingenue
Healing Hand

Apparent Age

Late Twenties

Played By

Ana de Armas

Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day
My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride
If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?

Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire
We call them cool
Those hearts that have no scars to show
The ones that never do let go
And risk it the tables being turned
We call them fools
Who have to dance within the flame
Who chance the sorrow and the shame
That always come with getting burned
But you got to be tough when consumed by desire
'Cause it's not enough just to stand outside the fire


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It's a colorful, sensual world. Inspiration is everywhere -- in connections with other people, in ideas, in reinvention of self and of perspective. Live in the now, shape your own destiny, and never give up searching for new ways to push your passions and experience new things. Take risks and see the possibilities that abound everywhere you look. Take the road less-traveled. Or the road well-traveled. Boldly go wherever the fuck you want, because life isn't worth living unless it's been thoroughly explored.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You want to see everything and go everywhere. Curiosity drives you, and often it drives you into ditches filled with bad stuff, but that's just called the scenic route.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

Name - Some people have adopted persistent names for themselves while in the Facility, as they explore and solidify their grasps on their identity. She hasn't officially declared one for herself as yet, and will answer to any of the names she's carried in alternate lifetimes, though the name people call her most often seems to be 'Senni.'

Things That Linger

Questing Spirit: Always insatiably curious. For good or ill.
Given Name: Each and every role has a name that, according to Numerology, has a Soul number of 5.

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

A quarter-inch wide band made of carefully-folded paper triangles. The way it braids into itself keeps it from falling apart, but it is also glued with dry blood, sweat, and tears.

Prosperity's Price

The boot she didn't throw at Baelzebub. Scuffed, worn, and utterly useless without its mate, but a poignant reminder of her family and what she was willing to do for them.


A green neckerchief.


A five-inch, crocheted 'granny square' in soft pink tones, faded and love-worn. It looks as though it might've once been part of a blanket.

Project Icarus

A simple golden band, suspended from a leather cord, as if meant to be worn around the neck.

Bonds of Blood

A copy of Catcher in the Rye.

The Last Road

No memento mori from this story yet.


Maya01.jpg ExplorerProsperity.png ExplorerSlasher.jpg ExplorerCarnival.png ExplorerIcarus1.jpg ExplorerBonds0.jpg


Josephine Dalton (Prosperity's Price)

Gambling Hall Girl
Josephine considers herself fortunate to be employed at the Gambling Hall as a cigar girl -- there are far worse places she could be, after all. She works hard, charming the patrons and serving them during their stays, occasionally acting as a 'good luck charm' at the tables. Oddly enough, she does seem inexplicably lucky. Perhaps that's why she's survived the Reapings. Or why her employer keeps her around, despite the fact that she's slowly creeping toward thirty (shhh). Maybe, someday, fortune will favor her one final time, and she'll meet someone with the ambition and the affluence to sweep her off to greener pastures.


Cora DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)

Coraline, or Cora, was always a quiet sort. Like her cousin Adelaide, she was socially awkward -- defensive and somewhat brusque, following years in her childhood being judged or even ridiculed for her struggles in school. Dyxlexia was a thing, even in the late 19th century. A fire was lit under her once her father, Earl DeWitt, lost his life trying to save a family from the mudkin. She joined the Black Widow Gang, determined to honor his self-sacrifice and the legacy of her ancestor, Hannah, by protecting the residents of Prosperity.


Ashley "Ash" Dalton (Prosperity's Price)

Animal Husbanderer Extraordinaire
By day, Ash (call him Ashley and he will devise a score of creative ways to retaliate, and then probably promptly forget them all) is the most legendary Animal Husband west of the Mississippi. Animal Husbander. Husbandist? In his own mind, at least.

By night, he's the proud and absolutely vital right hand man to El Sable himself. Okay, he's a sidekick. And not always just at night. Sometimes it's mid-afternoon. Once, he had to get up before dawn in order to be where El Sable needed him on time, and that was hard. But El Sable is more than worth it -- he kept Ash from biting the ground when a hungry wendigo got a hankerin' for Ash's bacon! Now he's got a bee in his pretty floral bonnet to not only repay that debt, but to embody all the strength, manly swagger and selfless heroism that any right hand man worth his salt possesses.

ExplorerSlasher SR1.jpg

Marion "Mack" Roberts (Slasher)

College Student
Hockey is good. Hockey is life. Nothing like the roar of the crowd when blood hits the ice. It's a man's sport. Manly men. Sans tights. Well, long underwear maybe, 'cause the rink gets pretty damned cold.

Or, you know, hey. Some might wear tights. Mack doesn't judge. He's got secrets of his own, after all.

One of them, he has to see every day. Pass the puck to. Even, on trips like this one, bunk with. Is 'FML' a thing, or does that not happen for another decade or two? So much awkward. And it only happened once, he only got the feels for one guy, and that one guy shot him down. Hard. As hard as the feels he was feelin' -- both above and below the waist.

Mack will get his, though. Someday, somehow, Marc Westin will rue the day he put public image above lifelong friendship, and refused to make manly man love with Mack.


ExplorerSlasher SR2.jpg

Katrina "Kat" Hale (Slasher)

Cal Arts Student
"Craft Services," Tag-Along

Okay. Culinary genius she is not. But Kat needed some kind of official role in the group, in order to come along on this trip. She's not even a senior yet, after all! So she agreed to do 'craft services,' which will probably wind up consisting of trips to the nearest convenience store for Cool Ranch Doritos, Jolt Cola and all manner of completely unhealthy but suuuuper satisfying junk food.

Quirky, energetic, delightfully snarky and game for pretty much anything, she blends well with the film kids from Cal Arts pretty well. While she considers Misty her BFF, she lurves each and every one of 'em. Even Max, whether Max likes it or not. Really, she's kind of like that younger sibling who seems perpetually torn between establishing her own individuality, and following along everywhere, desperately wanting to fit in.


Mal Winchester (Carnival)

The unofficial 'mascot' of the Nymphai, Mal has a pretty happy existence, truth told. He's the only male amidst a gaggle of gorgeous gals, after all! Yes, he really is a he, despite his given name. Call him 'Mallory' at your peril.

Of course, he learned long ago not to muck up the group dynamic by trying to initiate romantical courtship shenanigoolery with any of Elene's ladies. That way lies Drama. He doesn't even know how to spell, but he knows that word starts with a D, and a big one, in this particular case.

It suits him just fine, though, truth told. He's got a pitter-patter in his adorably oafish heart for Miss Georgia, after all. She's just so pretty, and so down to earth and genuine and sweet and pretty...


Thea Onasis (Carnival)



Marnie Walsh (Carnival)

Performer (Elephant Act)


Nikaia Douglas (Slasher)

Adult Entertainer


Dakota "Dak" Stephens (Project Icarus)

The powers that be weren't all that thrilled with Samantha Davies took the bit between her teeth and pushed her way onto the Icarus project's second go. She's useful. Penumbra wants their assets to stay assets, and for that to happen, they need to stay alive.

Enter Dak.

He's strong, he's smooth, he's rugged, he's imposing, he's got a sharp eye, he's an expert marksman and a deadly opponent in any hand-to-hand brawl. Like, ninja level badass. Really. Stop laughing!

Right, well, he firmly believes all that. And most of it's at least partially true. What matters most, though, is that he's willing to take a bullet for Samantha if the need should arise.

... That may or may not have to do with a wee torch he's been carrying for her for a while now.


Cassidy "Cass" Fitzgerald (Bonds of Blood)

Pool Maintenance Technician
Cass had plans, post-graduation. Big plans. Huge! He'd found a college that'd accept him, and it even offered the degree he was most interested in -- Animal Behavior. Except.. his older brother had managed to get himself into some serious legal trouble, and much of his college fund was diverted by their folks to bail Randall out and get everything sorted.


Never one to let stumbles bring him down, Cass stuck around in Lake Havasu, expanding a little business he'd started while still in High School. Yep. He's a pool boy. Except he's a grown-ass man now, so that's 'Pool Maintenance Technician,' thank you very much.

Truth told, he's grateful that he wound up staying in town. If he hadn't, he never would've gotten set up on a date with Desdemona Marchant. Firmly convinced that she's the love of his life, he just keeps setting back his college savings strategy further and further, through increasingly grandiose (and likely mortifying) romantic gestures.

ExplorerSR Fang.jpg

Fang (The Last Road)

Polecat (Centurion)
Found in the wastes as a child, the orphaned survivor of a vicious attack by raiders on a band of scavengers, Fang learned early on that you need to be tough to survive. It's uncertain how long she was out there alone, but something's always seemed a little 'off' with the girl. Like maybe her brain is a touch.. broken. She's edgy, taciturn, utterly dauntless, and a bit feral.

On the other hand, she's nimble as a monkey, fights like a honey badger, and seems to have more lives than a cat. She fits in well with the War Kids.

ExpSR Catch.png

Catch (The Last Road)

Midwif--husband, damn it!
In his own words...

"Lemme start this by sayin' one thing, loud an' real clear:

I have a penis.

That's right, I'm a man, with man parts. Ain't no female, so I can't be a wife. Not a midwife, not a fishwife, not a... you git the gist. They had a name fer cooterdocs back before the world got killed. Obgins. So you either call me a midhusband, or an Obgin, but not midwife.

I used ta work the fields, growin' all manner of greens an' tubers. Roundabout the third time I was there when some female or 'nother went into labor, an' everything went smooth as an oiled boob, folk started gettin' superstitious. Like I was some kinda good luck charm. Females started requestin' me when their time came.

If ya ain't never seen a cooter mid-delivery, I can't say I recommend it. Damned unsettlin'.

Anyway, weren't long afore somebody higher up than me decided I should get actual medical trainin', so as ta make my position more official like. An' that's how I became an Obgin."


Maya Chevalier (Alien Mutation)

Growing up as a sick kid in various hospitals and facilities, you used to spend hours at a telescope, looking at the stars and making up adventures for each. When a cure for your condition became available in late adolescence, you realized those dreams could come true. You learned to fly, to navigate, to run power loaders and repair ships - anything and everything you could to be useful on a crew. Now you're a senior partner on the Hephaestus, the lead mechanic, and First Officer. With the Captain getting increasingly crabby and threatening to cash out like the long-time navigator and former FO did just recently, you could potentially be up for the captain's chair. But many of the crew are thinking of cashing out, too, and that would bring the whole thing to an end. You'd have to go corporate. Only Hartmann seems adamant about keeping the Heph alive. He's your best bet.


Llesenia Santi (Prosperity's Price)

There's something fascinating about gypsies: their proud independence, their freedom to wander, the mystery which seems to hang about them. There is the uncanny feeling that they possess forgotten arts. It's inarguably alluring. Jack Hargreave did not attempt to argue; when the Gitano band rolled into Prosperity and one of its young women caught his eye, he went after her with all the swagger and charm he could ooze. Llesenia was the inevitable result, and as soon as the pregnancy was discovered, Jack was... firmly convinced, by way of sharp weapons and an even more ominous threat of a curse, to support both mother and child. Llesenia (pronounced 'yeh-SEH-nia') grew to be every bit as independent, intuitive and artlessly sensual as her mother, with an impulsive streak and a yearning for adventure that can, at times, land her in a bit of a bind.


Achievement 2Deaths.png

Misty Alvarez (Slasher)

Born in Wyoming, she grew up on a ranch with endless wilderness as her backyard. Her rancher father raised his only child like a tomboy, teaching her to hunt, shoot, ride horses and survive off the land. As she got older, hiking and camping trips on her own or with friends became common. She was never content to sit still or stay in one place.

When college came around, she went first to UO, where she studied photography and planned to be a scenic photographer. A relationship that turned sour and her nagging wanderlust caused an abrupt upheaval when she was accepted into the prestigious Cal Arts Institute. She fell in with the film majors, learned set design and changed her plan to become a location director, scouting out great places for film and television to shoot. It was her familiarity with the Oregon wilds that led the group to choose the island lodge and woods around the lake as a location for their senior film.


Artemis (Carnival)

Coming to America

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Long, long before the first Grecian boot was planted upon the shores of the New World, the seeds of belief had been scattered upon the winds, carrying Artemis beyond the boundaries of the lands in which she had been born. To the islands of Samos, of Icaria and Crete. Across the Aegean to the lands then called Anatolia, which comprised much of what is known as Turkey, today. Her followers brought her with them further still, spreading into Scythia to the East, and delving deeper into the Roman Empire to the West. To Gaul, then South into Iberia. It was from here, ultimately, that her people would first sail across the vast ocean to the distant shores of what is now called America.

Read on...

The Narváez expedition brought Don Theodoro to Florida in 1528, and when his Christian god did not come to his salvation as the crew steadily died off to attacks from the indigenous peoples, disease, and starvation, he reached out to those brethren of Artemis to whom his ancestors had wisely paid worship. It was not Artemis herself who came to ease his passing; her interest was not sufficiently ensnared until decades later. A Greek captain named Ioannis Fokas -- Juan de Fuca to the Spaniards with whom he sailed -- set out to discover the fabled Strait of Anián, a sea route linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

His first voyage in 1587 met with disaster early on, when the Santa Ana and her companion ship, the San Francisco, encountered a typhoon on leaving the Philippines. Many travelers would offer up prayers to Artemis even then, for fair weather on their journeys. De Fuca was one of these. While both ships were wrecked on the coast of Japan, only his vessel, the Santa Ana, was salvageable with no lives lost. Curious now, as the crew's composition now included peoples of distant lands with which she had no experience or sway, Artemis watched as the Santa Ana continued on toward the western coast of the New World. As the English privateer Thomas Cavendish met them on approach to Cape San Lucas on the Baja Peninsula, and attacked. As de Fuca and his men were set ashore, far from their intended destination of Acapulco.

The burning Santa Ana was looted, then left to sink. Standing atop a rocky promontory with her golden bow, Artemis intervened once more, sending winds to guide the faltering vessel to shore and rains to put out the flames. A few of the men spotted her, and when they finally managed to limp the ship to Acapulco, the tale was spread. The seeds were sown. Artemis had come to America.


Mira Chevalier-Colby (Project Icarus)

Mining. It's in her blood. A hundred years ago, Mira's great-great-grandmother captained the final haul of the USCSS Hephaestus' crew, and their heroism saved the lives of dozens of people who lived and worked on Tenochtitlan Station when catastrophe struck. Including her great-great-grandfather, as it turned out.

Mira grew up on those stories. True, the details have gone blurry over the century that's passed since, and alterations — intentional and otherwise — have been made to the tale with each retelling. If anything, though, those changes only stamped the epic romance and selfless heroism of her ancestors that much more vibrantly in her young mind.

So it's little surprise that Mira has decided to follow in her idol's footsteps. Not to the letter, mind — Mira has no interest in positions of leadership. Those tend to involve paperwork and politics and bullshit. No, she wants the thrill of discovery, the rush of exploring places she's never been, and the general satisfaction of working not only with her mind, but her hands, too.

Exploration Geology fit the bill. A career that often requires extended travel, working and sometimes living outdoors in any climate, and in defiance of the weather. Hiking, carrying equipment and rock samples, scouting potential locations for mining operations and finding the best places with the richest deposits. It's a dream job for someone like her, really.

When news of the opportunity to join the Project Icarus team filtered down through Penumbra's ranks, she was one of the first to sign on. And, for a change, it turns out that she'll be working on the same project as one of her spouses, for a change. Not that she knows it yet, but her other, long-estranged spouse will be right there on the asteroid, too. Buckle in, Mira. The world's about to flip on its ear.


Thea Marchant (Bonds of Blood)

The 'middle child' of the Marchant triplets, Thea finds herself in between a Wild Child and a Black Sheep. She adores her siblings and, naturally, shares quite a few similarities with them. On the other hand, she at least tries to emulate those qualities her parents expect of their children. Mostly. Okay, mainly just when they -- or those who report to them -- are watching.

She, like Mona and Jade, is deeply involved in the arts. She caved to their mother's insistence that at least one of them train in classical dance, though she's quietly broadened her repertoire to include styles beyond just ballet. She loves theater, though her singing voice could use some training — a friend) is helping her with that one, on the down-low. College in NYC is the goal, and she may very well find herself joining her oft-leading man, Zane Bloomquist, at Juilliard. Broadway seems the likeliest destination for her, and her adventurous spirit has zero objections to the prospect.

She's gained something of a reputation as an ingenue, perhaps in part due to her tendency to be cast as such in plays and musicals. Truth told, this suits her fine. It allows her to fly under the radar in many situations, and makes for that much more dramatic a contrast when her claws do come out. Let the world think she's endearingly innocent; those closest to her recognize her unquenchable spirit, accept her for who she truly is, and know that she's anything but weak.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust


It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led

Somewhere beyond the pavement

You'll find the living dead.

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo

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