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Also Known As

Shai, Egyptian God of Fate

on MUX as



The Deviant


Curator of Curiosities

Apparent Age

Early Thirties

Played By

Samuel Trepanier

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The Deviant challenges the status quo because allowing it to get too cemented leads to stagnation and ruin. They see the rules set down by others as stifling creativity and free will, chains set up by those in power to keep the rest of the flock in line. And that is something that they simply can't abide. The Deviant isn't simply some rebel, challenging the rules for the sake of the challenge. The Deviant works to show people the nature of possibility, and the kind of power and freedom that comes only when you're willing to step out of line.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You always march to your own beat, and you enjoy bucking the system. Making others step outside of their comfort zone is something you strive for, especially if they learn something from it. Blind faith is a prison.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

Shai, or Shea as he is now called, was born many, many years ago, when Egypt was just starting to get its legs under it. Long before the Pyramids, before the Pharaohs, people believed in Fate, and gave it a name -- Shai.

Egypt rose to prominence, partially under Shai's guidance. But then, other Gods of Fate intervened, having a different idea. Shai, who helped nurture inspiration and gave little nudges of destiny, was no match against gods bringing ideas of world domination and cultural imperialism.

Egypt fell, despite his best efforts, a kingdom relegated to the sands of time and synonymous with concepts of death, leaving Shai weak, nearly forgotten. Until a fever started to spread about the secrets of Ancient Egypt and Egyptology, breathing one last spark of vitality back into him.

Role in the Carnival

Egypt's plunder was spread around the world, some of it ending up in museums, others ending up in private collections, and others still ending in in areas like Carnivals. Which is how Shai found himself coming to America, part of a collection of trinkets, one of which is a book containing his story.

Now, Shai works to collect more evidence of the Egytpian Mysteries, giving people a newfound sense of wonder and curiosity. It might not be belief, per se, as only a handful of people in the world still believe that the Egyptian Gods hold any power, but it's enough to get him by.

And just as before, he seeks to spark enlightenment, but now, he shows people what power there can be in bucking a destiny written by someone that seeks to keep them in chains, and embracing a new one that violates all the rules and norms.

The Curio - Shea runs the Curio, a collection of strange and mysterious artifacts that, unlike some others, are typically quite authentic, save for the sporadic item here and there intended for decoration.

Fight the Future - Are you a person finding yourself unhappy with your current lot in life? Rumors say that Shea can help you weave a new future for yourself, if you're willing to step outside of your comfort zones and leave you ideas about your old life behind. Is it a price you're willing to pay?

Ground Support - When shit hits the fan, there's nothing quite as good as having a god of Fate on your side to shift the tides and give you a little homefield advantage.


Brawn: Poor
- Wet Rag (Negative)

Shea has never had to rely on raw force to accomplish any goal in the entirety of his existence. Things that require brute strength are well outside of his wheelhouse. If the task at hand requires a fair share of elbow grease, he's definitely not the one you should turn to first.
Finesse: Good
+ Instinctive Movement (Positive)

The god of fate's reflexes are finely tuned so it appears as though he reacts to actions even before they occur, following the path of least resistance.
Brains: Good
+ Perceptive (Positive)

A few hundred lifetimes spent looking at various patterns and omens in the world really teach you how to pay attention to the little things that others might miss.
Spirit: Normal
+ Persuasive (Positive)

Shea is a god of Destiny and Change. There might be a little rust in his gearbox, but he still remembers how to get people onto the path he thinks is best for them, even if it's not as foolproof as it used to be.
+ Assured (Positive)

Shea doesn't get spooked easily. It's a side-effect of once having a glimpse into the entirety of time itself. He knows that things are going according to plan. Until they aren't. That could be a wholly different beast.

Perks and Quirks

+ Minor Power (Influence Destiny) - Spirit

Shai was a god of Fate in Ancient Egypt. He can see which way the rivers of Destiny flow, and knows how to nudge them here and there.
+ Good Luck

As it turns out, gods of Fate can more easily sidestep some of the pitfalls of ill fortune, if they see them coming.
+ Steel Yourself

Shea knows how his story ends. Or, at least, he has a pretty good idea. He's not one that tends to spook easily.
+ Back for More

As many a conquering civilization has learned, things of Egypt tend to be hard to eradicate. Even in a dead society, memories of the distant past linger, making Shea especially hard to extinguish.
- Minor Weakness (Egyptian Black Sand)

Sands swallowed much of Egypt's memory, leaving a civilization that even in present day is mainly associated with death and disappearance. This sand, held sacred by the Egyptians and often used in ceremonies regarding death, is strongly associated with disappearing and final conclusions, putting an end to Destiny, and thus represents a significant danger to Shea.
- Fortune's Fool

Shea understands that there is a balance to be paid. In altering one destiny, you alter many others, and the scales always have to balance. It doesn't help that there are powers trying to actively prevent him from re-writing the looms of Fate.
- Superstitious

When you've spent your whole life looking at Omens, you tend to pick up a few things from your surroundings, adjusting accordingly. By observing these little rituals and occurrences, Shea has managed to stay mostly off the radar of the other gods of Fate, weaving carefully in between the threads.
- Too Pretty

He looks exactly like what you would expect a god to look like -- attractive, with a magnetic, dangerous quality, a self-assuredness in the way he carries himself that tends to attract attention, even when he desperately doesn't want to be seen.


Marco (Carnival)

Shea found Marco at a strange point in his life -- right when Marco's father found out that Marco had been doing things with men that the church didn't approve of. With Shea, Marco found an easy acceptance and an encouragement to follow his heart. In exchange, Marco serves as the personal security of Shea and company. There's an awful lot of real gold in that little nook of the carnival, and none of the others are particularly muscular. Marco helps fill that gap, an imposing figure ready to exercise a little force to keep folks in line, when necessary.


Elizabeth (Carnival)

Egyptologist and Craftswoman
A student of Egyptology, Elizabeth was always fascinated with the old stories. Moreso when she discovered Shea's story, and realized there might be something more to him than just some dead scroll. Shea helped her escape a marriage she didn't want to be a part of, allowing her to follow her passions off the radar. In return, she crafts things for the patrons -- little prayer amulets with actual hieroglyphs or scrolls that are prayers to Shai, keeping the god's faith alive another day, bit by bit.


Horus (Carnival)

Publicity Manager
Shea found Horus on the streets, an orphan that was half-starving, but still managing to be cheerful and charismatic like the god with whom he shares a namesake. Shea showed him that there could be a better future for him, never having to suffer an empty belly and always having money in his pocket, if in return he would use his particular charms to spread the word about Shea and his curios. They've been fast friends ever since.

No badges for Carnival.

Talk on a Hill
(2019-03-23 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Three gods converge on a hill to talk about this, that, and the world.
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