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on MUX as

The Deviant


Egyptologist and Craftswoman

Apparent Age


Played By

The Deviant

Role in Carnival

A student of Egyptology, Elizabeth was always fascinated with the old stories. Moreso when she discovered Shea's story, and realized there might be something more to him than just some dead scroll. Shea helped her escape a marriage she didn't want to be a part of, allowing her to follow her passions off the radar. In return, she crafts things for the patrons -- little prayer amulets with actual hieroglyphs or scrolls that are prayers to Shai, keeping the god's faith alive another day, bit by bit.


Brawn: Poor
- Only Lifts Books (Negative)

Like the rest of the crew, Elizabeth is not the physical sort. She's quite the lady, even if she pretends to be a rebel.
Finesse: Normal
+ Skilled Artisan (Positive)

A lifetime of scribbling down hieroglyphs has taught her how to pay attention to the fine details, making beautiful things.
Brains: Good
+ Academic (Positive)

She doesn't just lift those books. She reads them, and can remember practically anything from them, no matter how obscure.
Spirit: Normal
+ Feminist (Positive)

Elizabeth won't be told that she can't do something just because she is a woman, steeling herself and digging in her heels.

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