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Alexander Brooks

on MUX as



The Deviant



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Samuel Trepanier

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The Deviant challenges the status quo because allowing it to get too cemented leads to stagnation and ruin. They see the rules set down by others as stifling creativity and free will, chains set up by those in power to keep the rest of the flock in line. And that is something that they simply can't abide. The Deviant isn't simply some rebel, challenging the rules for the sake of the challenge. The Deviant works to show people the nature of possibility, and the kind of power and freedom that comes only when you're willing to step out of line.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You always march to your own beat, and you enjoy bucking the system. Making others step outside of their comfort zone is something you strive for, especially if they learn something from it. Blind faith is a prison.

Role in Project Icarus

Brooks is the man that the company sends in when they need to figure out what is really going on, when information is too important for pesky things like rules and laws to get in the way. They pay him well for his services, of course, but it's well-known that whatever Brooks does, it's almost completely off the books. This, of course, doesn't make for a whole lot of trust between him and the rest of the crew, but if there's one thing that you can count on Brooks to do, it's get shit done -- by any means necessary.

He does exactly what the company asks, how they ask, and doesn't ask any questions. This doesn't mean that he's always thrilled with those asks, but when you're in as deep as he is, there really isn't much other choice.

Investigator - He's still there to figure out what happened. It's his primary objective. Which means that it's unlikely he's going to screw over anyone looking for the same. Looking for someone willing to bend the rules to get things done? Brooks may very well be your guy.


Brawn: Poor
+ Wet Rag (Positive)

He's more of a brains guy.
Finesse: Good
+ Nimble (Positive)

Just because he doesn't really get physical too often doesn't mean that he's an easy target to hit. He's light on his feet, and can see things coming from a mile away. He's always expecting things to go south.
Brains: Good
+ Perceptive (Positive)

When you're sent to look for things that others miss, you learn to spot even the tiniest details.
Spirit: Normal
+ Disciplined (Positive)

Brooks doesn't tend to lose his cool in the face of weird shit. There's a mission, and a goal, and that's all that matters. When you're sent in to do questionable things at regular intervals, you learn to apply some tunnel vision.
+ Persuasive (Positive)

The company has his back. It always has. He's a valuable asset. With that comes a bit more room to negotiate, and a bit more confidence in what he's saying. He knows how to win people over to his way of thinking. Or at least get them to look the other way for a bit.

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Black Holes as Sharks
(2019-05-30 • Rec Room - Pre-Flight) Conor, Brooks, and Emory meet in the Rec Room before the mission begins as the crew and others are arriving on the ship.
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