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The Deviant

Known As

Rod Colby
Jeremiah McTavish

on MUX as

The Deviant

Has Been

Tenochtitlan Fusion Tech

Apparent Age


Played By

Ryan Reynolds

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The Deviant's takeaway: Pie.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You always march to your own beat, and you enjoy bucking the system. Making others step outside of their comfort zone is something you strive for, especially if they learn something from it. Blind faith is a prison.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

A paper airplane that always seems freshly folded.

Prosperity's Price

No memento mori from this story yet.


Deviantrod.jpg Deviant jeremiah.jpg


Stacy Pinkerton (Alien Mutation)

Tenochtitlan Fusion Intern
Stacy is the Tenochtitlan Fusion Tech intern. Her life is awful. She doesn't understand why nobody takes her seriously, and why, like, people keep talking down to her. She's totally a freakin' math genius and stuff and people don't realize her potential. To make it worse, her boss is such an asshole. He told her she had to stick the glow rod in her mouth before installing it (so it would, like, fit in the socket better), and he's her boss so she totally believed him. Of course. God. And he, like, apparently recorded the whole thing edited to be slow-mo and have that, you know, funky sex guitar in it? So now a bunch of engineering nerds think she did some kinda engine porn. Ugh.


Mitchell Reedus (Alien Mutation)

Tenochtitlan Fusion Assistant
Mitch is gonna die. He knows it. The audience knows it. It is written in the Cosmos in big, star-lit letters. It all started when he went out for drinks with Rod and (drunkenly!) confessed to hating a guy that is dating his crush. Next thing he knows, he gets talked into sending an anonymous rant of (admittedly creative) death threats complete with sound effects and visual examples. Any moment the guy that stole his girl is gonna figure it out and castrate Mitch. Or worse! The poem about her recited in the video will go viral, and everyone will be talking about amber tresses and sunflower dresses. Or she'll figure it out and reject him! Oh gods!


Arjun Gupta (Alien Mutation)

Supply Clerk
Arjun is a victim. On a daily basis, he is trolled in the most new and daresay terrible of ways. He never knows if the supply requests he receives from his department are real, or if that cooling fan is actually going to be used for such savagery as taking upskirt photos or spraying the whipped cream into someone's face while making the most inappropriate and over-acted noises. He speaks with an accent that Rod says is rubbing off on him as he does a very poor mockery. All Arjun wants is to be reassigned somewhere with more professionalism and maybe even a modicum if class, if that is not to be asking too much.


Esperanza (Prosperity's Price)

Esperanza Locke is a sassy, 6'2" amazonian firecracker that is as likely to punch a man in the face until her knuckles split as she is to give him a smile. She don't take no shit from no man, woman, horse, child, demon, or even story (a character based on her in a poem once was tricked by a witch, and Esperanza threw the poem in the fire and then spit on its ashes for good measure).

One time a prospector in the saloon grabbed her ass, and she ripped off his scrotum with her bare hands - or so the rumor says. People whisper that she's a retired assassin. Others say she ain't retired, just that not even someone in Prosperity can afford her kill price. Still, some say she was a mercenary that fought the In'jins in what is now the state of South Dakota, and she's came to town to hide from enemies she made there. The simple truth is that there ain't a soul that knows why Esperanza has been in Prosperity to stay, or why she spends her time with Jeremiah McTavish... or why she'll cut a man that suggests there's anything more than friendship between her and the widower.


Whiskey Whit (Prosperity's Price)

Whiskey Whit Cask Strength Neat and Lit was his name
He was too strong to slow, and too wild to tame
They tried to geld him down to teach him the rules
But he broke down the fence to protect his jewels!
He ran through the days and bred through each night
He left a son in each county and continued his flight
They never caught him - so well did he bolt!
But they saw him in the eyes of every young colt

- Jeremiah McTavish


Rod Colby (Alien Mutation)

The station is run on fusion, fueled by hydrogen that the station sucks up from the gas giant it orbits. It's the most dangerous part of the entire station, and you run the crew that maintains it. That would be hilarious if it wasn't also quite scary. You're not exactly the most stable of people, but you have absolutely no fear, which means you don't crack under pressure when something goes wrong. You just deal with it. Despite your reputation for being weird and erratic you're actually very good at your job. Off the job, you tend to get into trouble. A lot. Pushing people's buttons, testing boundaries, you can't help it. Getting others to do something they normally wouldn't is what you live for.

Deviant jeremiah.jpg

Jeremiah McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

Robert's middle son? Really? These days, most would think Jeremiah's the oldest, as the last year has taken quite the toll. Jeremiah never had a care for arithmetic or the ambition for business. His only dream was to find a publisher for the poetry he wrote while he wasn't earning a living writing uninspired articles at his uncle's paper - the Prosperity Town Crier. "Dull yet sincere filler," Jeremiah called his work. He married a beautiful bookworm of a young woman at twenty-five, and they were blessed by a son not even a year later. But what the Lord giveth, the Devil sends a wendigo to eat. Poor Adam McTavish died at the age of three last November, and his mother took her own life before the Reaping had even ended. Tragedy and hate has turned this sweet wordsmith into a bitter, violent soul that has one helluva bone to pick with Ol' Scratch.

The Morning After
(2018-10-25 • The Facility) Sometimes, even waffles and crispy bacon can't make everything better.
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First Awakenings
(2018-10-11 • The Explorer's Room) The Explorer and the Deviant both wake up in the Facility for the first time.
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