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The Defender

Known As

Anton Grant
Wolfram Kinneson
Pierce Colton
Michael Black

on MUX as

The Defender

Has Been

Private Security
Colonial Marshals Internal Affairs
Cattle Rancher
College Athlete

Apparent Age


Played By


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Claws, bullets, laser beams, boulders, mean words...whatever is coming at you, the Defender has your back. He never leaves anyone behind and he stands up for those who need it; you could say it's in his blood, which tends to get shed. A lot.

You look out for those who need it most, those who can't protect themselves. You put others before yourself in the name of the greater good, and you accept that you'll probably go out saving someone else.

In the Facility

Things That Linger

A list of character traits where some will always come into play in each story:

  • Tends to protect those in trouble.
  • A stronger mental will than most.
  • Rather perceptive of his surroundings.
  • Physically athletic.

The Defender's Door

A lone warrior with sword and shield, a huddled group behind him and wolves closing in.

The Defender's Room

When one first enters the room, they will notice that the arrangement is spartan in nature, in terms of actual furniture pieces. The bedroom itself is floored with new hardwood, the walls painted with a serene white tone. A queen sized bed with navy blue sheets and pillows, usually properly made, is probably the largest piece of furniture in the room. On each side are night stands one with a tray on it, holding two empty glasses and a tall pitcher of water. The other has a handmade illustrated book made from parchment and bound by leather ties.

A black dresser is against the wall by the closet. The walk-in closet contains clothes and shoes. On one side sits an assortment of buttoned up white shirts, slacks, and suit jackets, with black oxfords on low racks below the clothes. The other are more durable trousers, short sleeved shirts, urban and jungle combat fatigues, with a pair of durable combat boots, hiking boots, and a couple of sneakers. A new set of attire has been added and it is the outfit of a cowboy, clean but able to maintain its worn out look.

There is a L-shaped desk in the far corner of the room, sitting opposite of the entrance of the Defender's room. It is clear of unnecessary items and neat, the only thing noticeable is a closed, manila folder with the name 'Anton Grant' labeled onto the tab. The other feature of note is on one of the walls, a life-sized sword and shield is hung, almost like a piece of art from the medieval era. The heater shield has the sigil of a lion engraved onto it, the sword is behind the shield in a diagonal fashion, the hilt of the blade on the bottom left and at its pommel is a lion's head.

The bathroom is more utilitarian than luxurious. White tiled floor, same serene white tone of paint on the walls. The lighting has two modes, bright and dimmed. There is no tub or jacuzzi but a more spacious shower is available in the corner, walled in by opaque glass. The counter tops may be considered the most fancy part of the room's decor as they are made of dark marble.

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

Signed Employment Contract - A manila folder with the name Anton Grant labeled onto the tab. Inside is a series of signed documents and upon closer viewing, would show an employment contract for the Marine. The role is the personal bodyguard to the Wellsons, with details of what it stipulates, benefits, payment amount. However, on the first page, written with red ink heavily pressed in that would leave impressions on the following pages is the word in very large lettering, 'FAILED'.

Alien Mutation

Colonial Marshal Patch - The patch that was sewn onto the shoulder of his Colonial Marshal duty jacket, a constant reminder of who he was and the role he played. A role that he took to in a very serious and dedicated manner, perhaps a bit too dedicated for some. The patch itself is placed inside a glass box, on some velvety material as if it were a showpiece, not something that can be used again. There appears to be no way to open the box gently.

Prosperity's Price

A handmade stick figure illustrated book made from hefty parchment and bound together by one side with leather ties. A book of the adventures of a cowboy and a young lady, each page is a drawing with a short, simple, and repetitive sentence describing what is happening in each scene.

The Adventures of Star-Crossed Lovers

Pierce and Eilis meet. -- Eilis makes Pierce smile. -- Pierce and Eilis drink and talk. -- Pierce and Eilis play a game. -- Pierce punches a man. Eilis swoons. -- Pierce and Eilis look at stars. -- Pierce and Eilis dance. -- Pierce and Eilis hug. -- Pierce and Eilis ride a horse. -- Pierce and Eilis fight monsters. -- Pierce and Eilis kiss. -- Pierce and Eilis go on a boat. -- THE END


No memento mori from this story yet.


Daniel Greene (Isle of Dread)

Hired Security
Hired security by the Wellsons, one of their personal bodyguards. Served together in the Corp with Anton, got him a referral for this job.


Havok (Prosperity's Price)

Trusty Horse
This quarter-horse grew up with Pierce Colton and was raised by him since the steed was a pony. Named Havok, the two bonded quite well and have the same temperament. Meaning that this horse is stubborn unless with Pierce. A quick and strong horse, he has been a reliable horse for many years.


Russell Daniels (Slasher)

Frat Boy
Another football player for the Oregon Ducks that plays on the offensive line. Playing the Left Guard position, it is not surprising that he is best buds with Michael Black as they rely on each other to hold the line and protect their quarterback. Unfortunately, the chances of Russ going pro is unlikely so he enjoys partying and having a good time in college compared to his best friend who is more focused on making it to the NFL. Russ is more likely to drag Michael into trouble and fun more than anything else, whether it be a fight, a party, or alcohol.


Anton Grant (Isle of Dread)

You grew up in a rough neighborhood, but your parents kept you clean and set a good example. You made your way out of that place, joined the Marines, went to college for a couple years, and now you do private security. Hired by the Wellson siblings, you're their personal guy, outside the scope of the festival and its 'security'. To be fair, that Kahloa girl seems pretty solid, but she's not ready for the big time. Still, that's not your problem. Your immediate concern is Conrad and Madison Wellson. Beyond that, you'll do what you can, but the clients come first.

You scoped out the festival site ahead of time and it seems secure. The bush probably has some critters that aren't friendly, but the setup is down by the beach, so it shouldn't be an issue. Idiot 1%ers have decided to bribe some guards and trespassed on sacred ground and became hostages. Got them out but there is still six left, one marked to die. At least Conrad and Madison are safe, now how to get everyone out alive?


Wolfram Kinneson (Alien Mutation)

Everybody hates IA. You have the thankless job of making sure your fellow Marshals stay clean and do things by the books. You come from a long line of cops and Marshals, and your integrity is your most valued possession. You know that things aren't easy on the Noc, but it's when a cop is tested that you discover their true self, and there are three kinds of cops in this Marshals' Bureau: those who try to make thinks work smoothly (Lydecker, Chong), those who fight impossible odds (Deitchrich, Halloway), and those who make their own rules (Sommerset, Mills). You understand why each does what they do, but that doesn't mean they're always right.


Pierce Colton (Prosperity's Price)

Pierce is Robert Colton’s eldest son and is one of the cattle ranchers on their family farm. Unlike his father who is a blacksmith, he appears quite content with the more laid back lifestyle of just being a cowboy without much ambition. But living like this, it’s easy to get bored when one isn’t working on the ranch so he could be what some consider somewhat of a carouser and a troublemaker.

To alleviate his boredom, Pierce is more than willing to spend his free time and money on drinking and gambling, having fun until he is content. He gets into plenty of fights, using simple excuses of whether he himself was wronged or someone in the vicinity was wronged, but they are mostly excuses for him to use his fists as they suit him. Pierce was also lucky enough to be gifted with good genes, a sharp eye, athletic build, and fast reflexes, he is a wicked gunhand when the situation calls for it, sporting a revolver on both his right and left hips.


Michael Black (Slasher)

He was never the brightest bulb, but he's always been the most loyal and fair. From his earliest days in school he was protecting the kids that got bullied and picked on, sticking up for the weak and defenseless. On the football field he's the left tackle, the guy that protects the quarterback's blindside, and he's very good at his position. Which is a good thing, because grades would never have gotten him into college.

He's one of the biggest and toughest guys in the fraternity, and he's always looking out for them. Just like his team. In return they all look out for him, doing his homework, sitting his tests, whatever it takes to make sure he stays eligible and in school. He'll probably go pro, and to be honest he kind of needs to. He's not qualified to do much else.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust

Out of the Woods

Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you

I don't think that I can really survive

I'll never break my promise or forget my vow

But God only knows what I can do right now

Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

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