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The Dabbler

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The Dabbler

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Aerial Wunderkind

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Ayame Gouriki

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You know a little bit about a lot, and you can be quite useful at the strangest times. You never stick with any one thing long enough to master it, though, because something new always comes along.

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Kitsune (Carnival)

Coming to America

Yōkai (妖怪, ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for "bewitching; attractive; calamity"; and "spectre; apparition; mystery; suspicious". The Kitsune, or fox spirit, is one of the most famous yōkai of all, and no one could ever say that the one now calling herself Natsuki Tachibana isn't bewitching and maybe a teensy bit suspicious!

Natsuki started running around Japan during the Kamakura Period (around the 13th century). She now has seven tails to prove it, as a kitsune grows a tail for every 100 years she is alive. Maybe someday she'll have all nine tails and ascend, but for now, she's still learning. Growing that second tail back in the olden days meant she could begin to shapeshift into a beautiful young woman, as many kitsune are known to do, and that's when some of her trouble began.

For centuries, she spent plenty of time trying out "the human thing." Lots of exciting stuff to try as a human! For example, there were lots of attractive young men around who seemed like good marrying material -- especially if they did her a favor, as kitsune are known for trying to repay favors as best they can -- so she spent plenty of time attempting to land herself a fella. No such luck. And wouldn't you know, eventually it landed her in some major hot water. During the beginning of the Meiji period (late 19th century), she went too far and almost got her tails cut off by a cuckolded samurai after she left him to chase after a handsome Western businessman. Japan had recently been forced to "open" to Western trade, and apart from wanting to follow her new beau, she was awfully curious about all she stowed aboard a ship bound for America, and the rest is history!

Life at Carnival

By the time Natsuki joined the Carnival, she's already wandered around America as a human for awhile, getting herself into more trouble, mastering English (she now sounds like a real California girl), and, having chosen a good name for herself, letting friends and acquaintances call her "Nattie," to sound even more American. She has, of course, tried just about everything at Carnival: she's done knife throwing, fire juggling, animal taming, even the burlesque tent -- the girl, er, fox, just can't get enough variety in her life. She hates feeling trapped, so she's gotta dabble!

She's currently found a groove as the carnival's premiere Big Top aerial artist. True to her nature, her orange-colored act as Nattie the Amazing Tangerine Torpedo (after the surname she chose: the kanji translate to "wild orange") is a cornucopia of acts rolled into one: it starts with her shooting out of a canon onto a trampoline and, after some fancy footwork there, eventually ascends to trapeze and high wire. (The fact that she has some powers of flight certainly helps the act.) She has a seemingly boundless reserve of energy that keeps her working the shows night after night, town after town.

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