Gianna Harris (The Dabbler)

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Gianna Harris

on MUX as



The Dabbler


Tenochtitlan Systems Tech

Apparent Age


Played By

Catalina Sandino Moreno

Jack of all trades, master of none. The Dabbler will try her hand at anything, comfortable that she can wing it and improvise. However, her focus is never on one thing long enough to master it. Although she will be comfortably passable at anything she tries, she will never be the best. This is a cause of inner conflict and carefully hidden vulnerability. Is she capable, or is she just fooling everyone?

Outwardly, there is a confident, smiling persona that seemingly glides effortlessly through life. Privately, there is a conflicted psyche with less than functional coping mechanisms. At first glance, her approach to everything is half-assed and superficial, from jobs to building relationships with others. If the facade breaks, she puts in the effort to prove herself. Somehow, it manages to work out for her.

You know a little bit about a lot, and you can be quite useful at the strangest times. You never stick with any one thing long enough to master it, though, because something new always comes along.

Role in Alien Mutation

You come from a family of mechanics and technicians, working on colony worlds, stations and ships throughout the core systems. Different branches of the family have gone into different fields - your uncle and his family are largely electricians, your aunt's are plumbers and life support techs. Your own work with fusion reactors. You never really found a niche, drifting from field to field. The result is that you have more opportunities for work, but will likely never advance too far. Still, it means you get to change scenery a lot, meet new people and have new experiences. You've been on the Noc for a few years now, working under Max and Ian, helping to fix whatever breaks down. The recent loss of both has left you hit hard emotionally, and suddenly much more important in their absence.


Brawn: Normal
+ Strong (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Good With Hands (Positive)
- Hasty (Negative)
Brains: Normal
+ Good Memory (Positive)
- Distracted (Negative)
Spirit: Good
+ Determined (Positive)
+ Lucky (Positive)

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