The Dabbler

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The Dabbler

Known As

Jessie Lorrie

on MUX as

The Dabbler

Has Been

Wealthy Socialite

Apparent Age

20s to 30s

Played By

Andrej/Andreja Pejic

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Been there, done that -- that is my life motto. I don't have the time to learn all this book stuff; I just ride the latest trend or whatever catches my eye. I know enough about a lot of stuff. Some call me vapid, flighty or shallow -- I just call them haters. You need to know something, I probably seen it or read it about it somewhere; and I might just know enough to help.

You know a little bit about a lot, and you can be quite useful at the strangest times. You never stick with any one thing long enough to master it, though, because something new always comes along.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

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Things That Linger

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Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

Sharon's Glasses - No matter what Jesse had done to this poor woman she stood by his side until the end. In the moments before her death, she confessed her love for Jesse. She died knowing he knew she loved him. Because of this, these simple black plastic frame glasses came with him from the island. To remind him that love doesn't know any boundaries.


Sample Facility Note.


Austin Van Lounde (Isle of Dread)

Sychophantic Hanger-On
A sycophantic hanger-on that has latched on to Jesse. He has been his best friend since they were in private school. Austin didn't truly latch on until his family lost all their money. He now rides around in the lap of luxury at Jesse's whim.


Marta Kolvich (Isle of Dread)

A Russian born body guard paid for and employeed by Jesse's father to keep him safe at all times. She speak rarely and with a strong Russian accent. She has been nicknmaed "Mother Russia" by Jesse and his crew. She is quite lethal and doe not put up with much crap.


Sharon Compton (Isle of Dread)

Personal Assistant
The wallflower taken underwing of a socialite -- Sharon, or Gopher, tends to Jesse's every need. She makes sure to clean up the messes, pay the bills and fines and keep him out of jail. Sharon took the job thinking it would be an adventure, but it turned out she is a glorified nanny to Jesse.


Jessie Lorrie (Isle of Dread)

The very definition of idle rich. You went to college but never got a degree, though you did change your Major no less than twelve times in six years. Eventually you got bored and traveled a bit. Then you owned a night club. Then you sold that and got into rare books. You've seen, done, and read a little about a lot, but nothing ever holds your interest.

Now you're going to some festival that a guy you went to school with is running. You think he wants you to invest in another night club, or maybe it's a restaurant. You weren't really paying attention. You accepted because it's something new, and apparently the island is haunted. Or cursed. One of those things. Could be fun! You brought some books that may be of interest, in any case.

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