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Gran Brigitte

Also Known As

Brigid or Esmerelda

on MUX as

The Creepshow


The Creepshow


Runs the Cooch Tent

Apparent Age


Played By

Amandla Stenberg

Faction Membership


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Want to see a monster?

Look in the mirror. You try to hide it, to keep it secret or push it down, but it's there. It's always there.

I'm the freak, the leper, the monster, and I wear it for all to see. I show you that you're too comfortable. Too complacent. We're the monsters, and what we do to each other is worse than any horror movie. I peel back the skin, reveal the truth, spill its entrails.

Come closer. You want to see something really scary?

Archetype Roster Concept 

You revel in the strange and unusual because you yourself are strange and unusual. You're fascinated by the things that give others nightmares, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

Gran Brigitte was born in America. Her beginnings are a mix of poor Irish women sold into servitude alongside the slaves in Louisiana, where Voodoo was just starting to solidify. The Irish girls brought their gods and their poppets - little dolls that would one day become known as voodoo dolls - and one of the biggest goddesses-turned-saints they spoke of was Brigid. The African slave women wove a little bit of everything together - including Brigid - and Gran Brigitte was born. Some say that unlike the other Loa she was white. Others say not. Gran Brigitte, therefore, often appears as a young woman of mixed race.

She's fortunate in that she has followers out there to this day, unlike so many of her peers, but the slave owners did what they could to stamp out the native religions of their stock, and the rise of evangelical Christianity isn't helping. She's at her best when the carnival is in the deep South.

Madam Bree

She's been with the carnival since its early days, by choice and not necessity. She could have stayed in the South and tended to her small flock, but upon Emancipation some of her people spread out, and so did she. She's had a number of acts in her time - snake charmer, spirit medium, erotic dancer - and she still does some of each even now. She took over the Cooch Tent when Ishtar bailed in '31 to go to Hollywood, and has been running it ever since.

Gran Brigitte, or Mamma Brigitte, or Madam Bree, she answers to any of them. She's the 'house mom' in stripper terminology, the madam in prostitute terminology, and the boss in simple terms when it comes to the Cooch. She manages the talent, sets the lineup of dancers, books the Johnnies for the prostitutes, and makes sure the entire herd of cats doesn't shred itself to pieces. She often still performs, usually a mix of striptease and snake dancing, and still takes occasional appointments to speak to the dead.


Brigid Flannery

A young Irish face for when a white guise is called for.


Esmerelda Santos

A young Spanish face, for when a Latin guise is called for.


That's Madam To You: She runs the adult entertainment side of the carnival - the Cooch Tent, the Burlesque Show, the Brothel in a Tent. She may be tiny and look young, but she's Mom to her crew.

Rum and Peppers: Bree is on a very strict diet, you see. She has to maintain that figure!

Goddess of Death and Obscenity: She plays the part of cool, sophisticated madam and businesswoman, but it's just an act. She's much more frightening and vulgar than most would ever imagine.

Brigid and Esmerelda: Her main alternate guises are young Irish and Spanish women named Brigid Flannery and Esmerelda Santos, who handle things that her color would hinder her with.


Brawn: Poor
+ Tough (Positive)

She has endurance
- Runty (Negative)

She is wee and short
Finesse: Good
+ Fast Reflexes (Positive)

Quick to react
+ Lithe (Positive)

She's a dancer, afterall
- Short Legs (Negative)

She doesn't run very fast
Brains: Normal
+ Discerning (Positive)

She notices the little things
- Overfocused (Negative)

She gets bogged down in them, too
Spirit: Good
+ Charismatic (Positive)

People are drawn to her
+ Unflappable (Positive)

Very little ruffles her feathers
+ Alluring (Positive)

She's beautiful and mysterious
- Sinister (Negative)

And quite creepy in person

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshifter (Human)

Her main forms are Brigid and Esmerelda, 'whiter' faces for when it's needed.
+ Major Power: Necromancy (Spirit)

Can see and speak with the dead, call them out of the Underworld, and even put them in bodies. Can raise dead bodies without the soul to be zombies. Uses Spirit.
+ Minor Power: Mesmerism (Spirit)

Can entrance and mesmerize mortals, making them suggestible or pliable. They must be no worse than neutrally disposed to her. Cannot make them do anything life-threatening to themselves or others. Uses Spirit.
- Too Pretty

Her beauty and allure gets her more than her share of stalkers.
- Monstrous Diet

She can only eat hot peppers and drink rum.
- Nocturnal

She has a hard time rousing during the day, and often rides (possesses) Nightshade or Levi when needed.


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Sam the Piano Man (Carnival)

Piano Man (Cooch Tent)
Piano man for the cooch tent, one of Bree's believers.


Nightshade (Carnival)

Working girl and one of Bree's believers.


Levi Freeman (Carnival)

Bouncer (Cooch Tent)
The main bouncer in the cooch tent, and one of Bree's believers.

No badges for Carnival.

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