Maxine Rodriguez (The Creepshow)

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Maxine Rodriguez

on MUX as

The Creepshow


The Creepshow


Makeup and FX Artist

Apparent Age


Played By

Amandla Stenberg

Faction Membership

Cal Arts Film Students
Resident Troll

Want to see a monster?

Look in the mirror. You try to hide it, to keep it secret or push it down, but it's there. It's always there.

I'm the freak, the leper, the monster, and I wear it for all to see. I show you that you're too comfortable. Too complacent. We're the monsters, and what we do to each other is worse than any horror movie. I peel back the skin, reveal the truth, spill its entrails.

Come closer. You want to see something really scary?

Archetype Roster Concept 

You revel in the strange and unusual because you yourself are strange and unusual. You're fascinated by the things that give others nightmares, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.

Role in Slasher

Born in San Diego, raised mostly in Guadalajara, she's always felt like she doesn't fit into either American or Mexican culture. The only real culture she has, then, is film - movies are her life. She's a font of endless movie trivia, has a special affection for bad B movies and horror flicks, and doesn't have a ladylike bone in her body. She's vulgar, crass and crude, and those are her good qualities. Max is sharp but not book smart, creative but in disturbing ways, attractive but largely unlikable - a snarky bitch. It's probably all rooted in deep self-esteem and/or Daddy Issues, but she doesn't let anyone get close enough to really find out. She fancies herself a LaVeyan Satanist and wears a Sigil of Baphomet necklace.

She's attending Cal Arts as a Senior, about to finish her BA in Film with an emphasis on Artistic Design. She can do everything from makeup and hair to blood and practical effects, including prosthetic and robotic effects. She hates the pioneering field of computer effects because she feels it has no soul. She and the rest of her crew are at the lodge over Summer before their senior year to make their senior film, which she was told would be a horror movie. As such, she's come with lots of props and toys that can be used to create all sorts of mayhem.

Wonderful Toys: Fake blood, prosthetics, makeup - she has it all, and isn't afraid to use them in (hilariously) disturbing ways. In fact, she rather enjoys it.

Bad Girl: She drinks, she smokes, she does drugs and has the sex. She's pretty uninhibited.

LaVeyan Satanist: She's a proud member of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan: atheists who value individuality and use the symbology of Lucifer the rebel angel as what to aspire to.


Brawn: Poor
- Runty (Negative)
+ Enduring (Positive)
Finesse: Good
+ Nimble Fingers (Positive)
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)
Brains: Good
+ Eye For Detail (Positive)
+ Designer's Mind (Positive)
- OCD (Negative)
Spirit: Normal
+ Jaded (Positive)
- Very Jaded (Negative)
+ Babe (Positive)
- Bitch (Negative)

Perks and Quirks

+ Area of Expertise: Practical Effects
+ From Beyond the Grave
+ Obscure Death
- Reputation: The Bitch
- Can't Swim
- Doomed

Scholar 2 roen.png


Chief Groundskeeper

He doesn't let people get close. Why me?



Lodge Groundskeeper

Too pretty for his own good.



Maintenance, Electric, + Plumbing

Not bad for a skater boy.



Film Student

Too fucking pretty, which means she'll never have to work a day in her life. Not that she needs to, since she's rich as well.



Film Student

Danica's wrangler. I mean husband. Same thing. Can be fun when not occupied.



Film Student

Madonna or Molly Ringwald. Pick one. You can't be both.



Cal Arts Student

The great tragedy of our time is that he'll never find someone who loves him as much as he does.



Film Student

...Bigfoot. Sure.



Teacher's Assistant

The babysitter. He didn't have to come, but he did. At least he's eye-candy.

Reno 80s.jpeg


Film Student

A bigger film nerd than me, and that's saying something. He has opinions. I pretend to care.


Xavier Santos (Slasher)

Film Student - Wardrobe and Hair
Xavi is Max's shadow, the two almost always together. He's also one of the few people who she doesn't snark at, having done whatever epic feat it takes to get through her barrier of bullshit. She trusts him implicitly. He's very openly gay, but they often call each other 'the husband' and 'the wife'.

Xavi, himself, can have quite an attitude. He's as sharp and snide as Max is at times, but not as a default or way of life. Most of the time he's more aloof and clinical, a real perfectionist often absorbed with his art. In any case, he never minces words and always says exactly what he thinks.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust


It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led

Somewhere beyond the pavement

You'll find the living dead.

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo

Ride the Lightning
(2019-02-15 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) Freak and Nails are defeated, Princess is freed...and many lives are lost.
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Map of the Problematique
(2019-02-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Finn, Max, and Bastian discuss various things, including maps. Later, Christine drops by.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christine Lake  •
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed) Refueling the emergency generator: part deux.
Cast  •   Evaline Mitchell  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Marc Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Jackson Ryder  •   Finn O'Neil  •
Hashing Things Out
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Kitchen) After refueling the generator, Bastian cooks Max some lunch.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
(2019-02-10 • Eager Beaver Lodge) After the mission to retrieve Danica and Oz, our weary would-be heroes convene at the lodge. Success and failure are measured, and the newlyweds are taken to the infirmary.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Julian McQueen  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christine Lake  •
(2019-02-10 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dini's Bunker is explored, Danica and Oz are rescued...and an epiphany is had.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Scott Dixon  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Derek Bloom  •  Julian McQueen  •  Michael Black  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Here Comes Mr. Cottontail
(2019-02-08 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dolly is reunited with Mr. Cottontail.
Cast  •   Kirk Patterson  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Sasha Savage  •  Colorado Jones  •  Emily Reed  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Michael Black  •  Mallory Miller  •  Derek Bloom  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
One Day At A Time
(2019-02-08 • Study Room) Bastian checks on Max as she studies the Book of Dagon.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Spirits in the Material World
(2019-02-07 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Emily leads another few seances using the Ouija board which is met by skepticism and some animosity from both the living and the dead.
Cast  •   Sonya Queen  •  Marc Westin  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Ethan Drake  •  Danny Novak  •  Julian McQueen  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Christian Price  •  Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Misty Alvarez  •
Look out Any Window
(2019-02-06 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) In which two film students are swapped for some patient files, a rubber duck, and a stuffed rabbit. Fair trade?
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Evaline Mitchell  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •
The End of the World As We Know It
(2019-02-03 • Christine's Office) A lot of people discuss the state of Things.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Creepy Doll
(2019-02-03 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) On the hunt for the bunker where Laine was kept, our heroes encounter a...creepy doll(y).
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Victoria Duchamp  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Michael Black  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •
Distant Early Warning
(2019-02-01 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Room 229) Max and Bastian discuss the status of things such as the world ending and whether or not Mahoney's bluff can be called.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
(2019-01-31 • Lodge Grounds/Infirmary) Laine's not dead. She's not real together either, and people aren't sure what to do with that, but eventually she forces out the things that need to be heard so plans can be made.
Cast  •   Michael Black  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •
So Emotional
(2019-01-30 • Main Lodge - Room 114 - Wake) Colorado tries to find solace by opening up the bar in 114 to host an Irish wake for his late girlfriend. Injuries are babysat. New plans are formed with new information.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Mallory Miller  •  Christine Lake  •
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Christian is dropped off in the Lodge's lobby after nearly being exploded. There, he meets with Finn who tries his hardest to get bits of information out of him regarding their missing party members.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
The Pass
(2019-01-29 • 229) After the disaster which was looking for the tunnel exit Ethan found, Max helps Bastian not lose his damned mind.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Missing Persons
(2019-01-29 • Woods) A group of people follow Ethan in the hopes of finding the hidden doorway of the tunnel he had escaped from. They soon come under fire when a mystery gunman begins to shoot at them. That fire becomes something larger when detonators in the tunnel go off, scattering the group in an explosion.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Michael Black  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Ethan Drake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Candice Flick  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Mrs. Dini  •
Dirge Without Music
(2019-01-28 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Lodge Grounds) Candice and Tommy receive their fond farewells.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Bastian Roen  •  Danny Novak  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •
After Image
(2019-01-27 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Room 229) Taking a second to unwind after a hell of a day.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
All Night Long
(2019-01-27 • Bar and Lounge) Finn, Danny, and Max hang out in the bar late at night.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Fish Heads
(2019-01-26 • Tunnels) The tunnels are explored.
Cast  •   Theodore Quinn  •  Scott Dixon  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Marc Westin  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Reno Fisher  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Sonya Queen  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Julian McQueen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Disposable Heroes
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed) A motley crew assembles to take on the task of refueling the shed. They're successful, at a price.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Colorado Jones  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danny Novak  •  Derek Bloom  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Safety Dance
(2019-01-25 • Beaver Lake - Staff Cabins) A group led by Addison goes to check Dini's cabin after the bloody shed expedition. They find a trap door to a tunnel, but this isn't the bravest or strongest group, turns out. They return to report their findings and prepare instead of investigating. The bodies are reported as stolen on the radio during this.
Cast  •   Director1/  •  Sonya Queen  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •  Gretchen West  •  Katrina "Kat" Hale  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
The Hero's Return
(2019-01-25 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Bastian, Max, and Theo bring Kim's body back to the Lodge, where Adam is waiting. Raul joins them as well.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Raul Santiago  •
The Weapon
(2019-01-24 • Eager Beavee Lodge, Room 229) A discussion of 'if'.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
Makin' Plans
(2019-01-23 • Eager Beaver Lodge) Danny, Hyacinth, and Max hang out downstairs and discuss the intricacies (and usefulness) of making a faux body to attract ghosts.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Total Eclipse of the Heart
(2019-01-23 • Room 114) Ethan and Lyle learn that Max and Bastian did the tango.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •
Sombody's Watching Me
(2019-01-23 • Dini's Office) A merry band of stalwarts sacks Dini's office looking for clues and finds a camera hidden in the light.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Addison Barrett  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
I'm Alive
(2019-01-22 • Room 213) Willow checks on Max, who refuses to play dead and gives Ethan some sage advice.
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Willow Darragh  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge, Room 229) For once the unexpected presence in a hotel room doesn't signal a gruesome death.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •
We are Family
(2019-01-21 • Christine's Office) Emily and Scott advise Christine of what happened and what they've heard. Max shows up to fill the director of guest services in, too.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Emily Reed  •  Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Too Tough to Die
(2019-01-21 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Bastian and company bring the badly hurt Max out from the Lakeview and into the care of Laine's triage.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Justin Tanner  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Shock the Monkey
(2019-01-21 • Second Group) The Lakeview expedition is on, and like any good group of idiots in a horror situation, the gang splits up. One group encounters records of use. They also encounter The Freak.
Cast  •   Jackson Ryder  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Scott Dixon  •  Emily Reed  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
The Trees
(2019-01-20 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) There is trouble with the trees--there's blood in them, and no Max or Mahoney.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Woman in Chains
(2019-01-20 • Main Lodge - Room 138) GODDAMNED BONER-KILLING GHOSTS! It's a three-some NOT a foursome, Mahoney!
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •
Catch (Black Delilah)
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Lyle Lucas sets out with pals in tow to try and save the Banshee. In helping her they learn a more disturbing truth.

"Catch" - The Cure
"I used to sometimes try to catch her,
But never even caught her name."

Cast  •   Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Colorado Jones  •  Finn O'Neil  •
I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together
(2019-01-18 • Room 213) Ethan has a favor to ask of Max
Cast  •   Ethan Drake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Should I Stay or Should I Go
(2019-01-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Emily and Laine meet Michael in the bar. Danny, Kim and Max show up. Thoughts begin to get shared.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Drake Ashton  •
Song from the Edge of the World
(2019-01-14 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Lucas offers Julian and Scott drinks on him for the turmoil at the pool. Lyle strikes a deal with Max ocer cigarettes and some head, and Ethan reliably makes it awkward for his best bud.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Ethan Drake  •  Colorado Jones  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Have A Drink On Me
(2019-01-14 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) The drinks are on Bastian for Lyle, Julian, and Scott. Ethan and Max meet for the first time in this lifetime.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Ethan Drake  •  Colorado Jones  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Say Hello To My Little Friend
(2019-01-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) While enjoying some breakfast, a hit takes place outside the dining hall!
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Christine Lake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Fuck the Police
(2019-01-13 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Roxie just happen to be at the boathouse at the same time after the morning's meeting. They begin to discuss personal things about their families when Finn barges in to tell them that the cops were on their way to the lodge due to shooting at the Dining Hall. Unknown to the group at the time, Maxi and Xavi are knocking on their front door and not the authorities, forcing 'Joshua' and Roxie to flee through the back patio. Finn takes over from here.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Xavier Santos  •
Close Encounters of the Boob Kind
(2019-01-12 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) A group head back to the bar after the events at the Lakehouse. There's a close encounter of the boob kind as wet clothing is taken care of. Scandalous.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Kirk Wachowski  •
First Blood
(2019-01-12 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) Kimberly, Scott, and Sonya sneak down to the site of the accident. Others follow them. Sonya and Kimberly sneak on ahead into the building and find something unexpected.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •  Derek Bloom  •  Sonya Queen  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Addison Barrett  •  Bastian Roen  •  Michael Black  •  Kaspar Henrik  •
Mister Policeman
(2019-01-12 • Main Lodge) The Sheriff shows up to figure out what all this hullabaloo is about.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Coming Out and Haunted Heads
(2019-01-09 • Marc and Matt's Room - Lodge) Marc and Matt talk after returning from the frat bonding in the woods, only to hear the sound of something heavy thudding against the window. Severed heads and film students follow.
Cast  •   Marc Westin  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Xavier Santos  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
I Drove All Night
(2019-01-06 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Some of the film kids decompress after the long drive at the lodge's bar.
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Dante Richards  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Derek Bloom  •  Kirk Patterson  •
Entrance discussions
(2019-01-05 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Emily finally shows up with the rest of the girls from Zeta Eta Pi. She bumps into Danny on her way in. Mallory and Warren have an unexpected reunion, and some film students show up!
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danny Novak  •  Emily Reed  •  Derek Bloom  •
The Next Wave
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Several film students check in at the lodge.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Bastian Roen  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Meanwhile Upstairs
(2019-01-04 • Main Lodge - Second Floor) Danny, Oz, Danica, and Max go upstairs to discuss music videos and venereal disease.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •