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on MUX as

The Creepshow


The Creepshow


Exotic Entertainment Synthetic

Apparent Age


Played By

Amandla Stenberg

Want to see a monster?

Look in the mirror. You try to hide it, to keep it secret or push it down, but it's there. It's always there.

I'm the freak, the leper, the monster, and I wear it for all to see. I show you that you're too comfortable. Too complacent. We're the monsters, and what we do to each other is worse than any horror movie. I peel back the skin, reveal the truth, spill its entrails.

Come closer. You want to see something really scary?

Archetype Roster Concept 

You revel in the strange and unusual because you yourself are strange and unusual. You're fascinated by the things that give others nightmares, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.

Role in Alien Mutation

You are one of the rare Ramon/Ramona series of Synthetics produced by Weyland-Yutani for the niche market of 'Synthetic Companions', personal playthings for the wealthiest of consumers. Your buyer was a freak and a right bastard, regularly 'killing' you during his fun. It gave you a very skewed perspective of what sex, love, violence and affection are, and it ultimately bit him in the ass when he accidentally asphyxiated himself and you let him, thinking he was showing you just how much he loved you. His daughter inherited everything and wanted no part of Dad's twisted sex toy, so she cut you loose.

You wound up on Tenochtitlan Station, employed at Eclipse as an exotic entertainer. It took some adjusting after the extreme parameters you were used to, but you're slowly settling in and learning more about humanity beyond your limited and warped experiences. There's absolutely no hiding what you are, though - Synthetic - as you're really weird even for one of them.

* Eclipse: She works there as a dancer and escort. Everyone on the Noc has heard about 'the freak' - too cheery, and very odd. Maybe you've been a client?

  • Will You Be Her Friend?: She's actually surprisingly friendly and sweet, and desperately wants friends.


Brawn: Good
- Short (Negative)

Most Synthetics are of average height or taller, and those of the Ramona line are often statuesque. Her original buyer wanted her made shorter, and so 5'2 it is.
+ Relentless (Positive)

Synthetic resilience. They never quit.
Finesse: Good
+ Co-ordinated (Positive)

Synthetic dexterity makes for an extremely coordinated android.
+ Contortionist (Positive)

She's able to do some pretty impressive twisting and bending, plus she's not terribly big to begin with.
+ Fast Reflexes (Positive)

Lightning fast response time courtesy of Synthetic reflexes.
+ Quick (Positive)

She can run, despite her short stature.
Brains: Good
- Hyperfocused (Negative)

She gets lost in the tiny details and sensations, often at the expense of the bigger picture.
+ Classical Education (Positive)

She's got a vast wealth of knowledge on everything from literature and art to history and science. Encyclopedic.
Spirit: Poor
- Clingy (Negative)

She can come on strong, overly cheery and friendly, and she bonds to people very fast. She craves friendship and attention.
- Uncanny Valley (Negative)

She's perfect. Too perfect. It gets unsettling how flawless she is.
+ Gorgeous (Positive)

Sleek but with curves. Large, dark eyes and full lips. She turns heads.


CS12.png CSSynthetic.jpg CS18.png


Overseer Guy

Tenochtitlan Station Overseer

He's the big boss of the whole station, and smells like nice cologne and responsibility. He's different. I just have dinners with him and sleep next to him at night every now and then, but he says he likes me, anyway.


Venus the Boss Lady

Manager of Total Eclipse

She works at the club, and smells like expensive perfume and desire. She's my boss, and my friend. People say that's not very common, but I've liked both of my bosses so far. She helps me fit in better and not spook the clients.


Military Guy

Colonial Marshals Special Tactics

He's a Colonial Marshal and smells like sweat and adrenaline. Venus says I need to not say too much with him and mostly listen. So I do.


Smart Guy

Tenochtitlan Science Chief

He works in an office and smells like computers and sadness. He's shy. I like him, but have to be very careful not to spook him.


Tough Guy

Tenochtitlan Refinery Gas Tech

He works in the refinery and smells like chemicals and fire. He doesn't get startled when I make happy sounds when he pulls my hair! Yay!


Gadget Lady

She works in the refinery docks and smells like loader oil and ozone. She's nice to me, so I bring her stuff. Dead stuff, like old batteries, broken gadgets - things like that,


Sam Hain (Alien Mutation)

Sam is the bartender for Total Eclipse - the 'adult cabaret' run by Venus where any of the entertainers can be had for a price. He's been there ever since the club opened, and has been tending bar across the stars almost all of his life. He's adopted Ramona as a surrogate daughter, looking out for the strange Synthetic girl and keeping her out of trouble. For the most part.


Ramon (Alien Mutation)

Exotic Entertainment Synthetic
Ramon is another of the rare Ramon/Ramona series of Synthetics, and the closest thing to a sibling that Ramona has. His presence at Total Eclipse on the Noc was a major part of why she chose there after being cut loose. They are very different, with Ramon being a suave, sophisticated sort much more used to 'being human' than Ramona is. He would definitely be the older/bigger brother were they actual siblings.

No badges for Alien Mutation.

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