The Unicorn (The Coward)

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Unicorn rado 1.png
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The Unicorn

Also Known As

Ignota, the Hidden Master of the Mind

on MUX as



The Coward



Apparent Age


Played By

Matthew McConhaughey

Faction Membership

Reclusive Mentalist

Coming To America - Neil Diamond

We've been travelling far

Without a home

But not without a star


Only want to be free

We huddle close

Hang on to a dream

The Last Unicorn - America

When the last eagle flies

over the last crumbling mountain

and the last lion roars

at the last dusty fountain

In the shadow of the forest

though she may be old and worn

they will stare unbelieving

at the last unicorn

Foreigner's God - Hozier

She moves with shameless wonder

The perfect creature rarely seen

Since some lie I brought the thunder

When the land was godless and free

Her eyes look sharp and steady

Into the empty parts of me

Still my heart is heavy

With the hate of some other man's beliefs

You Can Do Magic - America

I never believed in things that I couldn't see

I said if I can't feel it then how can it be

No, no magic could happen to me

And then I saw you

I couldn't believe it, you took my heart

I couldn't retrieve it, said to myself

What's it all about

Now I know there can be no doubt

You can do magic

Magic - Olivia Newton-John

Come take my hand

You should know me

I've always been in your mind

You know that I'll be kind

I'll be guiding you

Building your dream

Has to start now

There's no other road to take

You won't make a mistake

I'll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic

Nothin' can stand in our way


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A coward is like an onion. He has layers. Could be a bully, putting up a strong front with a weak, rotten core. Could be a victim, avoiding conflict in every day life, but stand up for one shining moment. Could be hustling, wheeling and dealing to keep himself out of the line of fire, or could be hiding in his obsessions and addictions. He's hiding and fleeing from something, no matter what he's doing. Aliens? Monsters? His boss? His responsibilities? The small voice inside him that tells him the most painful truths?

OOC Note
I have neurological damage. In big scenes with a lot of text flying by, I miss things. Hell I even miss things in small scenes. If I've missed you or you need me to respond to something, please page me!

Archetype Roster Concept 

Heroes run into danger. You prefer to watch from a safe place. You survive because you always disappear when danger rears it's head, or at least you convenalwaysiently hide behind the person bigger than you.

Role in Carnival

Coming To America

Time was, I was healing. Time was, I was pure. Not disease nor poison nor grief could abide my touch. Barren queens came to me, and wounded princes, and little beggar children. Oh, I ran from them, but I didn’t need to do anything else. A flashing glint of my horn through the trees would heal them. Once in a while, if I felt like it, if they were properly respectful and of course very, very beautiful, I would go to them and lay my head in their laps. Their grandchildren’s grandchildren would hear that story.

I never used to care who heard my story. Why should I? I was the most beautiful creature in the world, the swiftest, the most fierce. Men had the job of admiring me and honoring me. Even the hunt in those days honored me. They would kill me if they could, but it was my fabulous self they hunted. I gave back, in the old way. I let them see me sometimes when they begged. I healed their souls with a glimpse. I gave them hope. I dwelled in the deepest forests and they knew I was there, and that was enough.

One day I was born in America. Mortals had destroyed the forests I once protected, and it turns out they didn’t like that any more than I did. When they came to the New World and they saw that the forests here were the equal of any of the old tales, and they saw that the lands were as wild as their wildest dreams, they knew I must live here. So I was born. I was different. I wasn’t seafoam and pearl no more. I was black as the huge vault of the night over the Great Plains, and my horn was rainbow fire caught in amber. I couldn’t be the same as in the old country, after all. Everything is new in America. I was still the most beautiful and swiftest and fiercest. That didn’t change. Until one day it did.

Until one day the same wicked men as turned my forests into ships and fire turned my new home into dust. They robbed the land of health and hope, and people forgot that they ever had either, or that they could have it again. Mortals didn’t think of me, when they wished in their secret hearts. They didn’t look out the windows of a train and wonder what I was doing, right then, in the forest they passed by. They didn’t try to spot me through the trees.

They forgot to hope that they could find me one day and that I could heal them. In the old country, they were just as miserable and just as sick and wounded, even more maybe...but they dreamed of me.

Now they don’t. They’ve forgotten my name.

Now I have to put on a man’s shape. I have to make them come to me again, for healing them is now the only thing that can heal me. And it’s funny. I used to love the chase and the hunt. I used to love the pleading of maidens to see my shadow just once. Now when they look at me, they hunger for something that’s not me. Now, I’m frightened. I would run if I could, run for real, run until never another mortal could ever find me again...but if I do that, I’ll die. Me, who was the meaning of immortal. Me, who might be the last of my kind.

I’ll die, and my name won’t ever be on another maiden’s lips.

Unicorn 1.jpg

The Unicorn

The unicorn is Colorado's true form. Gracile, somewhat deerlike, somewhat Arabian-horse-like, the unicorn is black. His hooves and horn are like bronze fire opals. He's tall and slim, with long delicate legs and a ridiculously long tasseled tail. The pictures here are meant to give you the idea more than precisely represent him.

Leap unicorn 2.jpg Unicorn 3.jpg Aljan.png Leap unicorn.jpg Unicorn 2.png Black unicorn 3.jpg
Wyoming 2.png


Wyoming is the unicorn's female face. She's useful for when the unicorn needs to go about in a shape that's not associated with Ignota. The crowds that can form when someone recognizes Colorado are terrifying to him.



Brawn: Normal
+ Fight Like A Unicorn (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Light On His Hooves (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Emotionally Intelligent (Positive)
- Unworldly (Negative)
+ Animal Senses (Positive)
Spirit: Good
+ Protector of the Small (Positive)
+ Awe-Inspiring (Positive)
- Fear of Crowds (Negative)
- Skittish (Negative)

Perks and Quirks

- Archaic Mind

Colorado can't cope with any kind of powered technology. Not pulling a chain for a light bulb, not turning on the radio, definitely not driving a vehicle. If he tries, the poor object has a high chance of breaking. Itchy follows him around in a state of tsuris.
- Freak

Six fingers on each hand. Each finger, except for the thumb and the smallest sixth, is the same length. The nails are long, opaque and glossy bronze, as if he paints them. He doesn't.
- Too Pretty

Mortals and gods alike hunger for beauty. In some, this hunger is harmless, beneficial even; they want nothing more than to bask in Colorado's presence. In others, the hunger is more literal; hunger for flesh, for blood, for horn, for the money these things would bring. Yet others hunger to catch him and keep him for themselves forever. His beauty fires such urges and he cannot make it stop.
- Weakness (Minor): Cold Iron

Cold iron is more about a weapon than about everyday objects. An iron dagger can seriously harm Colorado, even if it didn't do that much physical damage. It's about the intent. Weapons of cold iron are what can kill many creatures of man's night, him included.
- Weakness (Major): Imprisonment

Proud and haughty beasts, unicorns would rather die than be captured. Colorado, if caught, will waste away before too long, dying of a wild thing's broken heart.
+ Power (Major): Heal/Purify - Spirit

The gift of Unicorn is the power of purity and healing. This power reaches beyond the physical to heal the spirit--although the physical, it heals that too. Colorado can purify poison. He can lift trauma from a wounded soul. He can command a mortal wound to knit itself shut. He can cause a polluted stream to run clear, a horse with a broken spirit to dance like a colt again, and that last he can do for people, too. As a side bonus, he can sense when people or animals or even the land itself suffers. In these times, in this place, it can be more of a curse than anything else, because everything and everyone around him suffers. When every spirit grieves and every heart cries out for peace, how much can even a unicorn do?

NB: the emotional wounds Colorado can heal are those of internalized toxicity and self-blame. He can do nothing for a person who turns their hatred outwards upon the world. As a beast invoked for protection, such people are his enemies. The abused and the traumatized are the ones he can help.
+ Power (Minor): Earthbound Flight - Finesse

“The unicorn was weary of human beings. Watching her companions as they slept, seeing the shadows of their dreams scurry over their faces, she would feel herself bending under the heaviness of knowing their names. Then she would run until morning to ease the ache: swifter than rain, swift as loss, racing to catch up with the time when she had known nothing at all but the sweetness of being herself.” - Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

A unicorn can run over improbable surfaces, leap improbable heights, and land safely from same. All at a speed that baffles mortal eyes. All so light that the breeze whisks away his hoofprints.
+ Power (Minor): Mother's Tongue - Brains

Colorado can understand and speak the language of a person's heart. It might be a beloved dialect, or the language a person was raised to speak in the home. It might not be a language, but an accent or a nickname. Whatever the sound of comfort and home is, Colorado can speak it. This isn't a polyglot power. He doesn't retain the language, and he can't read, write, or otherwise manage it.
+ Shapeshifting (Human)


Unicorn rado 2.png Unicorn's token 2.jpg Unicorn's token.jpg


The Old Man

Sideshow Bally Talker

You think too much. Come dance in the dawn light with me again.

Scholar 2 monstr 4.png

Hunger On Wings

Burlesque Dancer, 'The Illuminated Man', Calligrapher

Hunger for flesh, hunger for knowledge, hunger...for Itzhak?

Hanged Man.jpg

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

Stage Magician

Wise one, you have much to share.


Queen of Honeyed Stings

Big Top Ringmistress

Beauty and madness, so very fine!

Yifei liu as excellent 1.png

Excellent Jiang (Carnival)

Contortionist and Acrobat
As a child in San Francisco, Excellent trained in the art of contortion and acrobatics in the Chinese fashion. Her parents felt she should probably stay in school instead. Ugh, so old-fashioned! There was a whole world out there for Excellent to crack open and discover its pearls. So she cut her hair off, put on boy's clothes and ran away to join the circus. Excellent always loved performing, and found that carny life, while hard, suited her well. She's a flashy kinda girl, with a wild heart.

She joined the Carnival of Wonders looking for better work, and found that...things were weird. Weirder than usual. One of the things she noticed was the mentalist Ignota had six fingers. Intrigued, Excellent saw no reason not to start following him around. One night he left the carnival grounds, and she followed him. When he turned into a unicorn, she declared him her patron guardian spirit. Colorado found her adorable. Now her performances are for him. Excellent is very young, impetuous, and a show-off, all traits that serve her well as a sideshow act. Itchy and Holly consider her a little sister. To Colorado, she's the most uncomplicated of his followers.


Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz (Carnival)

Angry Mechanic
Itzhak is a Jewish man from New York. He joined the Carnival out of desperation; he needed work badly, to help support his mother and sisters. Colorado didn't take long to home in on the wound in Itzil's heart, for he has a secret: he's queer, and he hated himself with furious loathing for it. Colorado lifted that burden of hate from him. He hasn't left ever since. There's plenty of work at the Carnival, and, well, Colorado is here too. Itchy might be hopelessly in love with him. A unicorn-loving Jew, who knew?

He hates being called Itchy, which of course is why most people call him that. Itchy may have endeared himself to Colorado and the unicorn's followers with his devotion, but anybody else gets the rough side of his tongue and his sour attitude.

Tabria majors as holly 1.png

Holly Majors (Carnival)

Lovely Assistant And Fortune Teller
Holly was discovered by Colorado when she came to the carnival as a townie. This was when he was attempting a faith-healing act, which went disasterously--the crowd rushed him and in a panic, he fled. A girlfriend had brought Holly hoping that she'd be picked for healing, but that didn't happen. Not during the show, anyway.

The unicorn had scented Holly's pain, both emotional and physical. She'd recently lost her pregnancy, and she'd lost her husband when her marriage disintegrated over the loss. Her hurt was eating away at her soul, and she did not recover well from the wound. She'd been lucky to survive. Her need brought the unicorn to her, after he came out of his panic. He healed her. Holly has stayed ever since, taking over the role of handler for his act, and using her knowledge of fortune-telling to supplement their income. She's learned to adapt remarkably well to carny life, although it's not the one she ever envisioned for herself. Still, she loves Colorado and stays devoted to him. Holly is apt, intelligent, and driven. She's going to save this unicorn who saved her.

No badges for Carnival.

Big Sky
(2019-05-10 • Out on the Prairie) Kemen tries to talk Colorado into changing and they discuss sundry things with Oh.
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Ghosts in the Graveyard
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Planning for the Future
(2019-04-23 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Oh has an idea, Brigitte has a better one
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Where In The World is Mephisto?
(2019-04-22 • The Workshop) Management sends a group to try and find Mephisto who has been missing for quite some time.
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Teleportation and Other Unlikely Events
(2019-04-19 • Oh's Tent) Colorado goes to find Oh and tell him why they are suddenly in Michigan.
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Paradise Found
(2019-04-18 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) The group sent to town for supplies returns with dire news and a mob not far behind them.
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Rite of Spring
(2019-04-17 • Egyptian Camp) The Wonders and their Mortal Followers celebrate a Fertility Festival.
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Fifty Miles Away
(2019-04-16 • Fifty Miles Away) The unicorn and Kemen flee in terror. Kemen tells him his story.
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Fear and Loathing in Truth or Consequences
(2019-04-15 • Egyptian Camp) A simple conversation about options for transformation and choices becomes horror and chaos and the monsters reveal themselves.
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Let's Not Talk About It
(2019-04-13 • Hot Springs) Four fellas relax in the hot springs and do NOT discuss the news from Management.
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How to calm a unicorn
(2019-04-12 • Ignota's Tent) Kemen and Sebastianus visit Colorado to calm him in the wake of the trip to the cinema.
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Hollywood, Where Dreams Go To Die
(2019-04-10 • Lycium Cinema) Several of the carnival troupe visit Truth or Conesquences' cinema in order to meet with Ishtar.
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An Understanding
(2019-04-03 • On the Road to Truth or Consequences, NM) Sebastianus runs something by Colorado, because he's polite.
Cast  •   The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
Breakdown, Middle Of the Night
(2019-04-02 • Ignota's Tent) Some philosophy between beasts and a king.
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War of the Worlds
(2019-04-01 • Nowhere) A large group travels to hear The Radio's message.
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Smash the Radio
(2019-04-01 • Carny Camp) Sebastianus brings the distraught unicorn back to camp. He and Kit talk about Radio.
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A Broken Teacup
(2019-04-01 • Teahouse) A mysterious visitor to Meng Po causes trouble.
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ReBirthday Party
(2019-03-31 • Carnival Grounds - Adult Area) The Children Of A Lesser God have a reason to celebrate. Everyone's Invited.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Urania (as Urania)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Bik (as Bik)  •  Diamond Devil (as Diamento)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Hodr (as Holden/Owen)  •
(2019-03-31 • Leona and Kemen's Camp) Kemen finds a gift left by the faeries. Leona calls for blood. Faerie pranks ensue, kegs are brought out, and people come to drink and discuss Radio's offer.
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Benaim Hakiem  •  Sekhmet  •  Diamond Devil  •  Hodr  •  Aya Chione  •  Rana Shani  •  Nenet Fisher  •  Ouroboras  •  Manticore  •  The Unicorn  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Sachin Joshi  •  Holly Majors  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Erik Burton  •
Return of the King
(2019-03-30 • Carny Camp) Sky brings Kemen back to camp, to an admiring audience.
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Beauty of the Unhidden Heart
(2019-03-30 • Villeneuve Farmhouse and environs, Nowhere, Colorado) The unicorn seeks out Sally Villeneuve. Soundtrack: The Beauty of the Unhidden Heart - The Glitch Mob
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Manticore (as Sally, George, Aurelia, Grandmother Villeneuve)  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •
You Know My Name
(2019-03-29 • Ignota and Mysteria's Side Show) Come one, come all, to see Ignota, the Hidden Master of the Mind, and his assistant Madame Mysteria.
Cast  •   Coyote (as Tybalt)  •  Holly Majors  •  The Unicorn  •  Manticore (as Joseph, The Thompsons, George and Sally)  •
Threat Lodge
(2019-03-29 • Big Cat Pens and Oh's Tent) Diamento, and Kemen, and Oh visit Leona at the Big Cat pen; Oh turns up to offer a sweat bath, which Leona, Colorado, and Kemen try.
Cast  •   Sekhmet  •  Diamond Devil  •  Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  The Unicorn  •
The Cruelest Month
(2019-03-27 • Foothills near Nowhere, Colorado) The unicorn thanks the manticore for his assistance.
Cast  •   Manticore  •  The Unicorn  •
Truth or Beauty or Both
(2019-03-26 • Morning Woods) A unicorn and a coyote make a deal.
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Coyote  •
Real Magic
(2019-03-21 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) The Unicorn comes to ask Baldr what he would like as a thank you, for helping to save him.
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Baldr  •
This Present State of Grace
(2019-03-20 • Eve's Tent) The unicorn comes bearing gifts during a visit to the Faery Queen before the night's show.
Cast  •   The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Emmett Blake  •
(2019-03-19 • Carnival of Wonders - Carnie Camp) In which a unicorn is rescued.
Cast  •   Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Baldr (as Logan)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Holly Majors  •
Lost in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two townie urchins sneak into the Carnie Camp. Chaos ensues. Conclusion: Found in Wonder
Cast  •   Osiris (as Aya-Kemen)  •  Coyote (as Kit)  •  Baldr (as Logan)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Greta Hellstrom  •  Gunter Hellstrom  •
An Ancient Flower
(2019-03-18 • Ignota's Tent) Sore hearts in need of healing.
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Osiris (as Aya)  •  Hodr  •
Breakfast in Nowhere
(2019-03-16 • Carnival Grounds - Camp) The Carnival of Wonders rolls into Nowhere overnight, and the next morning breakfast is served before setup.
Cast  •   Coyote (as Kit Cody)  •  Hodr (as Holden Odinson)  •  Diamond Devil  •  Baldr (as Logan Odinson)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  Gran Brigitte (as Nightshade)  •  Erik Burton  •  Lars Holmgren  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Sachin Joshi  •
Three of Swords
(2019-03-15 • A clifftop) A god and two monsters meet on a hill. (Backscene)
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Osiris  •  Diamond Devil  •
By the Light of the Moon
(2019-03-11 • Somewhere in Minnesota) A unicorn meets a manticore.
Cast  •   Manticore  •  The Unicorn  •
Hard Bargain
(2019-03-10 • Carnival Midway) Olivia meets a Unicorn.
Cast  •   The Unicorn  •  Holly Majors  •  Olivia Isaacson  •  Dashiel Hogarth  •