The Coward

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The Coward

Known As

Tiffany Thomas

on MUX as

The Coward

Has Been

Accidentally Famous

Apparent Age


Played By

Emily Bador

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It's easy enough to not be afraid of your own shadow while secure in daily routine. We medicate, assimilate, and rationalize to dampen the slow build of anxiety that comes from walking down a new street or talking to a stranger when really, cowardice is a legacy we've inherited. Think about it: your prehistoric ancestors fleeing predators quicker, stronger, and better naturally equipped than themselves so that they -- nay, so that their species -- might live to see another day. So, fight or flight?

Archetype Roster Concept 

Heroes run into danger. You prefer to watch from a safe place. You survive because you always disappear when danger rears it's head, or at least you convenalwaysiently hide behind the person bigger than you.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

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Ian Thomas.jpg

Ian Thomas (Isle of Dread)

Stoned Brother
Oh, uh, what was Ian doing while his sister was killing the Bayside Strangler? Probably playing Call of Duty.

Rose Buchanan.jpg

Rose Buchanan (Isle of Dread)

Scandalous Starlet
A television actress who has experienced some minor brushes with the law recently, Rose is looking to branch out professionally to revitalize her public image.

Currently after Tiffany's life rights. She brought Tiff here and is doing her best to show the serial killer killer a fun time while also proving to the other woman that she has what it takes to tell her story. Listen, if this film actually gets made with Rose as the lead with producer credits? That's a huge career move for her.

Shared tabloid covers for a news cycle or two with Scott Wilson III after a risque escapade landed them in hot water. Literally. They were caught skinny dipping a stranger's jacuzzi.

The coward1.jpg

Tiffany Thomas (Isle of Dread)

Ever since you accidentally ran over and killed a serial killer, your life has been insane. You were no one, just a college student with piling debt when, one night, the Bayside Strangler tried to make you his next victim. You were in your car, alone in a dark parking lot, and he appeared. You freaked. Instead of throwing it in reverse, you plowed straight into him and into a wall, crushing him between it and your car. Totaled the car, by the way. But you became instantly famous when everyone thought you'd done it on purpose. In days there were crowdfunding projects up to pay off your student loans, buy you a new car, and people sending you free stuff in the mail, and it hasn't stopped.

This festival was one of those free gifts from strangers on the internet. You're not rich, even now, but you're getting famous and you're torn between loving the lifestyle and the crushing fear that you'll be outed as a fraud. You've gotten away with it so far, though. May as well enjoy the ride!

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