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Sam Heughan

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"Deep within us—-no matter who we are-—there lives a feeling of wanting to be lovable, of wanting to be the kind of person that others like to be with.
And the greatest thing we can do is to let people know that they are loved and capable of loving."

-The World According To Mister Rogers

There is just something about him. He's approachable, at the very least, sometimes he's magnetic. Trust in him comes fast, so opening up is easy. He can draw you in and make you feel like the only person in the room. When you are done, you tend to leave better than you came.

He tends to give thoughtful advice but there is no promise of it being any good. But he did think about it and that has to count.

Your secrets are safe with him. Your hopes and dreams and worries and cares too. Your burdens are his burdens because no one should struggle alone.

Trust matters and he will do his best not to break it. He gives it easily but understands that isn't the case with everyone. He handles with care.

Archetype Roster Concept 

There's always that one person that people just innately trust and can talk to about pretty much anything, and you're that person. You help them with their problems and share the weight of their burdens.

Role in The Last Road


Cinder was born in the wastes to a small, relatively peaceful, nomadic tribe. They were artisans and traders that ran a loose circuit around the major outposts. And eventually, they were attacked by raiders and Cinder and his two brothers managed to be the sole survivors.

The trio were Pure, healthy kids. Early on, there was some dispute over Cinder's caste. He had traits that would make a good Monitor and was thus sent with the Tattlers. He didn't last a fortnight. He wanted to make friends. He talked too much. He cried for his brother, caste into the Fortunate. He didn't actually tattle. Father Fortunate made an argument for having another universal donor and welcomed the boy with open arms. He became a Meanie.

Cinder was a sweet, nice kid but felt like a stranger. Kids are not always kind. He was bullied, teases and beat up from time to time. This made growing up more difficult. He needed protection and often got it from his brother or others. Eventually, he gained a reputation as a weak and nervous type and he'd never completely shake it.

Later, he began as a Breeder, siring twice before being moved to Companion. This was where he shined and gained a certain popularity as someone nice to talk to in addition to being an attractive and fit young man. He can be whoever he needs to be. Therapist? Lover? A quick lay? It's fine with him. He is a chameleon, picking up on what one needs and delivering that, exactly.

OOC Note: The Confidant, as I usually imagine him, tends to know a lot of people. If not specifically by name, possibly by deed or just by face. I have a way of making up small, minor connections on the fly. Usually after peeking at a PC's wiki. If I forget to ask permission at the time, you are welcome to tell me to chill.

  • Popular Companion: Over time, Cinder has become one of the more popular Companions. He won't say why but rumors vary wildly. He's amazing in bed. He's a good listener. His hands are magical. He'll let you take a nap. He'll read to illiterate War Kids. He cuddles. Anyone's guess.
  • Universal Donor: O negative blood type makes his blood precious.
  • "Former" Breeder: He began as a Breeder but only sired one before becoming a dedicated Companion. He is still being used to breed but he is not required to be hands on. He is anyway. All are Pure.
    • Children: He loves his children. He couldn't hide that if he tried. His eldest, a redhaird girl named Lara, is a Tattler. Next is a brunette boy named Porter, a Meanie who excels in fine crafts. Lastly, another girl, Aloy, has yet to be caste but the time is drawing near. He is expecting one more, with his friend Maylis.
  • Portraits: His artistic specialty. He takes requests from people wanting keepsakes of loved ones. With his attention to detail, he produces unique results.
  • Never Leaves: He'll pay braver people to fetch things for him. The Wastes terrify him but he is working on it
  • Lux Rich: Word is that Cinder has a small fortune of Lux. Mostly because he's rarely seen spending it.
  • Karyūkai: His brother may go on and on about this place. Cinder has been, of course, far more secretive in the past. Lately, he backs his brother fully and will tell his own tales, if asked.

  • Opinions on the Castes (Subject to change)
    • Fortunate: "I don't mind the trades we make as much as others. I've seen where the ones who leave us go. The alternatives are nightmares."
    • Monitors: "I see the logic of their privileges. I agree it's best but I don't have to like their demands. Only surrender."
    • Savvy: "I envy those who are so bright and so good at their work. I love to watch them build the future."
    • War Kids: "The young ones are amazing. Hot, bright, burn fast. I don't always trust the elders among them."
    • Scavengers: "Vital. More vital than we give them credit for."


Brawn: Normal
+ Scrappy (Positive)

He can take a punch and dish it right back, if he must.
Finesse: Normal
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)

He can be shockingly quick for his size.
Brains: Normal
+ Detail Oriented (Positive)

He sees, he hears and he tends not to forget the smallest things.
+ Keen Sense of Direction (Positive)

Hard to get lost with Cinder around.
+ Random Trivia (Positive)

All that listening? He's absorbed odd facts and figures.
Spirit: Good
+ Trustworthy (Positive)

Not one single thing told to Cinder in confidence has ever leaked from him.
- Restless (Negative)

His mind and body can't seem to sit still.
- Hypochondria (Negative)

He's smart enough to know what's contagious and what isn't. But every ache, pain, cough, or mole has a way of creating distress. He's not a stranger to the Healing Hands.

Perks and Quirks

+ Gifted

Gives the character a +1 in a specific artistic or creative discipline of their choice. (Drawing) Fortunate Only
+ Good Luck

Re-roll 1 die. Once per Scene. You must select which die you wish to reroll.
+ Adrenaline Boost

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.
+ Obscure Death

When your character dies, this Perk is triggered and a body is never found. You may return to play later, alive and kicking.
- Gilded Cage

The character cannot leave the Sanctuary without permission and escort, and have many 'duties' expected of them. Fortunate Only
- Sheltered

The character has little or no experience outside the Sanctuary, and everything out in the wastes is new to them. They react more strongly to shocking experiences and are very naive to the ways of the wasteland. Gives a situational -1 to rolls for things dealing with the wastes, from Freak-Out Checks at Monsters, to being conned by grifters, to finding their way around.
- Big Favor

Owed to Vishys for saving his life in the wastes a while back.
- Hunted

Somewhere, some cult of raiders and scavs seem to think this redheaded boy is the key to some distant utopian paradise down the Last Road. They've been on the lookout ever since.

Cinder is tall, looming at 194 cm (6'4"). He has a broad and sturdy build without much definition. His skin is lightly tanned and mostly unblemished, save for a few scars and his intake tattoo. His eyes are bright blue with pale orange lashes that seem a mile long. His dark coppery red hair is long, thick and falls in loose curls past his shoulders. It is usually worn loose but sometimes he'll pulls it back or or allowed small locks to be braided. His features are rugged and handsome. A nose that's been broken and set at least once. Defined cheekbones and a square jaw. His facial hair, when he lets it grow, is the same shade as the hair on his head. He allows a few days of growth, tops.

He cares about his looks. His hair, his skin are soft and clean. His curls shine and rarely frizzy. His clothing is modest. Higher necks and longer sleeves.They are always well made and he has a flare for color, favoring greens and blues. He likes jewelry too. A few delicate rings on his hands. A bracelet of blue stones. A necklace with three blackened bullet casings hang around his neck. His left ear is pierced with numerous silver rings in the cartilage, top to bottom. It's not uncommon for his fingers to be stained from ink, charcoal or pencil. He smells like strong oils from time to time. Lavender, is one. But he always smells clean.


Conf1Fac01.jpg Conf1Cinder01.jpg



Big brother, bigger dreams. How do you harness a maniac for good?




Little brother. Has granted forgiveness that may not be deserved.



Healing Hand

Someone unexpected.




This world is unfair and if I can make it a little better, I'll do it. The subject of my first matchmaking experiment.




Odd as any Savvy and the source for my chemical needs. The other subject of my first matchmaking experiment.

Faustina Portrait.jpeg


Copper (Was a Counter)

We love our brothers. Common ground is a start.



Born Again Gardener

Hope is fragile. We'll reinforce it.

Beast LastRoad.jpg


Fortunate Companion / Fire Performer

Taught me how to throw a punch. Doesn't belong under behind the golden bars.



Imperator of Arms

Saved my life. Saved Kat's. I owe him everything.



Companion and Breeder

Mother to my youngest. Good match.


Maylis (The Last Road)





They say you never forget your first and this is true of Cinder. His brief time as an exclusive Breeder began with Maylis, who was a decade his senior. Maylis smothered the fires of a youthful crush but nurtured a kinship as they celebrated the birth of their first child, a girl named Lara. Pure and healthy.

She is a skilled seamstress and keeps Cinder in the finery he has grown accustomed to. They are a reliable breeding pair, sharing a total of two Pure children and one on the way. This has made them close, even if she is sometimes more motherly than anything else.


Exo (The Last Road)





When Cinder wanted to learn to shoot, he took note of Exo, A young Centurion and regular visitor who only wanted be read to and trade stories. Exo is glad to teach Cinder about weapons, the gritty tech of the Garage, and what lies in The Dust beyond the safety of the Rock.

No badges for The Last Road.

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