Maddy Funk (The Competitor)

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Maddy Funk

on MUX as



The Competitor



Apparent Age

Late 20s

Played By

Alexandra Daddario

Life is a competition to survive. Every aspect. Every moment. You have to better than everyone else or you disappear into ignominy. There is personal competition - being more athletic, better looking, smarter - but there is more to it than that. Everything you are involved with has to be the best; business, possessions etc. And anyone you know, and allow into your life, has to be doing their best for you. If not...get rid of them. Do not confuse competition with destruction, others can be more useful to you 'alive' than 'dead', but make sure that you will be the one always at the top of whatever you do.

Archetype Roster Concept 

For some people, everything is a contest and there are always winners and losers. You're a winner. You live to compete and thrive on success and glory.

Role in The Last Road

Maddy had it all. A job as a respected Monitor that had her set for life in Sanctuary - until she screwed up an escort job.

Though she wasn't exiled, she was kicked from the Monitors and had to prove herself as a Scavenger. Wandering the wastes, she is doing what she can to get back into the triumvirate's graces and get her position back.

CHARIOT (10 points max)

Armor 3 (6 points)

Ramming Weapons (3 points)

*Former Monitor - She thought she had the good life but after a failure on a mission, she was demoted and thrown out of Sanctuary.

  • Scavenger - So now she's a Scavenger. At least she still gets to visit her former home.
  • You Can Go Home Again - She will do all she can to return to the life she once had.
  • Wanderer - Maddy knows her way around the desert.
  • A Little Bit Kooky - After the trauma of losing her place, and exposure to the wastes, she has gone a bit crazy.
  • Pure - She's still, technically, pure, but all this time outside is starting to change that.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Good
Brains: Poor
Spirit: Good

Perks and Quirks

+ Self-Sufficient

Roaming the wastes for days in end makes you rely on nothing but yourself.
+ Wasteland Explorer

She searches everywhere for the best.
- Outsider
- Reputation

A former Monitor who screwed up big time.


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