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Also Known As

Nikki Victor

on MUX as



The Competitor


Singer (w/ big band)

Apparent Age


Played By

Alexandra Daddario



You're the Top

At words poetic, I'm so pathetic

That I always have found it best,

Instead of getting 'em off my chest,

To let 'em rest unexpressed.

I hate parading my serenading

As I'll probably miss a bar,

But if this ditty is not so pretty,

At least it'll tell you how great you are.

You're the top! You're the Colosseum,

You're the top! You're the Louvre Museum,

You're a melody from a symphony by Strauss,

You're a Bendel bonnet, a Shakespeare sonnet,

You're Mickey Mouse.

You're the Nile, You're the Tower of Pisa,

You're the smile on the Mona Lisa.

I'm a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop,

But if, Baby, I'm the bottom,

You're the top!


Make My Cult!

Leave the text in the box precisely as it is, and click the 'Create or Edit My Cult!' button.


Life is a competition to survive. Every aspect. Every moment. You have to better than everyone else or you disappear into ignominy. There is personal competition - being more athletic, better looking, smarter - but there is more to it than that. Everything you are involved with has to be the best; business, possessions etc. And anyone you know, and allow into your life, has to be doing their best for you. If not...get rid of them. Do not confuse competition with destruction, others can be more useful to you 'alive' than 'dead', but make sure that you will be the one always at the top of whatever you do.

Archetype Roster Concept 

For some people, everything is a contest and there are always winners and losers. You're a winner. You live to compete and thrive on success and glory.

Role in Carnival

Who is Nike

Nike was the winged Goddess of Speed, Strength and Victory. Older than the Olympians, she sided with Zeus in the war against the Titans and became his companion (he promised to protect her in return for her support) as well as good friends of Athena. One of her roles was as a charioteer who selected from the dead those who were worthy of greater reward (similar to a Valkyrie).

Coming To America

This personification of Nike arose in the Smyrna settlements in Florida but really got going during the American War of Independence; strengthened by the exultation of victorious battle and eventual liberation. Not many at the time would have called on Nike by name, but rather she personified victory (Victoria being Nike's Roman name) and the drive to become something new and successful that was expressed by the country.

War is always a boost for Nikki with so many worshiping the concept of victory but it is not her only source of adulation. Competition in all forms can be fed on, and what better country could she exist in than the United States? A nation full of people driven by a desire to succeed. She was boosted by the American Civil War and the freeing of slaves. By the wars against Mexico and Spain. World War I was another big boost. Every war providing the exultation of victory, fuel for new ideas, and a desire to be first to achieve something.

Unfortunately, with the Great Depression, there is not much victory or success in any form. Nikki has suffered because of it and is doing her best to relight that fire in the American people.

In the Carnival

Nikki was not in the Carnival from the start. After leaving Atlantic City, she headed for New York to try the club circuit there. It didn't work out and, having kept in touch with some of her colleagues from New Jersey that went to the carnival, she decided to join them.

She has been in the carnival a couple of years now, often being the first person to arrive in the next town to drum up business. Her chariot of choice now being a Rolls Royce Phantom II. Other members of the carnival sometimes traveling with her to look over the potential customers - and meals in some cases.

Nikki has a cult with her in the guise of the 'All-American Big Boom Band'. All members must be able to play instruments, or sew/design sets, and they are devoted to her. Her job in the carnival is to provide entertainment in the Big Top as well as musical accompaniment to the acts. Specifically musical concerts/dances are also performed if the carnival stays in the area for a sufficient amount of time.

Magical Singer - If you need an extra boost, or want someone to lose a bit of vim and vigor, why not ask Nikki to sing a song?

Big Band - Her Cult is also her backing band. Besides supporting the Big Top, she also plays dances and concerts to draw in the victims...umm...customers.

I Like To Watch - Unable to touch anyone without possible dire consequences, Nikki has to be more of a stand-offish cheerleader. She is not happy about this but what can you do?

Blood Drinker - Anyone want to share?

Greco-Roman - Pre-Olympian roots. Anyone else into toga parties?

Pathfinder - In her Rolls Royce Phantom II, she often arrives first at the new towns to drum up custom for the following carnival. Want to come with?


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Good
+ Sprinting (Positive)

When you are a shade of the Goddess of Speed, you can run.
+ Flight Agility (Positive)

When in flight, she can duck and weave like in flight.
Brains: Poor
Spirit: Good
+ Indomitable (Positive)

Goddesses don't get scared.
+ Singing (Positive)

She has the voice of an angel.
- Stubborn (Negative)

Goddesses might not get scared but they do get pig-headed.

Perks and Quirks

+ Minor Power (Innate) - Flight (Finesse)

Nikki can produce a pair of feathered wings that enable her to fly - good for doing an impersonation of an angel. She wears a lot of backless dresses not just because it is the style, but also to enable her wings to appear without restriction. There is no trace of the wings on her body unless she initiates this power.
+ Cult - The All-American Big Boom Band

The musicians that back her as well as stylist and bodyguard.
+ Minor Power - Singing (*)

Nikki's singing is able to affect the audience both emotionally and physically. The combination of her voice and choice of song has a magical effect on the listener.

If it is a happy song about doing well, it can bestow a +1 to Spirit. A miserable song about how life is hard, can drain people's enthusiasm and bestow a -1 to Spirit.

Only one Attribute can be affected per use of the power and the song lyrics and song delivery must be appropriate. She does not need music to be playing, she can sing a capella, but she does need a song.

(Note: I will do my best to use songs of the period though, since most people won't know the tunes and they may not be on Youtube etc. forgive me if I use some anachronistic songs)

  • Roll the Stat that's being boosted
- Too Pretty

It's nice to be adored. Stalkers and crowds wanting to literally own a piece of you...not so good.
- Psychopomp (Touch)

The driving gloves are more than just a fashion statement.
- Monstrous Diet

Blood. Thankfully, there are others in the Carnival who have similar needs.


CompetitorCarnival02.jpg CompetitorCarnival03.jpg CompetitorCarnival04.jpg CompetitorCarnival05.jpg CompetitorCarnival06.jpg GoodOlDays.gif

A singer needs a band. And for Nikki Victor, that band is the 'All-American Big Boom Band'.

They are all devoted to Nikki, admirers and worshipers, and are all talented in their fields. Most are musicians, though there is also one dresser/set designer, and one bodyguard. As this is a big band, there is a horn section, drummer, upright bass, string quartet, guitarist, backing singer, and a couple of pianists.


'Magic Fingers' Johnson

Role: Musical Director/Pianist
Age: Mid-40s
Played by: Fats Waller

Magic has been Nikki's musical director, and number one devotee, since 1914. He is an expert arranger and multi-instrumentalist who works with her to find the perfect songs for the perfect occasion.

He is a hard taskmaster on anyone not pulling their weight but if you get on his good side, it is a genial and life-affirming good side.


The Tinkler

Role: Pianist
Age: Late-30s
Played by: Chico Marx

Tinkler joined the band in the mid-twenties when Nikki was working Atlantic City. He is a playful and prankster pianist, finding the humor and sheer joy in music.

His tells everyone his name is Giovanni Tortellini and he hails from Sicily (complete with accent). Though his real name is John Smith and he is from the less exotic climes of Trenton, New Jersey.


The Jericho Horns (led by Ariana Xhaka)

Role: Horn Section
Played by: Scarlet Johansson as Ariana

Ariana Xhaka is of Greek heritage and joined the band (and cult) in New York a couple of years ago. She fled an unhappy marriage organised by her traditional parents and has long ditched her wedding ring.

The Jericho Horns consist of Ariana, Michael (see below), and the Cornet Twins (African-American male and female who are not twins at all).


Michael Hasburgh

Role: Bodyguard/Jericho Horns/Clarinet
Age: Late-30s
Played by: Bruce Willis

Michael emerged from the horrors of World War I as a shell-schocked veteran who was hiding in a bottle (or two) - PTSD not being understood in 1918. He was rescued from his life of misery in 1923, falling under the spell of Nikki and finding a new reason for life.

He is a capable member of the Jericho Horns but his role also includes acting as a bodyguard.


Rhap Soo

Role: Seamstress/Violin/Fiddle
Age: Early-twenties
Played by: Grace Park

Rhap Soo (Rhapso is the Greek Goddess of Weaving) is a woman of Korean descent that worked in the Atlantic City casino with Nikki in the 1920s. There she was an ignored laundress/maid but Nikki saw the appetite for success, and talent, of the young woman and recruited her to help design and create costumes for the band.

She has also proved to be quite the string player. Still shy, she often sits in the band trailer designing and creating to please her goddess.


Maria Lopez

Role: Drummer/Backing Singer/Bodyguard
Age: Late-twenties
Played by: Eiza Gonzalez

Maria Lopez was a small-time thief when Nikki stumbled across her in New York in 1931. Raised on the streets, she is tough, uncompromising, and taciturn. Since joining the band she has tried to keep to the straight and narrow, unless Nikki asks her to do something illegal, and takes out her violent impulses on the drums or as a bodyguard.


Abbey Banks

Role: Double Bass/Harpist
Age: Early-twenties
Played by: Lily Collins

Diminutive of stature but generous of heart, Abby plays the double bass like a demon. The instrument may tower over her but she is in complete control.

On quieter tunes, Abbey is also handy with the harp. She can also play the fiddle, violin, and cello if called on.

Hanged Man.jpg


Stage Magician




Callie the Mermaid



La Llorona

Burlesque Performer/Whore


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