The Competitor

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The Competitor

Known As

Blue Rosen

on MUX as

The Competitor

Has Been


Apparent Age


Played By

Nina Dobrev

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Everything is a game, everything has winners, and losers, and anything other than number one is a loser. She doesn't lose, it doesn't matter how she wins, though. If she comes out on top by playing it fair, that's great, but she's not above cheating to make certain that she ends up being the winner. Nor does it matter what game she's playing, sports, cooking competitions, spelling bees growing up, she did everything. The more trophies and ribbons, the more validated she felt in her life.

Archetype Roster Concept 

For some people, everything is a contest and there are always winners and losers. You're a winner. You live to compete and thrive on success and glory.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

While in the facility she's not as cut-throat and blood thirsty as she seems to be during the times outside the facility. So far, at least.

The Competitor's Room

The Competitor's room reflects....almost nothing about her. Since she is the sort that views life as a competition of course her bed is top notch, the sheets are exquisite, and all the material things are nice, it's almost clinical. High-end hotel, nothing personal seems to be added. Neutral colors, very generic.

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

Sunglasses, but not just any sunglasses, the overly large, extra Hollywood starlet sort of sunglasses that despite being nothing more than a bunch of plastic they cost more than most people spend on a good meal. Or so the ticket price always tells you.


Finn Lennox (Isle of Dread)

Personal Security
Sometimes Ex

It's a cliche, but he dated the boss. A few times. Finn served in the military until he was kicked out for bad behavior, and kicked out hard. Got picked up by some elite private security services, made the circuit and ended up with Blue when her daddy got some kidnapping threat when she jaunted off to Europe. So now he's working with her all the time. But there's also rumors they've dated in the past, maybe it's true. He doesn't deny it some days.


India Fox (Isle of Dread)

You know...Fox. As in, well, if she's having to explain her pedigree to you then you're obviously not someone that she wants to be friends with. She's wealthy, she knows people, and has been "friends" with Blue since the pair were kids. Does she LIKE Blue? Hardly. But she learned when she was six that it was better to fake being on her good side then to be an outright enemy. The pair went through school together, and now India has come with her to this island festival to watch Blue turn her attention to taking someone else's toys away from them.


Valentina Romano (Isle of Dread)

Personal Assistant

Valentina is exceptional at what she does, only the best for the Rosen family. She was hired away from some fashion house in Milan one year by Blue's older sister when she was still walking the runways, but since Blue's sister has settled down into being retired she didn't need someone like Valentina all the time. This trip out to this festival was the perfect time to transition from one Rosen to the next.


Blue Rosen (Isle of Dread)

You've always been the best - it runs in the family. Star athletes, leading executives, top entertainers - your family has them all. College is done and now you're striking out on your own, making a name for yourself. Whatever you do next, you want to do it better than everyone else, and right now the name everyone is talking about in the one-percent circles is Madison Wellson, the CEO of the festival. But she's not a branding and fame type, that's her brother, so what's her angle? What's she really up to with all this?

You intend to find out. Figure out why she cares at all about a music festival enough to actually run it - or fund it, at least - and find a way to scoop her. That's why you bought a ticket and came. Whatever she's into, make it yours instead.

Digging a way out
(2018-07-22 • The Facility) The Archetypes have brunch as they discuss about love, their memories and this prison that they've found themselves in. The Avant-Garde is trying to tunnel his way out through out all of this.
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