The Caretaker

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The Caretaker

Known As

Hiwa Lahnai

on MUX as

The Caretaker

Has Been

Head of Hospitality

Apparent Age

Late 20's, early 30's

Played By

Jessie Li

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Operates on promise and the sense of duty. The promise of a better world, and the knowledge that if she does not do what she does, few else will, and what she does isn't glorious, or famous, but necessary. Has an idea of how things are 'supposed' to be, and does her part to make that come about - except no one else does. But she continues. Because if she doesn't, who else will? And in her struggle, perhaps she can bring peace and order to a small part of this reality. And one day, maybe be appreciated for it.

Someone has to keep things running, fix what's broken, or just clean up the messes everyone else makes. That's you. They never seem to appreciate you like they should, but they need you.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

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Thin, and a bit on the short side of the force, the Caretaker is an Asian woman nearing her late 20's. Avoiding makeup, she often has dark circles under her dark brown eyes, her shoulder-length black hair usually tied up at the back of her head in a haphazard bun-slash-ponytail.

Her style, such as it is in the Facility, usually goes towards the 'practical' rather than the fashionable. Jumpsuits, overalls, fatigues - although a bit of Western-style fashion isn't out of the question, more often than not.


Jacob "Jake" Holiday (Isle of Dread)

Junior Bartender
Never got any kind of bartending degree - closest he got was halfway into a PhD Biochemistry before he decided the PhD life was not for him. While he figures out what to do with himself, he asked around what he could get for temp work, when his old university friend, Hiwa, offered him an opportunity to use his little side hobby of drink mixing for a little extra cash.

Plus, island with rock stars and all kinds of people he'd never have any opportunity to meet otherwise. How could he say no?


Lokelani Lahnai (Isle of Dread)

Cook Coordinator

A native of the islands, Lokelani grew up on the main island, and spent her life helping out around the island proper. With a husband and two kids on the main island, she's excited about the potential for the festival in bringing tourists to the island chain, and the money and resources they'd bring. But, like many on the island, the idea that the festival is on Gray Island frightens her. If Hiwa was anything but family, she'd probably turn down the opportunity to help.

But family sticks together.


Makoa Akana (Isle of Dread)


Popular on the main island, Makoa is a man who grew up on the island, and like most, never quite managed to leave the island itself. Making his living as a repairman of just about anything you can think of, he was a natural choice to bring over to the island to try to give the festival the best chance of success.


Hiwa Lahnai (Isle of Dread)

You grew up on these islands, and you left as soon as you could. You love your family and your people, but there's no future there. You got a degree in Business Management and a second in Hospitality and started working your way up the resort food chain. You've done well for yourself, and your upbringing instilled in you a sense of duty in caring for others, so you're good at what you do. After saving up a bunch of vacation time, you used it all to take a couple months off to go home and help run a festival that could really change fortunes for the islands. You're in charge of hospitality - the makeshift resort 'huts', food stands, tiki bars and all the other stuff. This could put your people, your home, on the map. If it does, the next step is to take the paycheck and start your own resort and help your people thrive.

You honestly aren't thrilled they picked the Gray Island, the only one in the small chain that's not inhabited. Things would be so much easier on the main island, where there's at least some infrastructure for this kind of thing. You also would have an easier time getting local islanders to take jobs there. So what if crazed missionaries slaughtered the small village and desecrated the temple on that island 200 years ago? Fine, that's the island the Wellsons wanted, and you're going to run the grounds as best you can. Your people need this festival to succeed.

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