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Troy "Mack" Mackenzie

on MUX as

The Caregiver


Model/Frat Bro

Apparent Age

Early twenties

Played By

The Caregiver

Faction Membership


Role in Slasher

Troy's a big deal. He'll let everyone around him know that. Constantly. He's handsome. He's rich. He's a model. He was in a commercial once. He plays tennis like a champ. He's a tight end on the football team and lives for the fouls. He's family money rich, which is fittingly irritating, but it's also his only real saving grace because his personality sucks. Conveniently, his father is friends with the dean, and Troy tends to pay for a lot of booze, and a lot of drugs. He also checkbook sponsors a lot of the excursions, pocketing a lot of frat-bro friends to tolerate him.

Status obsessed, he's made a point of locking down one of the hottest commodities in the Sorority to wear on his arm. He's the boyfriend of Laine Gallagher, big sister and head of the organization. Possessive with a mean streak, he's not very nice to her either, but largely keeps it under wraps. At least until he's drunk.

Everyone hates it when Mack gets drunk.

Nu Mu Beta Fraternity Fixture: Vetted brosquad. He's been in a few years and is a presence and a half. He probably paid for a large chunk of the things snorted, smoked, drank, or attended. His convenient generosity makes it easier to put up with his shit internally. Most of the time.

Wandering Eye: Sure. He has a girlfriend and brags about it. He's probably not ditching that. But you could be Miss Right Now. Interested?


Brawn: Good
+ Iron Jaw (Positive)

Everyone wants to hit him. And he has a tendency to swing. He's conditioned and tends to get off on a fight.
Finesse: Normal
+ Sprinter (Positive)

While not made for the long haul, the football field and tennis court give him a good starting boost of speed once he's of a mind to tear ass.
Brains: Poor
- Academic Outsourcer (Negative)

He's rich. His dad knows everyone. Why do your homework when you can just pay someone?
Spirit: Normal
+ Good Looking (Positive)

He's hot with money. He knows it. And he'll use that on the opposite sex for pleasure or personal gain.


Laine Gallagher

Nursing Student

Mack likes to look good all the way around and a trophy girlfriend is obligatory. Problem is, she's way too good for him. And he wouldn't take knowing she's living a dual life as a stripper too well at all. Why the hell are they together? Appearances, of course.

No badges for Slasher.

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Fashionably Late
(2019-01-07 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Kimmie checks in with Laine in the main lodge room.
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Brief Interlude
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge) Danny sneaks Laine out of the bar, and as they head toward the boathouse, they catch up.
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Antenna Television
(2019-01-04 • Main Lodge Bedroom) Laine sees a familiar face on the news after fiddling with a fussy antenna.
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