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Theodore Walker

on MUX as

The Caregiver


Set Designer and Artist

Apparent Age

Late twenties

Played By

The Caregiver

Faction Membership

Set Designer and Artist

Role in Carnival

Theodore Walker is an artist from St. Louis that never had much but creativity and the ability to see the world in colors. He had trouble in school due to dyslexia, but he was handsome and easygoing and well-liked. However, what fueled his artistic nature, in part, was Bipolar Disorder, so he also had trouble keeping jobs as an adult. Often working as a street artist with odd bits of varying work on the side, when the Great Depression hit, everyone wanted those jobs and no one had money to pay for trinket art. He was at a suicidal downturn when Eve found him. And he hasn't forgotten how much the beautiful muse saved his life, even though he's not long for it as a result.

It was easy to leave everything behind and go with her, to accept Lawrence's own placement in Eve's life, and eventually Emmett's addition. Theo works as a painter and set designer for the various Circus acts and tends to know everyone due to his friendly grin and easy nature. There are many magnificent things he sees to immortalize on canvas.

Hopeful Artist - Theodore wants his works hanging in exhibitions and museums to immortalize the wild beauty that's now a part of his life. As such, he will often ask others to pose or be around to capture magnificent candid moments with his sketchpad.

Set Designer - He's one of the painters that keeps the Circus sets and stalls and booths colorful and attractive. He also sees to the lighting and design of the Big Top Ring for Eve. Due to his easygoing nature, he's willing to redesign anyone's act set or building props.

Muse Snared - He's highly obsessed with Eve, like the other two men she has inspired and enraptured to follow her in the Circus. Theo was the second of her consorts taken on the tracks, and he often fills the role of providing physical doting and emotional support.


Brawn: Normal
+ Built Sturdy (Positive)

He's tall and physically fit. Doing set design isn't just art at the Circus, there's things to move, lighting to hang, and loads to carry.
Finesse: Good
+ Ambidextrous (Positive)

His hands are his hobby as an artist and he can use both as a primary hand.
+ Quick Feet (Positive)

He's long-legged and built well, and while not a distance runner, he can get some distance in a hurry.
Brains: Normal
+ Artist's Eye (Positive)

He tends to notice visual details or displacements easier than others due to his craft.
- Dyslexic (Negative)

Though he can paint amazing pictures and sees the world in colors, he has trouble with the written word and numbers.
- Obsessive Nature (Negative)

Sometimes, if Eve is around or if she is a factor in the decision making process, his logic can go out of the window.
Spirit: Normal
+ Good Looking (Positive)

Like any of Eve's consorts, he's very easy on the eyes.
- Too Easygoing (Negative)

He's all about keeping up a grin and making things relaxed for others. More domineering personalities are apt to push him around because he doesn't think confrontation is worth the effort and expense.



Big Top Ringmistress

To me the Muses truly gave
An envied and a happy lot:
E'en when I lie within the grave,
I cannot, shall not, be forgot.




Ticket Sales and Accounting

Theodore and Lawrence both have an artistic demeanor and get along well. They're good at sharing Eve with each other and they're pretty good friends with nicknames for each other. They also stand together to outvote or outwit Emmett when it comes to it because he makes things tough sometimes.




Theodore lets Lawrence do the reality checks when Emmett gets pissy about sharing time and company with Eve. Theo doesn't really mind the guy, though, his sensitivity allows him to understand. He just wishes Emmett wasn't occasionally such an asshole to the two of them about it.

No badges for Carnival.

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