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Elizabeth Ryan

on MUX as



The Caregiver



Apparent Age


Played By

Alison Brie

Faction Membership

Project Icarus: Research (Culture) Mission
Xenobiology--Documentation and Research

There are a number of professions that involve care. The people that conduct those jobs are often of a certain mettle and merit, to be sure. However, when that care is given freely, due to the sheer good will and caring nature of another, it transcends a boundary that defines a caregiver from a caretaker. Semantics, perhaps, but after all, human beings are as much product of nurture as they are nature.

Some people can't help it. Caring for others is their very root and stone. And sometimes, it brings as much detriment as delight.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You nurture, protect and guide those who need it most, and nothing makes you happier than being needed. You're always ready with a shoulder to cry on, some bandages and a few encouraging words.

Role in Project Icarus

Dr. Elizabeth Ryan is a renowned xenobiologist and researcher with a decorated list of public and professional achievements. Notably ambitious with multiple media and project appearances, she’s not just one of the leading xenobiological researchers in the field when it comes to extraterrestrial lifeforms. The woman is a known advocate of understanding what hard science cannot tell humanity about alien life and has participated in organizing, attending, and funding independent missions that observe the natural habitats and the social bonding patterns of new alien life. She often travels extensively to interview people exposed to alien forms and even has a book that was released with transcribes of those interviews with sections for histories, facts, and theories. The first sentence in the foreword summarizes the very premise of her encompassed work and devotion: “Space pioneering has expanded our horizons to vast levels where anything is possible—because of that, humanity needs a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a shared universe.”

On a personal level, she’s quite young for a professional of such renown and stature. Elizabeth had every financial advantage and thrived on ambition as a child prodigy. The woman accelerated through the paths that led her to where she is today and the field is a bit better off for it. Her face was made for cameras and fundraisers, and her easy, calm and earnest demeanor tends to open people up for sharing and receptivity alike. When a contact at Penumbra called to make the offer to board her as a researcher and consult for Project Icarus, she was thrilled. It has been her life’s work to not only document and study what’s known— she preaches the endless possibilities of the unknown.

Aliens Aliens Aliens - Elizabeth can keep it pretty low key, but once someone asks a question, the flood gates of knowledge, theory, and earnest interest can break open without end in sight.

Classical Music Enthusiast - Elizabeth is piano, ballet, and opera trained in varying degrees due to her upbringing as a prodigy of privilege. She's very into classical music, symphonies, and operatic pieces, especially while working.

Open and Inquisitive to a Point - Elizabeth is smart, patient, and she's a very good listener, as well a pleasant conversationalist. However, if the questions and answers turn to her personal life, she can lean toward inhibited or awkward. Most of her life has been absorbed by education and work, after all.

Documentation is Key - Elizabeth has made it known that she can be consulted by any crew or team member, and she is more than willing to interview people-- it's important to document the details and reactions to unorthodox experiences for further evaluation.


Brawn: Poor
- Doll Build (Negative)

She's slight, not strong, and has never been in a physical fight. The woman is not made for making and taking hits.
Finesse: Normal
+ Well-Coordinated (Positive)

A wealthy, prodigy upbringing has given her life skills that seem useless, but translate-- as a classic pianist, she's good with her hands, and because she's ballet-trained, she's spry on her feet.
Brains: Good
+ Detail Oriented (Positive)

Always mentally documenting and notating, the woman is good at picking up on seemingly trivial details that others tend to miss.
+ Highly Educated (Positive)

The woman's a doctor, but she's not just a PH.D with accolades in xenobiological research. She's also well-rounded with extensive education to suit an ambitious prodigy born with means.
Spirit: Good
+ Expects the Unexpected (Positive)

Her life work revolves around aliens and she promotes awareness when it comes to the unlimited possibilities of the unknown. She's very open to what others find jarring or improbable.

Perks and Quirks

+ Area of Expertise

She's a renowned Xenobiologist with a wealth of phenomenon/life form data and a high-standing reputation in the field. That's no doubt the reason Penumbra chose her as consult.
+ Steel Yourself

Xenobiologists expect the unexpected and she's mentally ready for the improbable.
+ Found Item

Sometimes people stumble right over or into the unexpected and it ends up mattering more than they know.
- Company Outsider

Dr. Ryan is an independent consult, researcher, and documentation expert, but she's not Penumbra. Some of her inquiries come off a bit odd to the professional, profit-and-objective minded team. Though she is polite and pleasant, it's also possible for some of the crew to find her strange, underfoot, or annoying. This is a mining mission, not a phenomenon and alien investigation. Right?
- Doomed

"If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."


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Grumpy Miner

The universe is vast and my personal life sees little whimsy. You'd think a (memorable) space bar hookup would easily stay in the past. Out of sight, out of mind, isn't that how it goes?

Yet... here he is. Awkward.

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