Laine Gallagher (The Caregiver)

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Laine Gallagher

Also Known As


on MUX as

The Caregiver


The Caregiver


Nursing Student

Apparent Age

Early twenties

Played By

Alison Brie

Faction Membership


There are a number of professions that involve care. The people that conduct those jobs are often of a certain mettle and merit, to be sure. However, when that care is given freely, due to the sheer good will and caring nature of another, it transcends a boundary that defines a caregiver from a caretaker. Semantics, perhaps, but after all, human beings are as much product of nurture as they are nature.

Some people can't help it. Caring for others is their very root and stone. And sometimes, it brings as much detriment as delight.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You nurture, protect and guide those who need it most, and nothing makes you happier than being needed. You're always ready with a shoulder to cry on, some bandages and a few encouraging words.

Role in Slasher

Everyone has always liked Laine, even as a child she was full of charm and easy to get along with. She did well in school but came from a broken home, raised by a single mother in an era where that was a social stigma as well as financially rough. She earned her way into college through good grades and hard work, but her family could hardly afford it.

That's when Stella was born. The real-deal stripper with a heart of gold, Laine was determined to pay her own way through school so her mother wouldn't need to worry. Balancing school as a nursing major, a leadership role in Zeta Eta Pi sorority and a double-life as a stripper hasn't been easy, but she's pulling it off. She's making her way through life on her own terms. Now if she could just get past her absent father 'Daddy' issues...

Zeta Eta Pi: She's in the Sorority leadership and something of a big sister to many of the girls.

Stella: Maybe you know her as Stella, not Laine? She's not above a private dance bought outside the club if you know her secret.

Mender: She's not a nurse yet, but dressing broken bodies and emotional wounds is her thing.


Brawn: Normal
+ Pole Dancer (Positive)

Crawling up a pole to swing around makes for pretty good climbing skills.
Finesse: Normal
+ Runs in Heels (Positive)

She's good at balance and speed in stilettos. Logic says she can run better without them.
+ Triage (Positive)

Made with a nursing reflex, she's ready to keep a person together, probably at her own risk. Quick thinking and capable medical hands can save a life.
Brains: Normal
- Gullible (Negative)

She'll believe almost every lie you feed her. The others? She'll justify.
+ Medical Knowledge (Positive)

She reads ahead in her nursing text curriculum for kicks and interns extra hours.
Spirit: Good
+ Magnetism (Positive)

Absolutely gorgeous, she's built like sex and candy. She caters to male fantasies as a profession and knows how to get and keep attention when inclined. And she's so nice, it's hard to even hate her properly for being so physically blessed.
- Pushover (Negative)

Though she will stand up for others in her own way, she sucks at standing up for herself.

Perks and Quirks

+ Danger Sense

Laine has caught enough blows to sense when the air goes wrong.
+ Obscure Death

A body is the only real proof of death's purchase. So where's this one?
+ Area of Expertise

She's not afraid of blood and gore. Laine's a second year nursing student with intern experience and the natural drive of inclination. She's not a doctor, but she knows her stuff.
- Big Favor

Scotty knows. Laine owes. The man is constantly getting her pushing in his very favor and waiting on him hand and foot where it's relevant. It makes for some rumors.
- Connection to Monster

Fate's a bitch.


The Coveted Customer

"Kidnapped" Bank Manager
Inside Man

Under a blue moon I saw you.

So soon you'll take me up in your arms, too late to beg you or cancel it, though I know it must be the killing time.

Unwillingly mine.

--Echo and the Bunnymen

BV3 Dixon 01.jpg

The Secret Keeper

Frat Social Chair

Everyone keeps saying we'd be sweeter than a Cure song together, but Scott's better than I deserve.


The Right Hand

Sorority Sister

I want to tell you. I don't know how. I don't know how at all.


Troy "Mack" Mackenzie (Slasher)

Model/Frat Bro
Troy's a big deal. He'll let everyone around him know that. Constantly. He's handsome. He's rich. He's a model. He was in a commercial once. He plays tennis like a champ. He's a tight end on the football team and lives for the fouls. He's family money rich, which is fittingly irritating, but it's also his only real saving grace because his personality sucks. Conveniently, his father is friends with the dean, and Troy tends to pay for a lot of booze, and a lot of drugs. He also checkbook sponsors a lot of the excursions, pocketing a lot of frat-bro friends to tolerate him.

Status obsessed, he's made a point of locking down one of the hottest commodities in the Sorority to wear on his arm. He's the boyfriend of Laine Gallagher, big sister and head of the organization. Possessive with a mean streak, he's not very nice to her either, but largely keeps it under wraps. At least until he's drunk.

Everyone hates it when Mack gets drunk.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust

Out of the Woods

Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you

I don't think that I can really survive

I'll never break my promise or forget my vow

But God only knows what I can do right now

Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Back in the Summer of Eighty-Nine
(2019-03-01 • Beaver Lake - Beach) Those who remain gather at the beach with their belongings to await rescue. These were the survivors. Those who suffered heavy losses while risking their lives to save the world. When the rescue boat finally arrives, they board it to freedom. The End. Or is it?
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Ethan Drake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Julian McQueen  •  Colorado Jones  •  Sonya Queen  •  Emily Reed  •  Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Justin Tanner  •
The Killing Moon
(2019-02-28 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) The ritual to counter Mahoney concludes the deadly and dangerous trio of ventures on the fateful New Moon. The world is safe. For now, at least. And it's not without cost.
Cast  •   Victoria Duchamp  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Christine Lake  •  Scott Dixon  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Sonya Queen  •  Michael Black  •  Justin Tanner  •
Into the Fire
(2019-02-27 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Christian and Misty are burnt at the pyre built by Laine's grieved determination and the strategic help of a few choice others. Danny and Scott do most of the talking, though, and there's named paper sentiment roses tossed into the flames in memory of the others lost.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •
The Final Countdown
(2019-02-24 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Final plans, pep-talks, shocking news, it's all happening on the morning of the 'Final Day'.
Cast  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Christine Lake  •  Danny Novak  •  Laine Gallagher  •
With or Without You
(2019-02-23 • Laine's Room & The Infirmary) A morning trio collide in the hallway outside a familiar open door and find blood-soaked Laine still curled against Christian's cold body where she spent the night. It's not a pretty scene. They're both moved to the infirmary, as the woman is largely unwilling to relinquish claim on the body unless it's to a pyre.
Cast  •   Jonathan Hawkins  •  Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •
Love is a Battlefield
(2019-02-22 • Laine's Room) Laine and Christian have an unexpected visitor waiting in the bedroom later in the evening. Neither of them should be alive by the time the late night comes, but one of them is. The other lies dead.
Cast  •   Vivian  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
I Want A New Duck
(2019-02-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Big Boy is given his duck with some tense due caution, and Custer is delivered his hat with clever approach and no fuss. The final two victim ghosts are resolved.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •
The Devil Inside
(2019-02-18 • Lodge - Arthur's Room) Price and Hawkins talk about mistakes made, their possible futures and the futures they would like to have. Laine comes in and both she and Christian get into an argument due to their mounting frustrations over their situation, forcing them to face their own mortality.
Cast  •   Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
We're Ready
(2019-02-17 • Lodge: Great Hall) Multiple people gather in the Great Hall in the AM to touch base with planning and they prepare to use the last two items with the last two ghosts soon. Other avenues and methods work way into the original planning frame with collective offering and brainstorming.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •  Ethan Drake  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Saffie De Angelis  •  Emily Reed  •  Scott Dixon  •  Danny Novak  •  Sonya Queen  •  Gretchen West  •
Give Blood
(2019-02-17 • The Infirmary) As per the instructions for this counter-ritual, Laine draws some blood from their virgin, Victoria when they are visited by Christian. During the course of their conversation, there is a minor disturbance in the room.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
With Or Without You
(2019-02-15 • Dining Hall) Sonya discusses the ritual to stop Mahoney. Addison wants in, and everyone has an opinion about it.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Sonya Queen  •  Scott Dixon  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christine Lake  •
What Have I Done to Deserve This
(2019-02-15 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) Christine asks Cassandra to drop by to discuss new staff positions while Laine pops in with a plan.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Cassandra Wei  •
One Way or Another
(2019-02-15 • Laine's Room) Christian comes back from the morning boathouse search in the early afternoon. Before rewarding him for returning safe, Laine confesses her impulsive ideas she had while he was gone and they try to turn it all into real ideas to help put other ghosts at ease.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Sentimental Street
(2019-02-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Scott and Laine run into each other early morning in the hallway and have some rare quiet time that leads down sentimental paths they haven't had time to wander together.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •
These Times Are Hard For Lovers
(2019-02-12 • Laine's Room) Laine steps back into her room to find Christian awake and mulling through files. Something from a prior discussion has her asking him an odd question.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
The Ties that Bind
(2019-02-12 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Familiar faces come together in the hallway over time for various reasons and it ends with a supernatural reminder of the ties between people that bind in different ways.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
(2019-02-10 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dini's Bunker is explored, Danica and Oz are rescued...and an epiphany is had.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Scott Dixon  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Derek Bloom  •  Julian McQueen  •  Michael Black  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Here Comes Mr. Cottontail
(2019-02-08 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dolly is reunited with Mr. Cottontail.
Cast  •   Kirk Patterson  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Sasha Savage  •  Colorado Jones  •  Emily Reed  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Michael Black  •  Mallory Miller  •  Derek Bloom  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Look out Any Window
(2019-02-06 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) In which two film students are swapped for some patient files, a rubber duck, and a stuffed rabbit. Fair trade?
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Evaline Mitchell  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •
Crimson and Clover
(2019-02-05 • Laine's Room) Laine and Christian can't sleep anymore after resting through the evening. They play pretend through the scariest hours as a final bid to process and cope before the next day is on them.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
The End of the World As We Know It
(2019-02-03 • Christine's Office) A lot of people discuss the state of Things.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Back On My Feet Again
(2019-02-02 • The Gazebo) Laine and Christian reminisce within the gazebo as they wait for the search party to put together to find that damn hatch.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
The Confessor
(2019-02-01 • The Infirmary) Christian and Laine finally get to talk about what happened during their mending overnight stay in the infirmary. Emily comes to visit after a while and there's just lots of things to say. Almost dying a few times does that.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Justin Tanner  •
(2019-01-31 • Lodge Grounds/Infirmary) Laine's not dead. She's not real together either, and people aren't sure what to do with that, but eventually she forces out the things that need to be heard so plans can be made.
Cast  •   Michael Black  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Lunatic Fringe
(2019-01-31 • Infirmary) There's a lot of emotion and commotion that continues in the infirmary through the evening before Laine is dosed harder. She does remember a few more things, though, narcotic confessions and trauma aside.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Scott Dixon  •  Danny Novak  •  Christine Lake  •  Kirk Wachowski  •
Everything is Broken
(2019-01-29 • Unknown) Elaine is held captive for ritual by the Mahoneys in a freak twist of blast fate. She sacrifices a piece of her very self to try and keep others safe from more explosive vengeance.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Mrs. Dini  •  Drew Dini  •
Missing Persons
(2019-01-29 • Woods) A group of people follow Ethan in the hopes of finding the hidden doorway of the tunnel he had escaped from. They soon come under fire when a mystery gunman begins to shoot at them. That fire becomes something larger when detonators in the tunnel go off, scattering the group in an explosion.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Michael Black  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Ethan Drake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Candice Flick  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Mrs. Dini  •
Go Your Own Way
(2019-01-28 • Tunnels) The small group that ran for the unexplored tunnel find out where it leads to.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
Self Control
(2019-01-28 • Laine's Room) Laine and Christian spend the entire evening laying in bed, yet are unable to get much sleep due to everything that they've witnessed. Near morning, they get to talking, discussing their future.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •
Fish Heads
(2019-01-26 • Tunnels) The tunnels are explored.
Cast  •   Theodore Quinn  •  Scott Dixon  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Marc Westin  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Reno Fisher  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Sonya Queen  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Julian McQueen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Just Like Heaven
(2019-01-26 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) A bunch of people gather for Kimberly's funeral pyre.
Cast  •   Tallulah Bennett  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Sonya Queen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Bastian Roen  •  Addison Barrett  •  Julian McQueen  •
Safety Dance
(2019-01-25 • Beaver Lake - Staff Cabins) A group led by Addison goes to check Dini's cabin after the bloody shed expedition. They find a trap door to a tunnel, but this isn't the bravest or strongest group, turns out. They return to report their findings and prepare instead of investigating. The bodies are reported as stolen on the radio during this.
Cast  •   Director1/  •  Sonya Queen  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •  Gretchen West  •  Katrina "Kat" Hale  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
(2019-01-24 • Michael's Room) Laine checks on Michael to see his injury. She tries to frame an idea he doesn't like.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Michael Black  •
Another Day in Paradise
(2019-01-24 • Laine's Room) Christian finally returns to Laine's room after being gone for far too many hours. He finds her alone and reprimands her somewhat about that fact, before informing her of his own findings among other things.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
(2019-01-23 • Emily and Laine's room) Emily and Laine linger in awkward silence some time after Emily's emergency. Tallulah and Victoria stop by.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Emily Reed  •  Victoria Duchamp  •
Singing in the Shower
(2019-01-23 • Room 269) Laine rushes to the call for help for Kim. Christian and Emily follow to find Kim, Raul and Theo having survived another ghost attack. Emily gets annoyed at Kim again.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Raul Santiago  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Cuts Like a Knife
(2019-01-23 • Laine's Room) An angry Laine storms to her room to get cleaned up and changed. She and Christian have a deep discussion in the shower, which is interrupted by a desperate Emily who is seeking out safety from her invisible assailant.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Mad World
(2019-01-23 • Laine's Room) Emily, Laine and Christian are joined by Jonathan who sought them out to let them know about Drake's fate, something which they'd already known. But the quartet share any piece of information that they've got their hands on.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •
Another One Bites the Dust
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Justin comes running for Stella! Yes, Stella, he's yelling it in the halls where Laine hears. Because Drake is dead in his bunk! Christian immediately comes to investigate with concern and Addison makes quick response to the radio call for transport. Onlookers show in the commotion.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Rachel Linwood  •  Danny Novak  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Drake Ashton  •
Shock the Monkey
(2019-01-21 • Second Group) The Lakeview expedition is on, and like any good group of idiots in a horror situation, the gang splits up. One group encounters records of use. They also encounter The Freak.
Cast  •   Jackson Ryder  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Scott Dixon  •  Emily Reed  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
Too Tough to Die
(2019-01-21 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Bastian and company bring the badly hurt Max out from the Lakeview and into the care of Laine's triage.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Justin Tanner  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Woman in Chains
(2019-01-20 • Main Lodge - Room 138) GODDAMNED BONER-KILLING GHOSTS! It's a three-some NOT a foursome, Mahoney!
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •
Bang the Drum All Day
(2019-01-20 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Multiple people converge on the upstairs hall prior to the Lakeview venture, conveying action plans and touching base.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Addison Barrett  •  Roxie Moretti  •
She Sells Sanctuary
(2019-01-19 • Main Lodge - Laine's Room) After relocating to Laine's room after their run-in with the Ballerina at the boathouse, Christian and Laine get into a discussion about many things, including how he's handling knowing that this ghosts exists after having been nearly killed by two of them in one day. Then things happen because it's Christian and Laine.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
I Want Candy
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christine and Bastian confront Raul and the heist gang at the boathouse. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of a music box, before they notice a young girl in a ballerina outfit in their midst. Hijinx ensues.
Cast  •   Drake Ashton  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Raul Santiago  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Justin Tanner  •
Back Chat
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) The people that fled the Boathouse and Ballerina come together with those who stayed behind. They at least conclude with a general consensus that changes some sleeping arrangements.
Cast  •   Justin Tanner  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •
Should I Stay or Should I Go
(2019-01-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) Emily and Laine meet Michael in the bar. Danny, Kim and Max show up. Thoughts begin to get shared.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Drake Ashton  •
Reach Out
(2019-01-18 • Room 205) Danny hears the news from Emily.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Fade to Black
(2019-01-17 • Room 205) After the horror of the kitchen, Emily ends up in Scott's room in order to be with someone. Laine and Finn show up after a bit, and Scott fetches Christine to get answers.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •
Lady In Red
(2019-01-17 • Boathouse) It's morning at the boathouse. Kimberly and Raul show up covered in blood.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Jackson Ryder  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Raul Santiago  •
Comfortably Numb
(2019-01-17 • The Boathouse - Christian's Room) Spending a mostly restless night in each other's arms, Christian and Laine wake up come daybreak where Laine informs him of everything he needs to know about last night.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •
(2019-01-16 • Bar and Lounge) Some people in the bar and lounge meet The Slugger. Play ball!
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Emily Reed  •  Drake Ashton  •  Michael Black  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Zack Thomas  •  Raul Santiago  •  Christine Lake  •  Colorado Jones  •  Addison Barrett  •
Where is My Mind?
(2019-01-16 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Roxie's moment is interrupted by utter chaos. Both the group of streakers and some others from the lodge race to the boathouse looking for safe haven from the horrors they've experienced. Or something.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Drake Ashton  •  Raul Santiago  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Under Pressure
(2019-01-15 • Laine and Emily's Room) Jess comes to check on Laine not feeling the party, back in her room. Seems she's not the only one under the pressure of a calculated smokescreen when their conversation turns to Emily.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Send Me an Angel
(2019-01-14 • Lakeshore/Lodge Bedroom) Michael runs into Laine stalling at the Lake on her way back to the Lodge for a change of clothes around dinner time, pre-party. She makes a decision. So does he.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Michael Black  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •
Everybody Have Fun Tonight
(2019-01-14 • Gazebo, Room 204) The fraternity and sorority come together to party once more! It starts out at the gazebo but moves inside after a lightning strike takes out another tree.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Emily Reed  •  Jessica Nichols  •  Scott Dixon  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Michael Black  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Steppin' Out
(2019-01-14 • Lodge: Second Floor) Christine and Laine step out to speak from the party in 204. The concerns brought up by the Lodge Director aren't quite what she expects.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christine Lake  •
Appetite for Destruction
(2019-01-14 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) The heist crew regroup at the boathouse once the coast is clear and the sheriff had left. Laine is introduced to the rest of the group and they are told that she is willing to help.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Drake Ashton  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Jackson Ryder  •
Say Hello To My Little Friend
(2019-01-13 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) While enjoying some breakfast, a hit takes place outside the dining hall!
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Michael Black  •  Danny Novak  •  Christine Lake  •  Lyle Lucas  •
Head Over Heels
(2019-01-13 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) With the sheriff showing up and Finn making nervous eyes at her, Laine worriedly searches for Christian, finding him at the falls where he'd hidden himself until things with the cops blew over.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •
Mister Policeman
(2019-01-12 • Main Lodge) The Sheriff shows up to figure out what all this hullabaloo is about.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Come Undone
(2019-01-12 • Lodge Bedroom) Under the weight of double lives, circumstantial pressure, and the high of their insatiable fascination with each other, Christian and Laine finally get space for disclosures.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Blame It on the Rain
(2019-01-11 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) After the beach party was rained out, some of the heist gang and a few sorority sisters retreat to the boathouse to wait out the weather. They discuss the various fights that went on at the party, before a heated argument erupts between Christian and Roxie.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Emily Reed  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Justin Tanner  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Billy's Got a Gun
(2019-01-10 • Lodge Bedroom Accomodations) Laine finds Emily in their shared room and some of Laine's secrets come out, followed by Emily's concerns.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Ballroom Blitz
(2019-01-10 • Lakeshore) Certified Sex Gods have their show on the beach. There's booze, drugs, a bonfire, a bouncy castle, and two all-out brawls that end in a shower of fire retardant and rain. All in all, it's probably one of their best shows.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Marc Westin  •  Lucy Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Derek Bloom  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Michael Black  •  Russell Daniels  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Julian McQueen  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Ethan Drake  •  Darcy Mercer  •  Emily Reed  •  Jessica Nichols  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Dashiel Bauer  •  Olivia Robinson  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Nicholas Fletcher  •
So Alive
(2019-01-09 • Deep Woods) Danny, Emily, Christian, and Laine visit the waterfall and are later joined by Bastian. There's a fall, a dashing rescue, dogs(!), beaver stories, and a kiss.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •
White Knights and Dark Horses
(2019-01-09 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Laine gets some much-needed Scott time as the others migrate for the afternoon. He lays lines of caution regarding her status as quarry for a visiting customer. And despite weighing the crueler odds of reality, she seems to favor the idea of Price coming in on a dark horse.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Right on Track
(2019-01-09 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) People come and go for a mid-late morning breakfast!
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Under a Blue Moon I Saw You
(2019-01-08 • Lodge Grounds - A Large Gazebo) Not having found Laine at the dining hall for dinner, Christian wanders out onto the lawn and luckily enough finds her, alone with more than a few beers, seated in the gazebo. *Warning: Things start to heat up in the middle of the log. That said, this log has been edited*
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Fashionably Late
(2019-01-07 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Kimmie checks in with Laine in the main lodge room.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
Brief Interlude
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge) Danny sneaks Laine out of the bar, and as they head toward the boathouse, they catch up.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •
Lost in Your Eyes
(2019-01-05 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Danny, Laine and Emily visit the boathouse to meet with their neighbors for the next two weeks. Laine realizes that Christian is alive and safe. Christian meets the woman behind Stella.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Danny Novak  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Duality and Debt
(2019-01-04 • Club Deja Vu: Seattle) Scott Dixon meets Stella, which happens to be a major scare for Laine and the life she has carefully balanced and crafted.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Scott Dixon  •
Trucker Wisdom
(2019-01-04 • Roadtrip Misadventures) Sorority girls get a flat and some colorful local aid on the way to the Lodge.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Antenna Television
(2019-01-04 • Main Lodge Bedroom) Laine sees a familiar face on the news after fiddling with a fussy antenna.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •
Aligning Stars
(2018-12-27 • Seattle - Club Deja Vu) Christian Price shows up at Club Deja Vu outside of his normal visitation to find that Stella, who was not supposed to be working that evening, was working it out the catwalk. ***Warning: This is a scene taking place in a strip club and while story pushing conversation is going on, there are also depictions of stripping and everything that comes with the job. No sex.***
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •