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Emmett Blake

on MUX as

The Caregiver



Apparent Age

Early thirties

Played By

The Caregiver

Faction Membership


Role in Carnival

Emmett doesn't talk a lot, so most people don't know a lot about him. He shows up, he unloads the train, he sets up tents, he does maintenance, and he's good at it. He's got the physique to ensure the heavy things get moved as needed and sometimes he walks the midway as a bouncer or security when he doesn't have things to do. Not because it's his job or anything, but because he's big and good at being rough when something calls for it. The rumor is that he was a bootlegger in Chicago in the Twenties, and that he got caught up in a lot of bad things. That said, he doesn't seem like a bad guy, just surly and quiet with a temper that he sometimes has to take on a walk. He hasn't been in Eve's company all that long, compared to the other two consorts, but he has been on the tracks almost two years.

He's different than Theodore and Lawrence, as far as his obsession with Eve goes. He doesn't see her as a typical muse for the arts or expression, but instead tends to prefer her company for himself. The other two men speculate her presence serves as a form of centering and healing for him, instead of a means of inspiration. And it's something he's willing to give everything for in return.

Dark Past - Emmett won't talk about his past much, but sometimes when he's had a lot to drink and isn't playing the strong and surly quiet game, things come out. He's got a few drinking buddies around the Circus. Turns out, when he's talking, he's pretty funny, if dry or crude about it.

Resident Repairman - Between setups and packing hauls, he serves as maintenance for the Circus at large. Got a leak in your personal canvas? Is a beam rotting? Is one of your tent poles bent? This is the guy. Don't expect a lot of conversation, but at least he's nice to watch while working.

Muse Snared - He's highly obsessed with Eve, like the other two men she has inspired and enraptured to follow her in the Circus. He is the most recent addition and doesn't fit in well with the other two consorts, but they make it work. Mostly, Eve blocks time out to spend with just him because of it, and he tends to be the one that lets all of her urges come out, the dark and the light.


Brawn: Good
+ Rock Solid (Positive)

He's built big, sturdy, and strong as befits a laborer. When he needs to blow off stress, he tends to find quiet places to work out or lift.
Finesse: Normal
+ Surreptitiously Armed (Positive)

He carries a gun and a knife at all times, more or less, and he knows how to use them. He rarely shows or draws them, though.
Brains: Normal
+ Paranoid (Positive)

He tends to keep an eye out and around toward others and the surroundings due to his past.
- Obsessive Nature (Negative)

Sometimes, if Eve is around or if she is a factor in the decision making process, his logic can go out of the window.
Spirit: Normal
+ Good Looking (Positive)

Like any of Eve's consorts, he's very easy on the eyes.
- Heated Temper (Negative)

He's a hot head even though he's generally quiet about it and has ways to manage, more or less. Sometimes, though, it influences his actions in times of duress.



Big Top Ringmistress

With hope of help to come I gather courage, and deathly languid, drained of all defenses, I come to you expecting to be healed; and if I raise my eyes to look at you, within my heart a tremor starts to spread, driving out life, stopping my pulses’ beat.

-- Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova



Ticket Sales and Accounting

Sometimes Larry has good points and it's irritating as hell, and deep down Emmett knows he means well. It's acknowledged that he was here first and he knows more than the other two probably want to know. He's definitely less annoying than Theo with his endless grins and man hugs. Emmett respects him, more or less, but there's no way he's telling his story to be put in a damn book.



Set Designer and Artist

Emmett thinks Theo should stop trying to grin his way through the mood swings he's picked up on and just let things out. He also thinks it's highly unnecessary for Theo to be touching Eve every chance he gets. But it could be worse. Emmett tries to remind himself that his temper and jealousy issues are a personal battle, not something to take out on the others. Theo just makes it so damn easy, though.

No badges for Carnival.

This Present State of Grace
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