The Caregiver

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Known As

Eilis McTavish
Laine Gallagher
Elizabeth Ryan
Esme Reed

on MUX as

The Caregiver

Has Been

Nursing Student
Big Top Ringmistress
Companion Patron

Apparent Age

Early twenties

Played By

Alison Brie

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There are a number of professions that involve care. The people that conduct those jobs are often of a certain mettle and merit, to be sure. However, when that care is given freely, due to the sheer good will and caring nature of another, it transcends a boundary that defines a caregiver from a caretaker. Semantics, perhaps, but after all, human beings are as much product of nurture as they are nature.

Some people can't help it. Caring for others is their very root and stone. And sometimes, it brings as much detriment as delight.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You nurture, protect and guide those who need it most, and nothing makes you happier than being needed. You're always ready with a shoulder to cry on, some bandages and a few encouraging words.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

The first stay in the Facility was a bit like a dream.

But it doesn't feel like a dream anymore. She feels like doll parts.

Things That Linger

-- Feel first, think later.

-- Hearts capture. Hearts swell. Hearts batter. Hearts break. Whatever the state, hers remains golden.

-- Touch. Touch. Touch.

The Caregiver's Door

A shadow silhouette of a woman holds a human heart-- the captive organ blooms with wrapping vines and trailing flowers in her hand.

The Caregiver's Room

There is nothing particularly standout about this bedroom suite as far as design goes, schemed with airy whites and soft accent hues. The accommodation is unassuming elegance and plush comforts of provisioning, gently scented with chamomile and lavender from a decorative diffuser on a nightstand. Across from a full bed, a sumptuous pillowed divan is settled on low legs against one of the walls next to a bookshelf that holds volume books of Greek and Norse Mythology, other varied fictions and fairy tales adding to the small collection.

On the other side of the room, there's a full dressing space, complete with decorative oriental dressing screen and full vanity with seating and storage. The closet there in that area is almost overwhelming when opened, filled with varied pieces of designer chic-style clothing, a large portion of the attire made up of dresses and heels.

The bathroom has a small glass shower for utility, but most of the space aside from the sink and toilet area has been reserved for a deep and wide wall-inset bathtub with stairs that step up to allow entry. The pale marble of flooring and counters and tub space is flecked with subtle silver and gold accent swirl that makes the surfaces gleam.

Memento Mori

Prosperity's Price

A silver cross necklace - this pendant hangs shiny from a leather cord. It was given to her by Pierce Colton on the eve of life-altering tragedy and victory, pulled from his own neck. As a true gift of the heart, it had the power to potentially bring her back to life, once, had it ever been necessary, but neither of them truly knew that. Now it's just a tangible echo of love and faith... not in God, but each other.


A business card from a Seattle strip club - Club Deja Vu is advertised on this business card as the premiere gentleman's club for Seattle's upper echelons. On the back, it reads: Make fantasy a reality.


No memento mori from this story yet.

Project Icarus

No memento mori from this story yet.

Bonds of Blood

No memento mori from this story yet.

The Last Road

No memento mori from this story yet.


For Him-- Act I

When the apocalypse does come,
I will rebuild our city with my tongue.
I will suck this world’s ashes from your fingers.
I will refuse to let the fires of this hell
be the only thing that makes us sweat.

When the apocalypse comes,
so will we.

-- Sierra DeMulder

For Him-- Act II

I said: Kiss me, you're beautiful- these are truly the last days.

You grabbed my hand,
And we fell into it...
Like a daydream,
Or a fever.

We woke up one morning and fell a little further down,
For sure it's the Valley of Death.

-- Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Dead Flag Blues

Standing at decent height, a slight avianesque bone structure frames this woman and steals some of her perceived size, playing trade off with an air of delicacy. Her overall body, however, is flush with elegantly lacing feminine lines and flaring curves. Deep brunette hair falls about her shoulders and down the back with layering, mostly fine and straight with sleek shine and small flip of curl. Wide eyes are played to highlight, finely kept brows pairing with a thick swatch of dark, curling lashes; colored deeply blue, the irises occasionally catch light to lean them toward a rarer natural state of violet. The bridge of her nose is small and high with defined sculpting sweep, lips full with subdued bowing above the small point of her chin.


CGFac5.jpg CGfac2.jpg CaregiverFacility.jpg FacCG4.jpg CGFAC6.jpg


The Heartstring

Caregiver knows Defender best as Pierce Colton, as he was her first love in every sense. Tragic and beautiful, that love blossomed over the year in Prosperity that was her first life. Remembered as her husband and the father of later children, they have an almost effortlessly strong bond-- he was a presence after her first awakening in the Facility, and they reacquainted with the feeling of their marital tie persisting.

She fell asleep in his arms, but new lives ripped them apart and forced them to wake up alone with new baggage. She has two clashing personalities and lifetimes to carry now. And her love for another man he knows well remains, undiminished by the inevitable end.

Defender nourished and protected her heart before it was so very battered by her second life. Even though their memory of existing together seems so long ago now, her love for him isn't lost. It's an issue, to say the least.


The Intoxicant

Initially, the Capitalist was Caregiver's beloved cousin Cillian in Prosperity, a stand in father figure when her brothers and father dropped like flies to demons. In her second life, he was Christian Price, an unexpected lover with plans to spirit her away, the pair of them a passionate coupling of obsessive lust. Somewhere, things took a turn-- months of longing and twelve days of drowning in each other bloomed into unspoken love, something beautiful to fuel their very bones for survival at the haunted Lodge. They almost made it together. But deadly circumstances had her facing the last terrible day without him. She went into the end surrounded by others she cared for instead, ready to fight tooth and nail for escape, to preserve the very life he granted in exchange for his own.

Unfortunately, Caregiver isn't sure she can expect anything from the Capitalist in the Facility-- she's only seen him compartmentalizing lifetimes away in this place to cope, as he's experienced more lifetimes. And she expects to be one of the things that's stashed away, whether it's warranted or true.


Troy "Mack" Mackenzie (Slasher)

Model/Frat Bro
Troy's a big deal. He'll let everyone around him know that. Constantly. He's handsome. He's rich. He's a model. He was in a commercial once. He plays tennis like a champ. He's a tight end on the football team and lives for the fouls. He's family money rich, which is fittingly irritating, but it's also his only real saving grace because his personality sucks. Conveniently, his father is friends with the dean, and Troy tends to pay for a lot of booze, and a lot of drugs. He also checkbook sponsors a lot of the excursions, pocketing a lot of frat-bro friends to tolerate him.

Status obsessed, he's made a point of locking down one of the hottest commodities in the Sorority to wear on his arm. He's the boyfriend of Laine Gallagher, big sister and head of the organization. Possessive with a mean streak, he's not very nice to her either, but largely keeps it under wraps. At least until he's drunk.

Everyone hates it when Mack gets drunk.


Theodore Walker (Carnival)

Set Designer and Artist
Theodore Walker is an artist from St. Louis that never had much but creativity and the ability to see the world in colors. He had trouble in school due to dyslexia, but he was handsome and easygoing and well-liked. However, what fueled his artistic nature, in part, was Bipolar Disorder, so he also had trouble keeping jobs as an adult. Often working as a street artist with odd bits of varying work on the side, when the Great Depression hit, everyone wanted those jobs and no one had money to pay for trinket art. He was at a suicidal downturn when Eve found him. And he hasn't forgotten how much the beautiful muse saved his life, even though he's not long for it as a result.

It was easy to leave everything behind and go with her, to accept Lawrence's own placement in Eve's life, and eventually Emmett's addition. Theo works as a painter and set designer for the various Circus acts and tends to know everyone due to his friendly grin and easy nature. There are many magnificent things he sees to immortalize on canvas.


Lawrence Kelly (Carnival)

Ticket Sales and Accounting
Once upon a time in Manhattan, Lawrence was a gentleman with a trust fund and a family name to uphold. The stock market crash changed that, his family fortune died, and he could no longer be a man of fine leisure and bearing. Though university educated, he was always more of a bohemian at heart than a society man. He always wanted to write the next great American novel of a generation, to leave a mark on history and literature with a great tale, he just never had time to start, nor did he have a well-rounded life experience to fuel the necessary creativity. Unlike many of his society peers now falling destitute, he saw the new struggle as a fateful challenge. The following year, he met Eve.

Running away with the Circus and Eve felt like fate. Now that he knows she's a muse and a piece of old magic, it feels like destiny. And when he's not working in the business tent budgeting and balancing the collections from ticket sales for spending and distribution, he's working on that novel with a plethora of magnificent fodder to draw from.


Emmett Blake (Carnival)

Emmett doesn't talk a lot, so most people don't know a lot about him. He shows up, he unloads the train, he sets up tents, he does maintenance, and he's good at it. He's got the physique to ensure the heavy things get moved as needed and sometimes he walks the midway as a bouncer or security when he doesn't have things to do. Not because it's his job or anything, but because he's big and good at being rough when something calls for it. The rumor is that he was a bootlegger in Chicago in the Twenties, and that he got caught up in a lot of bad things. That said, he doesn't seem like a bad guy, just surly and quiet with a temper that he sometimes has to take on a walk. He hasn't been in Eve's company all that long, compared to the other two consorts, but he has been on the tracks almost two years.

He's different than Theodore and Lawrence, as far as his obsession with Eve goes. He doesn't see her as a typical muse for the arts or expression, but instead tends to prefer her company for himself. The other two men speculate her presence serves as a form of centering and healing for him, instead of a means of inspiration. And it's something he's willing to give everything for in return.


Eilis McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

Eilis (pronounced as Elise) McTavish is the somewhat wayward daughter of Robert McTavish that has a heart with no bounds. Naturally, this causes problems, as it makes her somewhat easy to take advantage of, despite her quick wits. She grew up in Prosperity, but when she was sixteen, her promised and betrothed died in a flash flood trying to rescue cattle. After that day, Eilis found ways to occupy herself with charity and the social company of others instead of mourning, and eventually at a far too tender age, she set off to follow the other joy in her heart— stage acting and vaudeville. Her natural empathy and magnetism served her well as an actress, initially, and though never a name to know, there was a run of free-spirited success and city excitement to compensate. She spent roughly four years in New York City in a variety of features, but eventually, the tit for tat nature of stage casting and struggling artist poverty started to eat at her. She very recently returned to her hometown, vowing to head West next time around, to the promise and innovation of silent film. That said, she doesn’t seem in a particular hurry to leave, despite her plans. It is the Reaping Season, after all, and this time of year, people need a balm to their souls. She’s good at that.


Laine Gallagher (Slasher)

Everyone has always liked Laine, even as a child she was full of charm and easy to get along with. She did well in school but came from a broken home, raised by a single mother in an era where that was a social stigma as well as financially rough. She earned her way into college through good grades and hard work, but her family could hardly afford it.

That's when Stella was born. The real-deal stripper with a heart of gold, Laine was determined to pay her own way through school so her mother wouldn't need to worry. Balancing school as a nursing major, a leadership role in Zeta Eta Pi sorority and a double-life as a stripper hasn't been easy, but she's pulling it off. She's making her way through life on her own terms. Now if she could just get past her absent father 'Daddy' issues...


Áine (Carnival)

Coming to America

Adaptation. It’s a large part of life. When you have immortal life, it becomes imperative.

Áine began as a goddess, the domain of fertility and love and femininity, summertime and Celtic sovereignty, the sun and the moon and so much more. Her name stood with symbolism over thriving motherland, a very piece of Ireland to for the stalwart Irish to carry. She was the radiant pride and joy of an ancient land full of wild mysticism, green barrows, and the people that lived, fought, and died there.

Blossoming with magic, eventually the tales turned— she became Áine of Knockaine, Queen of the Faeries, the most powerful muse and creator of the Leanan Sidhe. Literature wrapped her up to be known as other names and concepts too. She is known as The Lady of the Lake, Titania, or Queen Mab, the Faerie Queene inspiration for poetry and art. But no matter what she was called, she persisted as a rooted force of belief while the land turned to settled sprawl.

She and her people were responsible for two of the major superstitions among the Irish, and as such, the belief carried to the shores of America with the waves of immigrants seeking new land. But new land didn’t mean the old beliefs died, which gave her footing and method to root herself in this fresh soil. Still, the people told tales of changelings, children stolen and replaced, stories of great men fated to die in a matter of years once they’ve fallen for the lure of a faery lover and muse.

And all of that is precisely true, if modified to suit these shores and the hardship passage of modern time. The problem is… it’s just not enough. She was the sun and the moon once. Now, like so many others of old, she’s just a fading star.

Eve the Ringmistress

Áine felt the fading during the years of the Great War. The Irish weren't coming in the same waves the prior century had known. The beliefs were tempered by the rise of science and technology. She found herself in a way to bounce back during the Roaring Twenties, drunk on the rising writers, artists, and stars of the movie industry, all of them in need of a muse. Rudolph Valentino was the last star she put in the sky. Then the Crash came. And so did Veles. She was one of his first, made of magic and inspiration for the wonder of the Big Top.

Known as Eve, she started as a main draw act, an illusionist with unearthly beauty and feats the rubes had never seen the likes of, leaving them starstruck. Taken under Veles' wing, she was groomed to extend that magic while directing the show as Ringmistress, priming the audience for wonder and awe to help sustain the growing ensemble of performers under their banner. Sometimes, she puts out more magic than performances can compensate, all to ensure the rest of the Big Top gets their due. But there's always children willing to see the tent after the show...


Elizabeth Ryan (Project Icarus)

Dr. Elizabeth Ryan is a renowned xenobiologist and researcher with a decorated list of public and professional achievements. Notably ambitious with multiple media and project appearances, she’s not just one of the leading xenobiological researchers in the field when it comes to extraterrestrial lifeforms. The woman is a known advocate of understanding what hard science cannot tell humanity about alien life and has participated in organizing, attending, and funding independent missions that observe the natural habitats and the social bonding patterns of new alien life. She often travels extensively to interview people exposed to alien forms and even has a book that was released with transcribes of those interviews with sections for histories, facts, and theories. The first sentence in the foreword summarizes the very premise of her encompassed work and devotion: “Space pioneering has expanded our horizons to vast levels where anything is possible—because of that, humanity needs a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a shared universe.”

On a personal level, she’s quite young for a professional of such renown and stature. Elizabeth had every financial advantage and thrived on ambition as a child prodigy. The woman accelerated through the paths that led her to where she is today and the field is a bit better off for it. Her face was made for cameras and fundraisers, and her easy, calm and earnest demeanor tends to open people up for sharing and receptivity alike. When a contact at Penumbra called to make the offer to board her as a researcher and consult for Project Icarus, she was thrilled. It has been her life’s work to not only document and study what’s known— she preaches the endless possibilities of the unknown.


Esme Reed (Bonds of Blood)

Esme Reed is part of the Freeland family, the daughter of Becca and Morgan Reed. She's a senior in high school with her twin sister Lana, and she works part time at the cafe her family owns, which makes her a bit of a social fixture outside of school activities and friends. She remembers what every regular orders and takes personable timeouts to talk to the customers because Esme is just like that. People tend to like her and her upbringing between two easygoing (hippie) parents facilitates an innate empathy that people tend to be receptive to. She uses that trait in peer counseling and in her school newspaper advice column, Ask Esme.

All nice things said, she's still a naive teenager, and though she's very much a reflection of her parents' easygoing, free-spirit attitudes, she has certain personality streaks that are very notably Freeland. If she decides she wants or needs to do something, she just does it and thinks about the effects or consequences after the fact more often than not. Sometimes this means her good (occasionally stubborn) intentions pave the way straight into annoyance, headache or worse. Also, for coming from two hippie-esque parents, she's very materialistic/vain on the sly and has a penchant for pretty boys, pretty words, and pretty expensive things.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust

Out of the Woods

Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you

I don't think that I can really survive

I'll never break my promise or forget my vow

But God only knows what I can do right now

Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

A Gift of Lies
(2019-10-31 • Anywhere Excursion) Caregiver and Capitalist are not fans of the Facility. They escape into the Anywhere room and plan how to spend some time.
Cast  •   The Capitalist  •  The Caregiver  •
Not Quite a High School Reunion
(2019-10-27 • The Facility - Parlor) After the events of Lake Havasu, many gather to talk about the past, the present, life in the facility, relationships, and all the complications therein.
Cast  •   The Explorer  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Caregiver  •  The Addict  •  The Capitalist  •  The Rogue  •  The Gambler  •  The Beast  •  The Crusader  •  The Martyr  •  The Caregiver  •
Exit Music (For a Film)
(2019-03-12 • Capitalist's Room) There's more Capitalist and less Christian in the man that Caregiver expects to visit and it catches her off guard. It's not a pleasant clash of chain reactions.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Capitalist  •
The Pie Table
(2019-03-10 • The Facility - Dining Room) Loner and Caregiver find their old sibling bond of childhood sharing and caring unwittingly intact in new circumstances, which leads to a bit of a vent session, fueled in part by the young woman's curiosities. The Creepshow comes to join and her new form spurs more ruminating and questions.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Loner  •  The Creepshow  •
Stars and Protocol
(2019-03-09 • Eclipse - Casino Floor) A few people meet up inside one of the special doors on the casino floor of the Noc, then migrate up to the stars. Not only is it populated with life, but they get a whole lot of Rhys Driscoll out of the Capitalist... which means they also get some authentic protocol.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •  The Competitor  •
Matters of Concern
(2019-03-09 • The Facility - Dining Room) Caregiver and the Competitor touch base in the dining room for the first time since waking. The story about Creepshow's light transformation in death comes out and it terrifies Caregiver straight into a confession before the pair goes to meet others among the stars.
Cast  •   The Competitor  •  The Caregiver  •
Rolling the Dice
(2019-03-07 • Anywhere: The Mediterranean) The Caregiver and Capitalist take a timeout on a date in a beautiful neutral space designed to keep them as themselves, not as Christian and Laine. She brings a die to roll for a game to help them stay in the right now, but even as pleased and comfortable as they are in each other's company, the right now is complicated.
Cast  •   The Capitalist  •  The Caregiver  •
Signed and Delivered
(2019-03-06 • Caregiver's Room) The Capitalist comes to return a letter response at the Caregiver's door and hangs around to talk. Unfortunately, conversations don't always go so well in this place. But at least they're in a way to keep having them because the special delivery message holds.
Cast  •   The Capitalist  •  The Caregiver  •
Glass for The Fool
(2019-03-05 • The Facility - Parlor) A gathering in the parlour, and sudden violence!
Cast  •   The Fool  •  The Visionary  •  The Addict  •  The Coward  •  The Caregiver  •  The Capitalist  •  The Penitent  •  The Martyr  •  The Creepshow  •
Merging Lives
(2019-03-05 • The Facility - Parlor) Penitent comes back out after her suddeon Madison encounter and manages to get some things out of Caregiver.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Penitent  •  The Capitalist  •
Soap and Salvation
(2019-03-03 • Caregiver's Room) The Capitalist stays with The Caregiver awhile after her rough awakening leaves her with injury. He helps her bathe to prepare for dressing and facing the Facility proper, which gives them time to talk and properly close Laine and Christian the way they deserved. The tears and blood and fear are washed away. For now.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Capitalist  •
The Sound and the Fury
(2019-03-02 • Caregiver's Room) The Caregiver awakens for the second time in the facility from her second life and everything starts to clash, including her perspective on where she is now. From out in the hall, hearing the sound and the fury that comes from caring too much, Bravo and Capitalist come in, the latter intervening to center the raging tempest.
Cast  •   The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •  The Caregiver  •
Holding onto Memories
(2018-12-31 • Caregiver's Room) After the Capitalist's hasty departure from the parlor, the Caregiver takes him up on his offer to give him a tour of her room. In truth, she wants to know how much of Cillian McTavish is left within the man.
Cast  •   The Capitalist  •  The Caregiver  •
The Face of an Untenable Situation
(2018-12-30 • Facility- Parlor) When too many people with heavy tidings on the mind get together, it paints a picture of where they're really all left standing-- a place with no answers. It doesn't settle well with some while others mentally rally against the concept.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Defender  •  The Penitent  •  The Scholar  •  The Melancholic  •  The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •
Orchids and Periwinkle
(2018-12-25 • Facility Parlor) The Caregiver and the Addict share a conversation in the parlor.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Addict  •
A tour of the Noc
(2018-12-24 • Hephaestus - Common Room) The Capitalist and the Penitent take some of the other Archetypes to visit the Noc.
Cast  •   The Deviant  •  The Caregiver  •  The Penitent  •  The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •
Christmas Feast
(2018-12-24 • Facility Dining Room) An experiment with the dispensers leads to an evening of good food and good company.
Cast  •   The Confidant  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Addict  •  The Bon-Vivant  •  The Caregiver  •  The Scholar  •  The Coward  •  The Artist  •
Absolutes of Perception
(2018-12-22 • Hallway of Rooms/Anywhere Room) Caregiver and Bon Vivant acquaint and find kindred spirits in the surf and sand when it comes to matters of reality and perception.
Cast  •   The Bon-Vivant  •  The Caregiver  •
A Heated Conversation
(2018-12-22 • The Facility - The Capitalist's Room) The Caregiver pays the Capitalist a visit to his room where their topic of conversation gets a little bit heated.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Capitalist  •
Paintings are the Mirrors to One's Soul
(2018-12-21 • The Facility - Parlor) The Rogue and the Capitalist talk former lives with the Caregiver before the Artist's presence freaks her out.
Cast  •   The Rogue  •  The Caregiver  •  The Capitalist  •  The Artist  •
(2018-12-20 • Defender's Room) Triggered with misunderstanding, Caregiver snaps on Defender in a moment of sheer confusion and impulse. Old and new damages might have something to do with that, turns out.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Defender  •
Low Places and Whiskey Spaces
(2018-12-20 • The Coward's Room) A familiar family trio work through some things. Whiskey can't make everything right, but it can sure make things animated and full of hugs.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Coward  •  The Scholar  •
Love is a Chain
(2018-12-19 • Facility- Parlor) Caregiver and Scholar have an emotional reunion. The parlor grows with more reacquaintance, but not everything is smooth sailing.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Caregiver  •  The Coward  •  The Penitent  •  The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •
Getting to Know All About You
(2018-12-18 • The Facility - Parlor) Familiar faces get reacquainted with each other.
Cast  •   The Deviant  •  The Loner  •  The Confidant  •  The Beast  •  The Rogue  •  The Addict  •  The Caregiver  •
What We Made
(2018-12-18 • Hallway of Rooms) Defender and Caregiver meet anew with a lot of heavy baggage between them.
Cast  •   The Defender  •  The Caregiver  •
Pushing Buttons
(2018-12-17 • Dispensary) The dispensary buttons aren't the only buttons being pushed for Caregiver, courtesy of Confidant. But she gets some whiskey and a hug in the end, at least.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Confidant  •
Sweet Dreams are Made of This
(2018-12-17 • Caregiver's Room) Caregiver wakes up in the Facility for the first time.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •