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Christian Price

Also Known As

Joshua Gray

on MUX as

The Capitalist


The Capitalist


"Kidnapped" Bank Manager
Inside Man

Apparent Age


Played By

Ben Barnes

Faction Membership

Flying Monkeys Bank Heist Gang
Inside Man/"Hostage"

Always "professional" no matter the profession. Even in dire situations, there are things that people need and are willing to pay for. Some might call him cold, calculating and opportunistic. At some point, those same people will thank him for providing just the service that they so desperately need.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Even in the darkest times, people have wants and needs. You're there to get it for them. It has a cost, of course, but that's how the world works. Any situation can be made profitable.

Role in Slasher

Christian likes money. He loves it. Growing up in an upper-middle class family in Seattle meant he never went without it, but he always wanted more. Good grades and a college degree in Finance set him up perfectly to make plenty of it, but then the S&L scandal broke, banks tanked and his plans got derailed. Working as a bank branch manager, while not a bad living, was not how he pictured his life going.

What made it worse was watching the fat cats who broke everything come in and stash all their valuables in vault boxes. One in particular was largely responsible for ruining the life of a local cop that Christian had to turn down for a loan. He'd never seen such a strong, honest man so broken and adrift, nor had he ever seen such hatred as when that cop saw the guy that cost him everything. After the suit left, Christian commiserated with the cop and unintentionally let slip that the guy had a renaissance masterpiece rolled up in a safe deposit box. One simple comment forever changed both of their lives.

Now he's Joshua Gray, hiding out in a lodge in Nowhere, Oregon, and looking forward to a very big payday.

Haven't I seen you somewhere before? - While word may not spread so quickly to Oregon just yet, the news may report that Christian Price is the bank manager who was kidnapped during a heist in Seattle.

"Joshua Gray" - With Christian Price being missing, Christian uses the name Joshua Gray in an attempt to keep those at the lodge in the dark about who he truly is.

Hedonist - Christian enjoys surrounding himself with all pleasures that life has to offer, especially now that he's super rich in his eyes.


Brawn: Normal
+ Resilient (Positive)

He's a young professional in the 80's. Image is everything and he keeps himself in good shape. He can take a licking... just don't touch his face.
Finesse: Normal
+ Handled a Gun Before (Positive)

In preparation for the heist, he's put in some practice at the shooting range. He might not be a marksman, but he's handled a gun before.
+ Daily Jogger (Positive)

Every day at 5am before work Christian would hit the streets. It's builds up stamina and speed and helps to wake him up in the morning.
+ Stealthy (Positive)

He's had to survey various sections of the bank, helping to map out locations for the Flying Monkeys. While, as the bank branch manager, he might have access to most areas, he's had to be sneaky to throw any suspicion off of him.
Brains: Normal
+ Eye for Details (Positive)

In his professional life, he notices when things are amiss, whether it's money or that suspicious person who just entered the bank.
+ Impatient (Positive)

Time is Money
Spirit: Good
+ Convincing (Positive)

In the face of his employers, employees and other co-workers who are familiar with him as well as the police and the media, he's had to play his part during the entirety of the bank heist without tipping them off that he had anything to do with it.
+ Cool Under Pressure (Positive)

...Even when things went wrong. He was able to keep his cool under pressure.
- Vain (Negative)

Appearance is everything for a young professional in the 80's. If something happened to that pretty face of his, he might just go ballistic.
- "Known Hostage" (Negative)

People might recognize him from the news as Christian Price, a bank manager in Seattle who was taken hostage in a bank heist. Didn't he say his name was Joshua Gray though?
- Hedonistic (Negative)

Sex, drugs and rock-in-roll. Like many of his professionally-minded peers, he not only works hard, but he plays hard too and sometimes his vices are too hard to resist

Perks and Quirks

+ Firearm

While he's only been to the shooting range a handful of times in preparation for the various heists, he's carrying.
+ Adrenaline Boost

He's got some drive.
+ Good Luck

You sometimes just need a little bit of luck.
+ Versatile
+ Wealthy

Having planned for the heist and the follow-up at the lodge, Christian made sure to pack up all of the important things in life.
- Jilted Lover/Central Casting

Christian never told his fiancee, Vivian, about this heist or his involvement in it, so she'll show up on television or be featured in the papers pleading for his hostage takers to release him. There could be a very good chance that after some investigation on her own, she learns that he's at the Eager Beaver Lodge and may show up.

They've been engaged for almost a year and have been dating for even longer. She's from a good family, better than his and if you asked Christian, she's incredibly high maintenance and demanding. He loves her, but sometimes she makes it hard. Ever since he was recruited by Hawkins, ideas of shedding away his old life and moving on as someone new has come to mind.
- Wanted

After the Bank Heist in Seattle, Christian's face has been plastered all over the television and in the newspapers. He is known as a Missing Person -- The bank manager who was taken as hostage during the foiled heist. So some might recognize him.
- Doomed

Oh no


Slasher-Christian1.jpg Slasher-Christian2.jpg Slasher-Christian3.gif SlasherChrisLounge.jpg



Nursing Student

My fantasy in the flesh. She enticed me to meet her here. I'm glad I came.


Vivian Monfort

Christian Price's Fiancee

My fiancee who I've been with for almost 3 years. I love her, I really do, but sometimes she drives me crazy with her demands and her ultimatums. It doesn't mean I don't feel guilt or lack a sense of longing for her when I decided to do the heist and leave my old life behind.

I'll always have this regret of leaving her behind.


The Man with the Plan

Ex-Cop / Bank Robber

I felt bad for the guy once, being screwed over by the big wig bankers and all. Found out he's a brooding psychopath. No one touches my face.


Tech Girl

Electronic Security Expert

Smart, beautiful and sassy. She is definitely up to something. Not that I mind. Every time she brings over that boy toy of hers, it pisses Hawkins off. That's something I can condone.



Master of Forgery

Eccentric Frenchie. I don't know where Hawkins found him, but he does good work. If it wasn't for him all we'd have now is a painting that we wouldn't know what to do with and a whole slew of cops looking for it.



Grief Counselor

He's good at what he does. That's what makes it so difficult to believe that the drunk at the lodge is the exact same guy. Someone's gotta keep an eye out on him in case we need to shut him up.


Hired Gun

Hired Gun

The quiet ones are always dangerous. Glad he's on our payroll.

Martyr3 02.jpg



A lawyer who wants to fight for the underdog. That's sweet of him. He's a bit odd, but I trust him to know how to fix things that need fixing. Believe me, we're gonna need a guy like him.

Pedro Pascal Slasher.jpeg

Doesn't Understand Bros Before Hos

Lodge Overnight Manager

Not only is this guy Hawkins' friend, but he also stole his ex-wife away. I'd like to give him a pat on the back for just that. He's Roxie's ex too, as weird as that is. Small world, I guess.


Candy Man

Frat Boy / Future Burnout

College kid, dressed either like a hippie or a burnout. He's part of a band. There's one good thing about him though and that he's got some good shit. I may need to hit him up for some of that soon.


Justin Tanner (Slasher)

Christian's Best Friend/Wheelman
Christian Price and Justin Tanner were best friends since childhood and were practically inseparable as the years went on. Tanner was more of an athlete, being part of their school's track team, while Price was the more ambitious of the pair in a professional sense. Still, both loved a good party and all the vices that came with them.

While Christian did well in his professional life, getting promoted to bank manager for one of the city's most prominent financial institutions, Tanner floated from job to job, using his good looks to seduce or swindle various sugar-mamas.

That's why when Christian was recruited to take part in this heist, the first person he brought on board was Justin Tanner. They were going to be rich! While not the sharpest tool in the shed, Justin was an athlete who wasn't a stranger to crime. The news that a Sorority would be hanging out at their chosen location to lay low at made the whole plan all the more enticing.


Vivian Monfort (Slasher)

"Kidnapped" Bank Manager
Inside Man

Christian Price's fiancee. She forged his signature and took out a 5 million dollar life insurance plan for him. Vivian was 'devastated' after learning that he'd been taken hostage during the heist, but once news trickles in that he might be still alive at some lodge in the middle of Nowhere, Oregon, she set off to the Eager Beaver to make sure that she'll be able to collect.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust


It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led

Somewhere beyond the pavement

You'll find the living dead.

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo

Into the Fire
(2019-02-27 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Christian and Misty are burnt at the pyre built by Laine's grieved determination and the strategic help of a few choice others. Danny and Scott do most of the talking, though, and there's named paper sentiment roses tossed into the flames in memory of the others lost.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •
With or Without You
(2019-02-23 • Laine's Room & The Infirmary) A morning trio collide in the hallway outside a familiar open door and find blood-soaked Laine still curled against Christian's cold body where she spent the night. It's not a pretty scene. They're both moved to the infirmary, as the woman is largely unwilling to relinquish claim on the body unless it's to a pyre.
Cast  •   Jonathan Hawkins  •  Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •
Love is a Battlefield
(2019-02-22 • Laine's Room) Laine and Christian have an unexpected visitor waiting in the bedroom later in the evening. Neither of them should be alive by the time the late night comes, but one of them is. The other lies dead.
Cast  •   Vivian  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
The Devil Inside
(2019-02-18 • Lodge - Arthur's Room) Price and Hawkins talk about mistakes made, their possible futures and the futures they would like to have. Laine comes in and both she and Christian get into an argument due to their mounting frustrations over their situation, forcing them to face their own mortality.
Cast  •   Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
I Want A New Duck
(2019-02-18 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Big Boy is given his duck with some tense due caution, and Custer is delivered his hat with clever approach and no fuss. The final two victim ghosts are resolved.
Cast  •   Scott Dixon  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •
Give Blood
(2019-02-17 • The Infirmary) As per the instructions for this counter-ritual, Laine draws some blood from their virgin, Victoria when they are visited by Christian. During the course of their conversation, there is a minor disturbance in the room.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
One Way or Another
(2019-02-15 • Laine's Room) Christian comes back from the morning boathouse search in the early afternoon. Before rewarding him for returning safe, Laine confesses her impulsive ideas she had while he was gone and they try to turn it all into real ideas to help put other ghosts at ease.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Mirror in the Bathroom
(2019-02-14 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Christine return to the boathouse to pick up a few things for Finn and to do a search for anything of interest.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Christian Price  •
These Times Are Hard For Lovers
(2019-02-12 • Laine's Room) Laine steps back into her room to find Christian awake and mulling through files. Something from a prior discussion has her asking him an odd question.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
(2019-02-10 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dini's Bunker is explored, Danica and Oz are rescued...and an epiphany is had.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Scott Dixon  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Derek Bloom  •  Julian McQueen  •  Michael Black  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Here Comes Mr. Cottontail
(2019-02-08 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) Dolly is reunited with Mr. Cottontail.
Cast  •   Kirk Patterson  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Sasha Savage  •  Colorado Jones  •  Emily Reed  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Michael Black  •  Mallory Miller  •  Derek Bloom  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Spirits in the Material World
(2019-02-07 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Emily leads another few seances using the Ouija board which is met by skepticism and some animosity from both the living and the dead.
Cast  •   Sonya Queen  •  Marc Westin  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Ethan Drake  •  Danny Novak  •  Julian McQueen  •  Scott Dixon  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Christian Price  •  Emily Reed  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Misty Alvarez  •
Look out Any Window
(2019-02-06 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) In which two film students are swapped for some patient files, a rubber duck, and a stuffed rabbit. Fair trade?
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Evaline Mitchell  •  Mallory Miller  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •
Crimson and Clover
(2019-02-05 • Laine's Room) Laine and Christian can't sleep anymore after resting through the evening. They play pretend through the scariest hours as a final bid to process and cope before the next day is on them.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
The End of the World As We Know It
(2019-02-03 • Christine's Office) A lot of people discuss the state of Things.
Cast  •   Addison Barrett  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Back On My Feet Again
(2019-02-02 • The Gazebo) Laine and Christian reminisce within the gazebo as they wait for the search party to put together to find that damn hatch.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
The Confessor
(2019-02-01 • The Infirmary) Christian and Laine finally get to talk about what happened during their mending overnight stay in the infirmary. Emily comes to visit after a while and there's just lots of things to say. Almost dying a few times does that.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Justin Tanner  •
(2019-01-31 • Lodge Grounds/Infirmary) Laine's not dead. She's not real together either, and people aren't sure what to do with that, but eventually she forces out the things that need to be heard so plans can be made.
Cast  •   Michael Black  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Bastian Roen  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •
The Price
(2019-01-30 • Infirmary) Roxie visits Christian in the infirmary where she sees him at one of the weakest points in his life, being shell-shocked and semi-sedated.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Christian is dropped off in the Lodge's lobby after nearly being exploded. There, he meets with Finn who tries his hardest to get bits of information out of him regarding their missing party members.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Missing Persons
(2019-01-29 • Woods) A group of people follow Ethan in the hopes of finding the hidden doorway of the tunnel he had escaped from. They soon come under fire when a mystery gunman begins to shoot at them. That fire becomes something larger when detonators in the tunnel go off, scattering the group in an explosion.
Cast  •   Colorado Jones  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Michael Black  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Ethan Drake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Candice Flick  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Mrs. Dini  •
In Your Eyes
(2019-01-29 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Infirmary) **WARNING: Surgical scene**: Matthew, with help, surgically removes Lyle's eye armed only with a fist full of various narcotics, kitchen utensils, and his own canny wit. What can go wrong?
Cast  •   Matthew Pryce  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Addison Barrett  •  Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Christian Price  •
Go Your Own Way
(2019-01-28 • Tunnels) The small group that ran for the unexplored tunnel find out where it leads to.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
Self Control
(2019-01-28 • Laine's Room) Laine and Christian spend the entire evening laying in bed, yet are unable to get much sleep due to everything that they've witnessed. Near morning, they get to talking, discussing their future.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •
Fish Heads
(2019-01-26 • Tunnels) The tunnels are explored.
Cast  •   Theodore Quinn  •  Scott Dixon  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Marc Westin  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Reno Fisher  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Sonya Queen  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Tallulah Bennett  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Julian McQueen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Just Like Heaven
(2019-01-26 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) A bunch of people gather for Kimberly's funeral pyre.
Cast  •   Tallulah Bennett  •  Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Kirk Patterson  •  Sonya Queen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Bastian Roen  •  Addison Barrett  •  Julian McQueen  •
Safety Dance
(2019-01-25 • Beaver Lake - Staff Cabins) A group led by Addison goes to check Dini's cabin after the bloody shed expedition. They find a trap door to a tunnel, but this isn't the bravest or strongest group, turns out. They return to report their findings and prepare instead of investigating. The bodies are reported as stolen on the radio during this.
Cast  •   Director1/  •  Sonya Queen  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Emily Reed  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Addison Barrett  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •  Gretchen West  •  Katrina "Kat" Hale  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
The Old Man Down the Road
(2019-01-24 • Bastian's Room) Christian and Roxie go to find the groundskeeper, Bastian, to inform him of Hawkin's plan of looking for possible secret tunnels that Dini or his family may be using in the lodge.
Cast  •   Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •
Another Day in Paradise
(2019-01-24 • Laine's Room) Christian finally returns to Laine's room after being gone for far too many hours. He finds her alone and reprimands her somewhat about that fact, before informing her of his own findings among other things.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Singing in the Shower
(2019-01-23 • Room 269) Laine rushes to the call for help for Kim. Christian and Emily follow to find Kim, Raul and Theo having survived another ghost attack. Emily gets annoyed at Kim again.
Cast  •   Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Theodore Quinn  •  Raul Santiago  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Sombody's Watching Me
(2019-01-23 • Dini's Office) A merry band of stalwarts sacks Dini's office looking for clues and finds a camera hidden in the light.
Cast  •   Christine Lake  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Addison Barrett  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
Mad World
(2019-01-23 • Laine's Room) Emily, Laine and Christian are joined by Jonathan who sought them out to let them know about Drake's fate, something which they'd already known. But the quartet share any piece of information that they've got their hands on.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •
Cuts Like a Knife
(2019-01-23 • Laine's Room) An angry Laine storms to her room to get cleaned up and changed. She and Christian have a deep discussion in the shower, which is interrupted by a desperate Emily who is seeking out safety from her invisible assailant.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Another One Bites the Dust
(2019-01-22 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Second Floor) Justin comes running for Stella! Yes, Stella, he's yelling it in the halls where Laine hears. Because Drake is dead in his bunk! Christian immediately comes to investigate with concern and Addison makes quick response to the radio call for transport. Onlookers show in the commotion.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Justin Tanner  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Rachel Linwood  •  Danny Novak  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Drake Ashton  •
Highway to Hell
(2019-01-21 • Beaver Lake - Condemned Building) Several Lodge employees and guests alike converge on Lakeview for various reasons. Some have come to find patient files in which to use to appease the spirits. Others are here for a radio. Some are here to find trinkets of sorts. Then there are those hoping to find Max. What they do find is definitely more than anyone had bargained for.
Cast  •   Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Emily Reed  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Mallory Miller  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •  Scott Dixon  •  Addison Barrett  •  Derek Bloom  •  Sonya Queen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Michael Black  •  Director1/  •  Justin Tanner  •  Julian McQueen  •
Too Tough to Die
(2019-01-21 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) Bastian and company bring the badly hurt Max out from the Lakeview and into the care of Laine's triage.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Justin Tanner  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Scott Dixon  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Shock the Monkey
(2019-01-21 • Second Group) The Lakeview expedition is on, and like any good group of idiots in a horror situation, the gang splits up. One group encounters records of use. They also encounter The Freak.
Cast  •   Jackson Ryder  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Danny Novak  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Scott Dixon  •  Emily Reed  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Addison Barrett  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Justin Tanner  •
The Method to Our Madness
(2019-01-20 • Main Lodge - Mr. Arthur Le Blanc's Accommodations) Having regrouped in the room assigned to their 'client', the heist gang fill each other in on everything that they know about the ghosts and have some plans on the ready to protect themselves.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •
Woman in Chains
(2019-01-20 • Main Lodge - Room 138) GODDAMNED BONER-KILLING GHOSTS! It's a three-some NOT a foursome, Mahoney!
Cast  •   Maxine Rodriguez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Cassandra Wei  •  Addison Barrett  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •
She Sells Sanctuary
(2019-01-19 • Main Lodge - Laine's Room) After relocating to Laine's room after their run-in with the Ballerina at the boathouse, Christian and Laine get into a discussion about many things, including how he's handling knowing that this ghosts exists after having been nearly killed by two of them in one day. Then things happen because it's Christian and Laine.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
I Want Candy
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christine and Bastian confront Raul and the heist gang at the boathouse. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of a music box, before they notice a young girl in a ballerina outfit in their midst. Hijinx ensues.
Cast  •   Drake Ashton  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Raul Santiago  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Colorado Jones  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Justin Tanner  •
Back Chat
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) The people that fled the Boathouse and Ballerina come together with those who stayed behind. They at least conclude with a general consensus that changes some sleeping arrangements.
Cast  •   Justin Tanner  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Christine Lake  •  Bastian Roen  •
Sweet Child O' Mine
(2019-01-18 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) Raul brings Christian and Roxie to the docks to commandeer a boat. They are visited by a young girl throwing all sorts of tantrums.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Raul Santiago  •
Radio Ga Ga
(2019-01-18 • Beaver Lake - Lodge Grounds) After seeing the devastation of the bridge for themselves, Christian asks Raul to get them a boat.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Comfortably Numb
(2019-01-17 • The Boathouse - Christian's Room) Spending a mostly restless night in each other's arms, Christian and Laine wake up come daybreak where Laine informs him of everything he needs to know about last night.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •
Lady In Red
(2019-01-17 • Boathouse) It's morning at the boathouse. Kimberly and Raul show up covered in blood.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Jackson Ryder  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Raul Santiago  •
Here Comes the Rain Again
(2019-01-16 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Jonathan returns to the boathouse with his pilot friend in tow. The group discuss what they plan to do next. Roxie and Christian almost share a moment. Almost.
Cast  •   Jonathan Hawkins  •  Jackson Ryder  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Marcus Michaels  •
Where is My Mind?
(2019-01-16 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Roxie's moment is interrupted by utter chaos. Both the group of streakers and some others from the lodge race to the boathouse looking for safe haven from the horrors they've experienced. Or something.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Drake Ashton  •  Raul Santiago  •  Emily Reed  •  Danny Novak  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Darkness Falls Across the Land
(2019-01-15 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) As Roxie is preparing to do the job tasked to her, the entire island loses power in a sudden storm. She and the others at the boathouse work to get some semblance of lighting going on.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •
Sunglasses at Night
(2019-01-15 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) With the phone lines down, Christian, Roxie and Justin to go the lodge for some dinner. They are greeted by Addison who offers to be their chef for the evening.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Addison Barrett  •  Justin Tanner  •
Appetite for Destruction
(2019-01-14 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) The heist crew regroup at the boathouse once the coast is clear and the sheriff had left. Laine is introduced to the rest of the group and they are told that she is willing to help.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Drake Ashton  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Jackson Ryder  •
Fuck the Police
(2019-01-13 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian and Roxie just happen to be at the boathouse at the same time after the morning's meeting. They begin to discuss personal things about their families when Finn barges in to tell them that the cops were on their way to the lodge due to shooting at the Dining Hall. Unknown to the group at the time, Maxi and Xavi are knocking on their front door and not the authorities, forcing 'Joshua' and Roxie to flee through the back patio. Finn takes over from here.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Xavier Santos  •
Head Over Heels
(2019-01-13 • Beaver Lake - Deep Woods) With the sheriff showing up and Finn making nervous eyes at her, Laine worriedly searches for Christian, finding him at the falls where he'd hidden himself until things with the cops blew over.
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •
We Didn't Start the Fire
(2019-01-13 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) The gang meet up at the boathhouse in the early morning after all the excitement and turmoil that had happened the night before. There's a lot for them to discuss and a few plans that need to be put in motion.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •  Finn O'Neil  •
Come Undone
(2019-01-12 • Lodge Bedroom) Under the weight of double lives, circumstantial pressure, and the high of their insatiable fascination with each other, Christian and Laine finally get space for disclosures.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
Blame It on the Rain
(2019-01-11 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) After the beach party was rained out, some of the heist gang and a few sorority sisters retreat to the boathouse to wait out the weather. They discuss the various fights that went on at the party, before a heated argument erupts between Christian and Roxie.
Cast  •   Finn O'Neil  •  Emily Reed  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Justin Tanner  •  Jessica Nichols  •
Ballroom Blitz
(2019-01-10 • Lakeshore) Certified Sex Gods have their show on the beach. There's booze, drugs, a bonfire, a bouncy castle, and two all-out brawls that end in a shower of fire retardant and rain. All in all, it's probably one of their best shows.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Marc Westin  •  Lucy Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Derek Bloom  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Michael Black  •  Russell Daniels  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Julian McQueen  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Ethan Drake  •  Darcy Mercer  •  Emily Reed  •  Jessica Nichols  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Dashiel Bauer  •  Olivia Robinson  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Nicholas Fletcher  •
I Want to Know What Love Is
(2019-01-09 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian gets changed for his hiking 'date' as Roxie reveals to him her innermost feelings on love and loneliness.
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Roxie Moretti  •
Breakfast Club
(2019-01-09 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Jonathan, "Joshua", Roxie, and Drake discuss their morning plans and start to prepare for breakfast. Hawkins and Roxie chat on their walk to the dining hall, and Roxie springs a surprise on the ex-cop.
Cast  •   Drake Ashton  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Christian Price  •
So Alive
(2019-01-09 • Deep Woods) Danny, Emily, Christian, and Laine visit the waterfall and are later joined by Bastian. There's a fall, a dashing rescue, dogs(!), beaver stories, and a kiss.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •  Bastian Roen  •
Right on Track
(2019-01-09 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) People come and go for a mid-late morning breakfast!
Cast  •   Mallory Miller  •  Warren Beausoleil  •  Emily Reed  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christian Price  •  Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Scott Dixon  •  Christine Lake  •
Under a Blue Moon I Saw You
(2019-01-08 • Lodge Grounds - A Large Gazebo) Not having found Laine at the dining hall for dinner, Christian wanders out onto the lawn and luckily enough finds her, alone with more than a few beers, seated in the gazebo. *Warning: Things start to heat up in the middle of the log. That said, this log has been edited*
Cast  •   Christian Price  •  Laine Gallagher  •
You Give Love a Bad Name
(2019-01-07 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christian calls to complain about the mysterious wet footprints and Christine Lake answers the call! Roxie brings Raul to the boathouse so that they can run into Jonathan and at least one person's temper flares.
Cast  •   Raul Santiago  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Christine Lake  •  Christian Price  •  Drake Ashton  •
The Next Wave
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Several film students check in at the lodge.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Bastian Roen  •  Oscar "Oz" Knight  •  Danica Durant-Knight  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Addison Barrett  •  Lyle Lucas  •
And So It Begins
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) And the guests start to pile in, a Wall Street Journal actually makes an appearance, and hyjinks ensue.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Julian McQueen  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Candice Flick  •  Ethan Drake  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •
Lost in Your Eyes
(2019-01-05 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Danny, Laine and Emily visit the boathouse to meet with their neighbors for the next two weeks. Laine realizes that Christian is alive and safe. Christian meets the woman behind Stella.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Danny Novak  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Emily Reed  •
Hungry Like a Wolf
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) Their second day at the Lodge, Christian and Roxie share a meal at the impressive dining hall.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •
Bizarre Love Triangle
(2019-01-05 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Roxie returns with a notebook for Hawkins. It is learned that Roxie's ex is a friend of Hawkins and is also sleeping with Hawkins' ex-wife. The Heist Gang and Danny and Emily discuss relationships before they are interrupted by a sudden cold breeze and wet footsteps on the patio's wood floor.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Danny Novak  •  Emily Reed  •
Let's Get Physical
(2019-01-04 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse and Lake) The Flying Monkey Heist Gang arrive at the lodge in the morning after the heist. After unpacking, Christian and Roxie go for a jog in the woods, before deciding that a dip would be far more fun.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •
Runnin' Down a Dream
(2019-01-02 • Seattle - Emerald City Bank) The Flying Monkey Heist Gang put their long awaited plan into action.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Jackson Ryder  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Arthur Le Blanc  •  Christian Price  •  Drake Ashton  •  Justin Tanner  •
Risky Business
(2018-12-28 • Seattle - Hawkins' Apartment) The Flying Monkey Heist Gang gather at Jonathan Hawkins' apartment to discuss their plans for "The Big One".
Cast  •   Jonathan Hawkins  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •
Aligning Stars
(2018-12-27 • Seattle - Club Deja Vu) Christian Price shows up at Club Deja Vu outside of his normal visitation to find that Stella, who was not supposed to be working that evening, was working it out the catwalk. ***Warning: This is a scene taking place in a strip club and while story pushing conversation is going on, there are also depictions of stripping and everything that comes with the job. No sex.***
Cast  •   Laine Gallagher  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •