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Conrad Wellson

on MUX as

The Capitalist


The Capitalist


Wyred Fest Coordinator

Apparent Age


Played By

Ben Barnes

Always "professional" no matter the profession. Even in dire situations, there are things that people need and are willing to pay for. Some might call him cold, calculating and opportunistic. At some point, those same people will thank him for providing just the service that they so desperately need.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Even in the darkest times, people have wants and needs. You're there to get it for them. It has a cost, of course, but that's how the world works. Any situation can be made profitable.

Role in Isle of Dread

Madison is the oldest, the princess, and she had everything handed to her. You had to work hard to stand out and get what's yours. That's why you're the idea man, the innovator, the one who's going to conquer the world. Luckily your sister likes you and has always looked out for you, which means that while she has the money, you have her ear, and she's a lot less brash and confident than you are. Sure, it always takes convincing, but you're going to make the both of you rich and famous. Not that you're poor now.

It all starts with a name, a brand, and this festival is the best way to get the spoiled, self-absorbed brats of the wealthiest one-percenters to know who you are. Show them an amazing time and they'll have Daddy funding every project you can think of. It all rides on this, and you're going to kill it. The future is now.

* The Man With The Plan: This festival is his baby. Want something? He has the keys to the kingdom.

  • Illicit Goods: Oh, he has access to party favors and other things, too. Of course he does.


Brawn: Normal
- Too Vain for Bruises (Negative)
Finesse: Normal
+ Daily Runner (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Attention to Detail (Positive)
+ Ivy League University Education (Positive)
- Impatient (Negative)
Spirit: Good
+ Bankrolled (Positive)
+ Devastatingly Charming (Positive)


Madison Wellson

Wyred Fest CEO

Dear big sister.


Karl Webb

"Criminal" Lawyer

Our lawyer and someone we grew up with. He's a little shady, but he knows what he's talking about.


Anton Grant

Private Security

Madison and my bodyguard.


Daniel Park


Our awesome publicist.


Hiwa Lahnai

Head of Hospitality

The Head of Hospitality. She deals with our VIPs and our Guests.


Maata Kahloa

Head of Security

The Head of Security. Easy on the eyes.


Gregory Thomas

Talent Coordinator

Talent Coordinator. If the talent have issues, they should go to Gregory.


Liam Steele

Chief Medic

Chief Medic

The adherent 1.gif

Addie Heller

Concert Crew Chief

Concert Crew Chief


Dahlia Adams

Civil Engineer

The solar panel expert. Someone Madison hired.


Jessie Lorrie

Wealthy Socialite

Rich kid I knew at Uni.


Professor Ethan Drake

Anthropology Professor

My former University professor. Don't know why he's at this festival, but I think I took a class with his girlfriend...


Leo Wellington (Isle of Dread)

1% and Childhood Friend
Conrad and Leo first met when they were in the 5th grade in some stuffy all boy's school. With their last names being Wellson and Wellington respectively, they were seated together and became fast friends. Over the years, they'd choose the same classes knowing that they'd be placed together. Leo's grandfather was a powerful shipping magnate and the Wellington family just kept growing wealthier every year. Conrad was always jealous of Leo's status as heir and Golden Boy of the Wellington family, even if Leo, himself, wasn't very bright. He was an athlete and quarterback of their high school football team. That didn't mean that they didn't remain good friends. So with Conrad throwing this event of the year, Leo had to be there to support his bro.


Vanessa Templeton (Isle of Dread)

Intelligent Arm Candy
Vanessa Templeton is a wealthy socialite and aspiring actress who Conrad hooked up with at a party a week before the festival. She is beautiful, intelligent and incredibly charismatic. She didn't know Conrad for very long but was excited all the same to travel with him to a mysterious island for a good time. Sure, living in huts is totally weird, but Vanessa thinks it'll be fun to go all 'Native'. This could be the experience she needs for any movie script set in the jungle. Stephanie, Conrad's personal assistant, seems to have taken an immediate dislike towards her.


Stephanie Chambers (Isle of Dread)

Personal Assistant
Conrad's hardworking personal assistant who may or may not have a thing for him. She's very good at her job and keeps his appointments and paperwork organized.

No badges for Isle of Dread.

Out of the Frying Pan
(2018-07-20 • At the Evac Helipad) The medical team try to save the two survivors from the security trailer explosion by sending them to a hospital via helicopter
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Elena Firenze  •  Veronique Summers  •  Liam Steele  •  Chance Reed  •  Oliver Tully  •  Alice Woods  •
Final Call
(2018-07-20 • The Security Trailer) Conrad, Madison and Maata receive an unfortunate call from Akala. Tragedy follows.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Madison Wellson  •
Who Should Be Sacrificed
(2018-07-19 • Security Trailer) Conrad, Maata and Madison join a discussion at the security trailer before they decide to make a few calls.
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Jonas Silva  •  Dahlia Adams  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Madison Wellson  •
Bound to be a Reckoning
(2018-07-19 • The Food Pavilion) There's anger, people completely losing it. (SPOILER:) Eugene tries to bribe Conrad with some $20's.
Cast  •   Chance Reed  •  Helena Reed  •  Eugene Warner  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Dahlia Adams  •
Nuclear Visions
(2018-07-19 • Pavilion Patio) A tribal visitor tells Bell Tribe about the dark future ahead of them.
Cast  •   Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Taylor Everrett  •  Anton Grant  •
(2018-07-19 • Fort Starbucks) A little before dawn, Maata finds Conrad at Fort Starbucks.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •
Sibling Heart to Heart
(2018-07-18 • A booth in the Food Pavilion) After the events of the Ring of Light, Madison and Conrad do some catching up.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Madison Wellson  •
Ring of Light
(2018-07-18 • Food Pavilion) A catchy summary of the scene. Not too long.
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Ethan Drake  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Elena Firenze  •  Madison Wellson  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Anton Grant  •  Valerity  •  Martin Skinner  •  Thomas Lance  •  Karl Webb  •
Pep Talk Before Night
(2018-07-18 • Food Pavilion) Several hours before night hits, Conrad gives a pep talk to everyone gathered in the Food Pavilion. Maata gives her defense instructions.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •
Misery and Information
(2018-07-18 • Food Pavilion) Maata learns that her brother had died while Professor Ethan Drake brings forth some information he learned.
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Ethan Drake  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Elena Firenze  •  Madison Wellson  •  Connor Smith  •  Addie Heller  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Anton Grant  •  Valerity  •
Island of Dread Day 1
(2018-07-18 • The Security Trailer) The first morning after the slaughterfest on the beach. Some of the festival crew and attendees alike meet to exchange ideas on how better save themselves.
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Dahlia Adams  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Valerity  •  Karl Webb  •  Ethan Drake  •  Madison Wellson  •  Gregory Thomas  •
Comfort in Misery
(2018-07-18 • Conrad Wellson's Hut) Conrad and Maata come across Vanessa Templeton's corpse.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •
A Reporter has Questions
(2018-07-17 • Security Trailer) With the helicopter not an option, the Wellsons hide out in the security trailer with the head of security.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Madison Wellson  •  Thomas Lance  •
They Came From The Sea
(2018-07-17 • Festival Grounds) A protest... wakes the dead?
Cast  •   Cameron Cross  •  Eugene Warner  •  Liam Steele  •  Thomas Lance  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Dahlia Adams  •  Anton Grant  •  Conrad Wellson  •
Harbinger of Doom
(2018-07-17 • Security Trailer) Maata summons Conrad to tell him the bad news.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •
Crisis Radio Chatter
(2018-07-17 • Over the Festival Crew Radio) Once Buffy's footage of the kidnapping is streamed festival-wide, the festival crew radio really blows up with chatter.
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Anton Grant  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Liam Steele  •  Elena Firenze  •  Dahlia Adams  •
Not a Medical Emergency
(2018-07-17 • Chopper Staging Ground.) Anton gets the Wellson siblings to the helicopter.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Anton Grant  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Elena Firenze  •  Madison Wellson  •
Festival Crew Meeting about Skeletons
(2018-07-17 • Conrad Wellson's Hut) After Conrad was informed that the... dead had risen, he has to get that news out to his crew.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Elena Firenze  •  Karl Webb  •  Liam Steele  •  Anton Grant  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Dahlia Adams  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •
Visiting Victor Again
(2018-07-17 • Victor's Hut) Maata takes out some anger on Victor. Later, cooler heads manage to (barely) prevail.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Victor Kline  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Madison Wellson  •
Visiting Victor
(2018-07-16 • Victor Kline's Hut) After learning that the hostage negotation went well (enough), Conrad finally confronts Victor at the man's hut.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Victor Kline  •  Karl Webb  •  Anton Grant  •
Wellson Conference
(2018-07-16 • Conrad Wellson's Hut) Conrad, Madison and their lawyer, Karl, discuss everything that has gone wrong.
Cast  •   Karl Webb  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Madison Wellson  •
Help Is Not Coming
(2018-07-16 • Conrad Wellson's Hut) After the hostage negotation, Maata hunts down Conrad
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •
Calling Mr. Akala
(2018-07-16 • Security Trailer) Akala, the corrupt official who gave the Wellsons permission to hold the festival on the island, returns Conrad's call regarding the hostage crisis.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Madison Wellson  •  Karl Webb  •
Second Thoughts?
(2018-07-16 • Conrad Wellson's Hut) Having second thoughts about the ruins tour, Conrad warns Victor about the events of the boar hunt.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Victor Kline  •
Boar Investigation
(2018-07-16 • A large spare trailer) Liam is brought in to exam the augmented boar
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Liam Steele  •
The Great and Scary Boar Hunt
(2018-07-15 • A patch of jungle) KILL SCENE - Conrad's Great Boar Hunt goes terribly wrong
Cast  •   Cameron Cross  •  Connor Smith  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Daniel Park  •  Ethan Drake  •  Elena Firenze  •
Narrowing Down Suspects
(2018-07-14 • Maata's Hut) After speaking with Victor, Conrad narrows down his suspect list starting with Maata.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •
The Devil's Advocate Walks Into A Bar
(2018-07-14 • Tiki Bar) Victor plants some seeds in Conrad's mind.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Victor Kline  •
Checking the Feeds
(2018-07-13 • Security Trailer) The security feed for the cameras directed at the communication trailer are reviewed
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Liam Steele  •
Informing the Masses
(2018-07-13 • Small Stage) Conrad and his crew let the crowd know that despite the explosion, the Show Will Go On
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Madison Wellson  •
Festival Kickoff
(2018-07-13 • Security Trailer, then Outside the Communications Trailer) The Festival Kicks Off Hardcore style
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Karl Webb  •  Amy Erins  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Martin Skinner  •  Jonas Silva  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Liam Steele  •  Ethan Drake  •  Madison Wellson  •  Valerity  •  Eugene Warner  •  Elena Firenze  •  Dahlia Adams  •
At The Main Island Market
(2018-07-10 • Open Air Market) Name dropping, event prep, and a glimpse at the concert lineup in the middle of a busy marketplace. Oh and it was hotter than hell!
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Connor Smith  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Andrew McInverness  •
Festival Preparation - The Great Boar Hunt
(2018-07-08 • The Kitchen) Conrad runs into Maata in the Kitchen. Boar Hunting is brought up.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •