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Lennon Lester

on MUX as



The Bravo


High School Student

Apparent Age


Played By

Margot Robbie

Brave and brash, the bravado of the blindly bold. Leap from tall buildings, try the daring-est of fashion, the strangest of foods. There is nothing that is not worth doing, if just to prove that it can be done, and done with panache.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You're basically a bully, a ruffian, the one who has to be hard-edged and tough as nails. No one tells you what to do, and no one crosses you without a price.

Role in Bonds of Blood

Lennon is Karl's youngest with Claire, and the younger sister to Morrison Lester. She's currently a high school senior, which means that she's supposed to be tending to all the things good little teenagers do. She's a school yard bully, picking on others, beating them up and getting into fights with anyone that crosses her. One thing that she does that might seem like it'd soften her is she's artistic, a photographer, but it really doesn't seem to have softened her attitude at all. As much of a bully as she is, she can be slick, all flattery, all flirt, when the mood strikes her. It doesn't always work out for the target, though.

Temper: Lennon has a temper, it might be legendary except for the fact her last name is Lester, and that just seems like the way of things for that family.
Photography: It might be seen as a softer, more artistic side of her, and it could be....but she likes taking questionable photographs of darker things in addition to what she takes for the school newspaper. Dead flowers, how the shadows play across an abandoned rusty water can in the back yard. Very artistically done.
Newspaper: It's hard to say if she's actually into it, or just doing it because it's easy access to being nosy.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Normal
Spirit: Normal

Perks and Quirks

+ Youthful Exuberance (10pt - Free)
+ Bloodline Trait (10pt - Free)

Keen senses and animal friendship. Get +1 on any roll involving their senses, and can roll Spirit to befriend animals and interact positively with them.
+ Bloodline Boon (20pt)

Can roll Spirit to trigger Freak-Out in others through feral intimidation - even Vampires. An exceptional success puts the target at -1 on the Freak-Out Check.
+ Back For More (30pt)
- Unreliable (10pt)
- Bloodline Taint (10pt)

Temper. The Director will tell you when this is triggered, or you can choose in non-directed scenes. Must roll Spirit to resist lashing out (verbally or physically, up to you) in anger
- Bloodline Bane (20pts)

Lunacy and Silver Allergy. On the full moon, you are -1 to all Spirit rolls EXCEPT intimidation, which gets an additional +1. Silver causes a -1 to rolls if in skin contact.
- Tasted Blood (20pts)
- Jilted Lover II/II


Bravo2Blood2.jpg Bravo2Blood3.jpg Bravo2Blood4.jpg Bravo2Blood5.jpg

Beast Lester1.jpg

Big Brother

Factory Worker/Boxer

Morrison is the best. Sure, he's got a temper, he's rough around the edges, he likes fights. But so does Lennon. He gets her.


NOT Half-Brother

Senior in High School

For eleven years, eleven WHOLE YEARS. Then bam, not family. Who cares, right? He's still family. They both are.


NOT Half-Brother

Student/Smug Little Shit

For eleven years, eleven WHOLE YEARS. Then bam, not family. Who cares, right? He's still family. They both are.



Mechanic/Assistant Manager at Lester's Auto

Older cousin...she's the sort of role model every girl needs. She has heart beneath it all, though. Maybe.



High School Student




High School Student

It is a thing. Happened over the past summer, and somehow she hasn't killed him yet, and he hasn't run for the hills. Something is clearly broken as hell.


Devereux Jaden Marchant

Wild Child

He buys things, which means that it never hurts to keep him thinking he's a friend. Easy enough, right?


Cash Freeland

High School Senior

Might be a friend? Certainly a puppy.

BV3 Bloomquist 00.jpg

Zane Bloomquist

Future Broadway Star

Definitely a friend, but a friend that can maybe get their dad to let her show some photographs in the gallery.

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