Susan "Suzy Q" Quinlan

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Susan "Suzy Q" Quinlan

on MUX as

The Bon-Vivant



Apparent Age


Played By

The Bon-Vivant


Role in Bonds of Blood

Suzy is a senior in high school, and somewhere someone is probably cursing a losing bet. She's spent her share of time in detention for various offenses (including but not restricted to ditching, writing on desks, and smoking behind the gym), and has absolutely perfected the art of looking bored out of her mind in class, but the latter is partially because she often is in fact bored out of her mind, and quietly gets straight As with little to no effort.

She doesn't participate in any sports, or even attend PE any more often than she can possibly get away with, and while she intermittently gets involved with theatre tech, it's not really her Thing, per se. That would be music, though nothing the school band or orchestra classes will let her play. She's a pretty decent drummer, and has filled the position in a handful of bands so far, none of which has lasted more than a semester and a half. While her parents put up with the drumming as long as her grades stay up, they refuse to subsidise her CDs-and-concerts habit or fashion sense, so she spends a fair number of afternoons and weekends working in her friend Sheena's clothing store. It's all for the music, man!

Note: Probably available as a JL2 if you need one and she'd suit!


Brawn: Poor
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Good
Spirit: Normal

Perks and Quirks

+ Youthful Exuberance

Your 3GP cost for a re-roll is waived. Obviously you're young and indestructible.
- Unreliable

Even at their best, they're still kids and not always taken seriously or believed. It can further get them in trouble for being out late, being somewhere they aren't supposed to be, and so on.

Tall, slim, dark-haired, ready to headbang or mosh at a moment's notice. Favours black, denim, and black denim; denim vests or black leather jackets both covered in band patches tend to layer over black band tees and torn jeans, shredded leggings, or ripped tights under shorts. On her grungier days, there's a flannel around her waist. Most days, there's a heavy bullet or studded belt around her hips, holding up absolutely nothing. Some days, there's black leather wristbands. Virtually all days, there's combat boots. Wears heavy eyeliner and striking lipstick and has probably been told she'd "be so pretty if" by at least three relatives in the last year.



Gang Kid

Older sister. Georgia was Miss Popular and The Perfect Daughter - all fake as shit, but mom and dad bought it. Then she graduated a few years ago and ran off with some biker gang. So much for that.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

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