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Marc Westin

on MUX as

The Beast


The Beast


Frat Boy

Apparent Age


Played By

Thore Scholermann

Faction Membership


He is the one who is willing to make the hard call, to get blood on his hands, to do what is necessary when no one else is willing to do so. Detached, for one reason or another, The Beast can be cold, ruthless, and without mercy. Sometimes charismatic, sometimes distant, sometimes with claws out, and sometimes silent, but always a predator.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Someone has to do the things that need to be done, and that's you. Some think you're cruel, or savage, or a sociopath. You know what you really are: Necessary.

Role in Slasher

Keep your head down. Lead with your shoulder. Follow through. Those are the words Marc has lived by, on the ice and off. On the ice, he's a force of nature and has been since he was young. He can pass and shoot okay, but he doesn't score a lot of points. He's not meant to. In hockey, he's what's known as an enforcer. He hits hard and makes opponents shy away from whatever area he's in, helping control the flow of the game.

Of the ice, it's not much different. That quiet rage never really goes away, and he's not sure why. Or maybe he is, and doesn't want to think about it. He does the things he's supposed to, is a good brother in the fraternity, and mostly stays out of trouble. No point thinking about things that can't be fixed.

Keep your head down. Lead with your shoulder. Follow through.

'Enforcer: On the ice and in the frat, he's one of the protectors of the group. He's the nasty one.

Temper, Temper: He has one. Got a problem with it?


Brawn: Good
+ Great Stamina (Positive)

He's athletic and used to training hard and maintaining physical strain for a while.
+ Brawler (Positive)

Went to a fight and hockey game broke out. He can throw a good punch.
Finesse: Normal
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)

Quick on his feet, and on skates.
Brains: Normal
- No Survival Skills (Negative)

"Roughing It" is a 3 star hotel. Does not know how to operate in the wilderness.
- Academically Weak (Negative)

Barely maintains the grades to maintain his scholarship. Little book knowledge.
+ Observant (Positive)

He has the ability to effectively read his surroundings and notice things others might miss.
Spirit: Normal
- Quick Temper (Negative)

Has a bit of a hot head, and can get riled up easily when the right buttons are pushed.
+ Charismatic (Positive)

He likes a good party, having a good time, and making sure others are as well.
+ Strong Willed (Positive)

If it's something he needs to put his will behind, he will power through.

Perks and Quirks

- Jilted Lover II (20pts)

The Explorer's SR, Marion, who was one of his best friends, until Marion decided that he wanted it to be more, and Marc freaked out. Since then things have been super, super awkward. All the awkward.
- Jilted Lover II (20pts)

The Rogue's SR, Hyacinth, who he dated for a while. She had their whole life planned out, and then she dumped him. He wasn't aware that his job was then to come crawling back. She's going to show him where he went wrong and fix it.
- Doomed (30pts)

He's going to die horribly. Horribly horribly.
+ Area of Expertise (Free - College)

Not sure what his major is yet so not sure what his area of expertise would be. Could be athletics (Hockey).
+ From Beyond the Grave (10pts)
+ Adrenaline Boost (10pts)
+ Good Luck (10pts)
+ Steel Yourself (20pts)

SR Hya2.jpg

Hyacinth Mackie

Sorority Sister

Marc dated her for a while. She had their whole lives mapped out in terrifying detail. Then she broke up with him. No greater relief was felt. Unfortunately, it didn't stick.

ExplorerSlasher SR1.jpg

Marion "Mack" Roberts

College Student

Friends. Just friends. But Marion wanted them to be more than friends, and it freaked Marc out. Their longtime friendship became awkward and rocky quickly, and Marc dodged him entirely for months. Things are still awkward. Super awkward.

Loner Angus.jpg

Angus "Gus" McQueen

Frat Boy

One of Marc's buddies from the frat. They've been in it together for a couple of years now. Drinking pals, instigator of shenanigans, and Gus thinks it's hilariously funny to watch the situation with Marc's exes.

Loner McQueen.png

Julian McQueen

Reluctant "Frat" Boy

Gus' younger brother. He joined the frat because his big brother pushed him into it. Marc can't help but feel for the guy. He's quiet and introverted, and the frat is by and large, loud and rowdy. He likes the quieter guy's company.


Danny Novak

Frat Boy / Future Burnout

The bearer of the weed. He's a little out there, but not a bad sort. Keep Hyacinth distracted and we'll be buds forever.

BV3 Dixon 01.jpg

Scott Dixon

Frat Social Chair

Danny's band-mate and always a little late to the party. Not our fault you can't keep up, dude.

Beast lucy westin.jpg

Lucy Westin

College Student

The twin. Trouble. Hopefully she'll spend more time with Gus, and less time encouraging Hyacinth.

Martyr3 02.jpg

Finn O'Neil


Came blundering through the woods and into the frat boys while they were smoking it up. Seems a good enough sort.

Matt Beer.jpg

Matthew Pryce


Roomie at the Lodge. No studying allowed! These two weeks are for relaxing only. And okay, okay, no hiking.

Beast lucy westin.jpg

Lucy Westin (Slasher)

College Student
Lucy is Marc's twin sister. She's a major in Fine Arts - Photography and came along because she is besties with Hyacinth Mackie, Marc's ex. What better way to torment her twin than to spend the entire trip with Hyacinth encouraging them to get back together. Oh, not to mention there's a whole lot of hot frat boys to flirt with.

Rachel Linwood.jpg

Rachel Linwood (Slasher)

Rachel has been a cook at the Eager Beaver lodge for the past couple of years. She doesn't believe in any kind of ghost stories or spooky shit, and she's had about enough of those who feel compelled to nick her ingredients from the kitchen (Looking at you, Lucas). She's good at her job and brooks no nonsense from anyone.

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust


It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led

Somewhere beyond the pavement

You'll find the living dead.

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo

Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville
(2019-02-27 • Burned Out Bunker) Julian wakes up and has some help from Marc getting out of the burning bunker.
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Chain of Fools
(2019-02-26 • Tunnel Leading to Freezer) Cassandra leads a group into the bunker to burn the bodies and if need be, to distract Mahoney from the counter-ritual. With some heavy losses, they accomplish their mission.
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot
(2019-02-11 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed) Refueling the emergency generator: part deux.
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Message in a Bottle
(2019-02-08 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Radio Room) Sending out an S.O.S.
The Radio Crew finally sends the broadcast and hits mainland! They also find the issue is bigger than they perceived right before someone tries to crash their party.
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Spirits in the Material World
(2019-02-07 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Emily leads another few seances using the Ouija board which is met by skepticism and some animosity from both the living and the dead.
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Ticket to Ride
(2019-02-05 • Matt's Room, The Great Room, The Bar) Matthew has a strange dream, which sends he and his roommates on a quest.
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Smalltown Boy
(2019-02-03 • Main Lodge - Radio Room) Julian brings his roommates to talk to Lyle about Emily's idea for Alvin's seance. Marc confides a truth, and Matt shares his experiences that play parallel to the present predicament.
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I Wanna Be Sedated
(2019-01-26 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Christine's Office) The guys work on the radio,, and Matt takes a look at Lyle's eye to work on keeping it clean. The most hardcore Nu Mu Beta initiation ritual ever ensues.
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Fish Heads
(2019-01-26 • Tunnels) The tunnels are explored.
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Gin Soaked Boy
(2019-01-22 • Room 212) In the aftermath of the death of Gus at the shed, his brother and best friend have to come to terms with what that means going forward.
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Take Me Out to the Ballgame
(2019-01-19 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Slugger wants to play ball, with the guests' heads.
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The Way It Is
(2019-01-17 • Room 212) In the aftermath of the kitchen incident three frat boys discuss matters.
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(2019-01-17 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) Escaping the terror of Big Boy, the students end up in the great room, reeling over the sudden loss of one of their own as they call for help from the staff.
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Big Boys Don't Cry
(2019-01-17 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Dining Hall) A few students in the dining room hear noises and screaming in the kitchen. An encounter with Big Boy claims the first life from Zeta Eta Pi.
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Cities in Dust
(2019-01-16 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Bar and Lounge) The damage from the bar turns out to be minimal compared to the damage Ethan's surprise news inflicts.
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Ballroom Blitz
(2019-01-10 • Lakeshore) Certified Sex Gods have their show on the beach. There's booze, drugs, a bonfire, a bouncy castle, and two all-out brawls that end in a shower of fire retardant and rain. All in all, it's probably one of their best shows.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Marc Westin  •  Lucy Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Justin Tanner  •  Laine Gallagher  •  Troy "Mack" Mackenzie  •  Derek Bloom  •  Kaspar Henrik  •  Michael Black  •  Russell Daniels  •  Addison Barrett  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Julian McQueen  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Ethan Drake  •  Darcy Mercer  •  Emily Reed  •  Jessica Nichols  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Dashiel Bauer  •  Olivia Robinson  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •  Nicholas Fletcher  •
What I Am
(2019-01-10 • Julian and Gus' Room) Some heart to heart and some confessions.
Cast  •   Marc Westin  •  Julian McQueen  •
Coming Out and Haunted Heads
(2019-01-09 • Marc and Matt's Room - Lodge) Marc and Matt talk after returning from the frat bonding in the woods, only to hear the sound of something heavy thudding against the window. Severed heads and film students follow.
Cast  •   Marc Westin  •  Matthew Pryce  •  Xavier Santos  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •
Deep In the Woods
(2019-01-07 • Deep Woods) A few frat bros head into the deep woods to have a little party of their own. Something watches them, out there in the dark. Then a few other people show up, and the good times continue.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Marc Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Julian McQueen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Matthew Pryce  •
Dinner Hour
(2019-01-06 • Dining Hall) Visitors and staff alike stop in for a bite to eat. Many things get discussed, including bouncy castles, obscure bands, and the upcoming party.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Tommy Rodgers  •  Marc Westin  •  Lucy Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Christine Lake  •  Addison Barrett  •  Thomas Hill  •  Julian McQueen  •  Finn O'Neil  •  Jonathan Hawkins  •  Emily Reed  •  Jessica Nichols  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Hyacinth Mackie  •  Kimberly Constance Alistair  •  Adam Malcom Walker  •
A Chat on the Future
(2019-01-05 • Beaver Lake - Lake Shore) A chat on the beach about the future.
Cast  •   Marc Westin  •  Julian McQueen  •
And So It Begins
(2019-01-05 • Eager Beaver Lodge - Great Room) And the guests start to pile in, a Wall Street Journal actually makes an appearance, and hyjinks ensue.
Cast  •   Roxie Moretti  •  Christian Price  •  Julian McQueen  •  Angus "Gus" McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •  Bastian Roen  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Candice Flick  •  Ethan Drake  •  Ranier "Rat" Tattersall  •
Greasy Spoon
(2019-01-03 • Greasy Spoon) A stop at a diner on the road to the lodge.
Cast  •   Marc Westin  •  Julian McQueen  •
Flat Tire
(2019-01-03 • In the Woods) The bus breaks down on the way to the lodge, and a few frat brothers slip off for a little R&R while it gets fixed.
Cast  •   Danny Novak  •  Marc Westin  •  Scott Dixon  •  Julian McQueen  •  Matthew Pryce  •
Frat Bus
(2019-01-02 • Rented Bus) The Frat rents a bus for some of those traveling to the Eager Beaver Lodge together.
Cast  •   Marc Westin  •  Danny Novak  •  Matthew Pryce  •
At the Frat House
(2018-12-29 • Frat House) A couple of weeks before the trip, some of the Frat talk about plans and accommodations.
Cast  •   Julian McQueen  •  Marc Westin  •  Matthew Pryce  •