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The Beast


The Beast


The Thunderbird

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Played By

Thore Scholermann

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He is the one who is willing to make the hard call, to get blood on his hands, to do what is necessary when no one else is willing to do so. Detached, for one reason or another, The Beast can be cold, ruthless, and without mercy. Sometimes charismatic, sometimes distant, sometimes with claws out, and sometimes silent, but always a predator.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Someone has to do the things that need to be done, and that's you. Some think you're cruel, or savage, or a sociopath. You know what you really are: Necessary.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

The Thunderbird was here before man called this land America, and he brought the storms, and the rains, and flew with others like him around a great mountain in the sky. He reveled in heroic deeds of great hunters, and the thrill of fighting and the hunt. But his people have been forced almost to extinction, and the way to the mountain in the sky has long been shut, his brothers and sisters have long since ceased answering his call -- whether because they cannot, or will not, or because they have already fallen, he can't be sure.

Life at the Carnival

He is the Thunderbird, one of the fantastic creature acts in the show, an enormous bird that would be impressive by size alone if it weren't for the electricity that crackles around him, flickering in his eyes, and the thunderous clap of his wings. He always draws a crowd from a fascinated audience, who delight at watching the lightning and hearing the thunder, feeling the static electricity in the air and daring to get close to the dangerous beast. He performs in the big top where he has room to fly.

When he is not performing, he will sometimes wander the midway and just keep his eyes on things -- not an official part of security, but there to help if needed.

Beast Carnival.jpg


Faces (Fantastic Creature)

Keme is the human form that the Thunderbird takes to walk among the mortals.


  • Breaks up Brawls. He will occasionally be there to drag people off one another if things get too rowdy.
  • Survivor. He will fight to survive, and to keep his memory alive in the people around him for as long as he can, even though he knows it is a losing battle.
  • Unsettling. He tends to unsettle mortals around him, sometimes intentionally, but more often than not, unintentionally.


Brawn: Good
+ Raw Strength (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Native Lore (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
- Stubborn (Negative)
+ Natural Leader (Positive)

Perks and Quirks

- Weakness (Major): Confinement

Put him in a box, a cage, bind him with chains, put him in a bag. Any confinement that he can't escape can slowly kill him. Note: The space must be small/movement restrictive -- a carnival tent doesn't count.
- Archaic Mind

Can't drive, stays away from radios and things because he shorts them out from time to time, etc.
- Freak

Keme's hair is interspersed with black and electric blue feathers, that are obviously part of him, and not merely affixed.
- Bestial

He radiates an aura of a coming storm, intimidating and electric. It unsettles most mortals around him.
+ Shapeshifter (Human)

Free: Monster
+ Power (Major): Summon Storm - Brawn

Can create a thunderstorm in the area from nothing.
+ Power (Minor): Electrify - Spirit

Can cause the static in the air to spark and arc with electricity.

Beast lee mueller.jpg

Lee Mueller (Carnival)

Lee helps with the set up and tear down of the Carnival, and some general repairs when things need fixing.

Beast dan bishop.jpg

Dan Bishop (Carnival)

Peanut Vendor
Dan helps out selling roasted peanuts from a cart at the carnival.

Beast jeanette truveau.jpg

Jeanette Truveau (Carnival)

She sews costumes and mends clothes, tents, and banners as needed.

No badges for Carnival.

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