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Sean Winters

on MUX as

The Beast


High School Student

Apparent Age


Played By

The Beast

Role in Bonds of Blood

Sean's a senior at the high school, involved in drama, charming, charismatic, but not the strongest academically.

The following are starting hooks. Always open to connections.

  • Drama Kid - He's a good actor, dancer, singer, and has a love of performing.
  • Divorced Parents - His folks fight a lot, and their fighting has made home life toxic. He spends as much time away as possible.
  • Fighting Inept - He has no idea how to even begin to throw a punch. He's the last person you'd want in a fight.


Brawn: Poor
- Lover Not a Fighter (Negative)
Finesse: Normal
+ Light on his Feet (Positive)
Brains: Normal
Spirit: Good
+ Acting Skills (Positive)
+ Charming (Positive)



Gang Kid

Fragile and sensitive older sister. Nora didn't handle all the fighting and divorce nearly as well. There were numerous incidents of running away from home, and a few cry-for-help 'suicide' attempts over the years, but one day after the split she just never came home. Police confirmed she's not dead, but as she's an adult they can't do anything. She lives with some biker gang North of town.


Spear Thistle

Gadfly Gloomcookie

Spear Thistle is an odd duck, but he has some cool weird stuff, and he's good company. Sean likes to wander with him when he gets off track. It's an excuse not to go home, and he likes the company.


Star Thistle

Creepy Goth Kid

Star is Spear's sister, a fellow Drama kid, and has a badass pink hearse. She's cool as hell. He's never found the Thistles particularly creepy. They're interesting.


Devereux Jaden Marchant

Wild Child

Fellow drama program member, excellent dancer and choreographer. Talented, dramatic. He'll do well in NYC.


Silver Luna Thistle

Senior Morbid Thistle Student

Star and Spear's sister. Drinking drug wine from sketchy goth chicks on the beach sounds like a bad plan.


Amy Lester

High School Student

This chick could break most of the class in half when she gets pissed off, but at least you always know where you stand with her.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

Prom Night 1994
(2019-09-28 • Prom Night) Against all expectations and odds, everyone has made it to Prom Night, for Lake Havasu High's class of 1994, in one piece.
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Monsters We Are
(2019-09-26 • Topock) Sean and Star go to Topock to find Nora and talk to her. Sean panics. Star pushes him to say what he needs to say.
Cast  •   Star Thistle  •  Sean Winters  •
Lost Highway
(2019-09-15 • Pink Hearse) Star drives Sean home after they leave the movie night slumber party.
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Movie Night at Marchant Manor
(2019-09-12 • Marchant House) There's a sleepover in the Marchant home theater, with burgers, popcorn, and Buffy.
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Viva la Masquerade
(2019-08-19 • Marchant House) The Marchant triplets throw a masquerade party to celebrate Spring Break. Everyone who's anyone is there. It's the event of the season!
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She's In Parties
(2019-08-17 • Lake Havasu - High School) Sean catches Star before Spring Break
Cast  •   Sean Winters  •  Star Thistle  •
Villains In History
(2019-08-12 • History Class) Ian Thistle holds a theatrical history class about Villains in History, having students dress in costume, and then discuss what makes someone a villain, versus a hero. The nature of evil is on the table and the kids have a good think on it.
Cast  •   James Thistle  •  Sean Winters  •  Justin Michaels  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Lana Reed  •  Jonny Lester  •  Landon Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  Ian Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Amy Lester  •  Spear Thistle  •
Secrets Shows and Silver Screens
(2019-08-11 • Thistle Living Room) Silver drags Sean inside and drags some truth out of him before they talk about the show, and watch a movie.
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Wish You Were Here
(2019-08-11 • Cemetary) Hector, Sean, Cash, and Silver meet over music and talk amoung the stones.
Cast  •   Sean Winters  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Cash Freeland  •
Encounter at Rotary Park
(2019-08-08 • Lake Havasu - Rotary Park) Hector runs into Morrison at Rotary Park. Amy, Cash, and Jade show up, and there's a confrontation. Morrison leaves, and those remaining talk. Silver and Sean happen upon Amy and Jade after everything is over.
Cast  •   Hector de la Huerta  •  Amy Lester  •  Morrison Lester  •  Cash Freeland  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Sean Winters  •
A Snowflake in Arizona
(2019-08-07 • Winters Apartment) Nora comes to visit her brother who thinks it's all a dream.
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