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Michael Stanhope

Also Known As

Mr. Stanhope

on MUX as

The Beast


French Teacher

Apparent Age


Played By

The Beast

Role in Bonds of Blood

Michael Stanhope is a French teacher at the High School and has been for the last fifteen years. He's known for riding a motorcycle to class, giving no fucks, swearing in French, and throwing plastic fruit at students.

The following are just starting hooks. Always open to any interesting connections.

  • French Teacher - Teaches at the high school
  • Biker - Loves his Honda Shadow Cruiser.
  • Zero Fucks - He is good at what he does and must not actually need this job, because he certainly acts like he can't be fired.


Brawn: Normal
- Easily Winded (Negative)
Finesse: Normal
+ Excellent Aim (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Linguist (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
+ Unflappable (Positive)

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

Les Notes
(2019-09-10 • Lake Havasu - High School) Lucas and Jade attend French class.
Cast  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Michael Stanhope  •
Dirty French Limericks
(2019-09-03 • Lake Havasu - High School) He would have given her an A if they had all been in French.
Cast  •   Georgina "George" Lester  •  Michael Stanhope  •