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The Beast

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Role in The Last Road

Kit has always been a Scavenger. His father had been a Scavenger. He knew nothing of his mother. She'd left his father when he was too young to remember, and his father never spoke of her. He grew up in Sanctuary, and used his quickness to sneak in and out of places and obtain the things that people needed. He liked the challenge of sourcing specific things rather than just going out and taking whatever he could find. That lead him to get into his share of trouble, but then, trouble was what kept life interesting.

Open to any connections.

  • Scavenger - Born a scavenger. Always a scavenger.
  • Fixer - Likes to find specific things for people who need them.


Brawn: Poor
Finesse: Good
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)

Fast on his feet.
Brains: Good
+ Resourceful (Positive)

Good at knowing where to find what's needed at any given time.
+ Quick Witted (Positive)

Good at reacting to things on the fly.
Spirit: Poor
- Rabbit Run (Negative)

He who lives and runs away, lives to flee another day.

Perks and Quirks

+ Self-Sufficient

Vehicle - 6 pts for 2 Nitro Boosts, 3 pts for 2 Armor. His car is fast but not particularly strong. Built for running.
- Outsider
- Illiterate
+ Wasteland Explorer

No badges for The Last Road.

Nothing to See Here
(2019-12-02 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Central) Some trading and questions in the scavenger's marketplace.
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