The Avant-Garde

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The Avant-Garde

Known As

Cameron Cross
Bailey Marks
Zachariah DeWitt

on MUX as

The Avant-Garde

Has Been

Social Media Star
Interstellar Megastar

Apparent Age


Played By

Tom Holland

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He is not the guy who blends in, no; he's the guy who shines and draws attention to himself. Sometimes its just that he has the best clothes, sometimes its that his job is to draw attention, but sometimes its just all about having the best toys. He's the trailblazer that sets the path for others to follow (in whatever it is that's most relevant and flashy in the setting), because he's always in the front of the pack.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You always stand out, on the cutting edge of fashion, or technology, or whatever else is hot and fresh. Blaze your own path and light the way for others to follow.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

iPhone: It gets no bars, no wifi, and none of the apps work but photos and videos -- and they show only the images of Chase.

Alien Mutation

No memento mori from this story yet.

Prosperity's Price

No memento mori from this story yet.


Chance Green (Isle of Dread)

Social Media Star
Between Chase and Cameron, they're a power team in social media, with fans feeding off of their friendship and crazy antics.


Chase Marks (Alien Mutation)

Personal Assistant
He's young for the job, but he does the whole having everything just the way it needs to be thing quite well -- as the best friend to Lady Eve and her brother Bailey since they were practically toddlers, that might have a lot to do with it.

He married Bailey six months ago and this entire adventure might be at least partly a honeymoon.


Freddy West (Alien Mutation)

He's personal security, and high paid at that. Good with weapons and just punching people, he's all business.


Claire Markham (Alien Mutation)

Lawyer & Business Manager
She's a one size fits all lawyer: she is a badass in negotiations and will strangle you with contracts, and she's always there right where she needs to be.

She's been representing Event Horizon at least indirectly since day one-- back then she was representing the talent agency that signed Lady Eve-- but these days she's with the superstar 24/7.


Priyanka Kumar (Isle of Dread)

Talent Agent

She knows trends, and social media is the trend of all trends. So she finds handsome boys, pretty girls, and makes stars out of them. Its all about networking and knowing when to take advantage of the unexpected. Social media is only a stepping stone, and she gets 10%.


Tom Abrams (Isle of Dread)

He's paid to follow this annoying little brat and his posse around, and pretend like they actually deserve the fame and money they get for doing absolutely nothing. He resents the kid.


Cameron Cross (Isle of Dread)

Everyone thought you were odd growing up. They just didn't get you. But now hundreds of thousands do, and you are a star. You shine like you were always meant to. You remember where you come from, though, and you're never going back. Being a social media superstar is basically getting rich and famous for being you, which you do regardless, so everything else is gravy. You try not to let it go to your head, but it's hard. You're awesome!

You were personally invited to the festival by the Wellson siblings. They're semi-wealthy business types hoping to get huge by throwing an awesome festival. Works for you! Best case scenario, you have a blast, gett lots of content, and they look good. Worst case scenario, you get a free vacation.


Bailey Marks (Alien Mutation)

You're just about the hottest act in the galaxy - you started on Earth of course, but now you're everywhere. You were offered a residency at Eclipse by Penumbra before it opened, and you've been headlining there ever since. You and the rest of the talent arrive about 45 days before tourist season to rehearse, get settled in, and be prepared for opening, so you've seen the Noc at capacity during peak tourism and nearly empty at the end of refinery season. You actually like it when it's just the skeleton crew - it's so much easier to go places and slum it with the workers, which you enjoy. It keeps you normal, grounded. You have a full penthouse in Eclipse, your own staff, your own elevator and access to various places within the resort, especially the theater, and anything you ask for is generally provided by Pandora, the Synthetic that manages all of the performers. You're pretty much royalty here.


Zachariah DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)


Those We Lost
(2018-08-02 • Dining Hall) The Beast and Avant-Guard discuss those who are still missing -- Chase, Dax, Lil and the personal items left behind.
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The Survivors Arrive at the Facility
(2018-08-01 • The Facility Parlor) Many new Archetypes appear in the Facility, those of the survivors, thus stirring up confusion on whether they are all dead or alive or what.
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Waking Up Is Hard To Do
(2018-07-30 • The Facility) Some of the sacrifice volunteers wake up in the facility, and find others already there, and some things that have changed.
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Digging a way out
(2018-07-22 • The Facility) The Archetypes have brunch as they discuss about love, their memories and this prison that they've found themselves in. The Avant-Garde is trying to tunnel his way out through out all of this.
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Four New Arrivals
(2018-07-22 • The Facility) After the sacrifice on the island, several new Archetypes show up in the Facility
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