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Choosing an Archetype

Available Achetypes are listed here. Feel free to look them over and pick one from the list. Once you've found one you like, make a wiki account and notify The Director on the game via +job with the Archetype you want and your wiki ID. She will remove it from the list and give you Write privileges on the wiki to personalize your page.

List of Archetypes

At present, we have the following Archetypes available. They can be customized to your liking as far as PB, gender, etc., and will be given new roles in the next story. Don't feel constrained by their current wiki. They are:

Archetypes Available

The Adjudicator
(Currently Available)
The Athlete
(Currently Available)
The Dabbler
(Currently Available)
The Healer
(Currently Available)
The Judge
(Currently Available)
The Rebel
(Currently Available)
The Scientist
(Currently Available)
The Soldier
(Currently Available)
The Vigilante
(Currently Available)

Please note: there are a few more potential archetypes than the maximum number the game can support at one time. As a result, unclaimed archetypes may cycle in and out of rotation, retirement, and availability.

All archetypes are listed here. Those marked 'not currently in play' may cycle in and out. Those marked 'retired' will not reappear in circulation; please don't request them.

Master Archetype List

The Addict
It may change from story to story, but there's always a deep, insatiable hunger for something - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, sex, attention - and the worse the craving gets, the more unpredictable you get.
The Adherent
Every story has a dominant paradigm, and you follow it. The world is the world, the system is the system, and the rules are the rules. Without that structure nothing makes sense or has meaning.
The Adjudicator
Conflict - it's what makes a story go. You are always trying to solve them, to get everyone to work together and be on the same page. You know what's fair, and that's what matters.
The Advisor
Risks are for other people. You know a lot about a lot, though, and you're always ready with advice. Is it your fault they don't always listen?
The Analyst
Patterns are everywhere, and data is paramount. No one can look at the data like you can, making sense out of the seeming randomness of life. If there's a hidden meaning, you'll find it.
The Artist
You have to express yourself, in whatever way you can. Beauty, art, song, these are the things life is about, and you see them all around you. They're everywhere. You want to leave your own mark, too.
The Athlete
You're strong, or fast, or coordinated - or all of the above. You're also a competitor, pushing yourself to do more and be better at every opportunity.
The Avant-Garde
You always stand out, on the cutting edge of fashion, or technology, or whatever else is hot and fresh. Blaze your own path and light the way for others to follow.
The Beast
Someone has to do the things that need to be done, and that's you. Some think you're cruel, or savage, or a sociopath. You know what you really are: Necessary.
The Bon-Vivant
Today you shall party, for tomorrow you'll probably die. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every last thing you can, and always leave a fabulous corpse. The world is ending - drink up!
The Bravo
You're basically a bully, a ruffian, the one who has to be hard-edged and tough as nails. No one tells you what to do, and no one crosses you without a price.
The Capitalist
Even in the darkest times, people have wants and needs. You're there to get it for them. It has a cost, of course, but that's how the world works. Any situation can be made profitable.
The Caregiver
You nurture, protect and guide those who need it most, and nothing makes you happier than being needed. You're always ready with a shoulder to cry on, some bandages and a few encouraging words.
The Caretaker
Someone has to keep things running, fix what's broken, or just clean up the messes everyone else makes. That's you. They never seem to appreciate you like they should, but they need you.
The Competitor
For some people, everything is a contest and there are always winners and losers. You're a winner. You live to compete and thrive on success and glory.
The Confidant
There's always that one person that people just innately trust and can talk to about pretty much anything, and you're that person. You help them with their problems and share the weight of their burdens.
The Coward
Heroes run into danger. You prefer to watch from a safe place. You survive because you always disappear when danger rears it's head, or at least you convenalwaysiently hide behind the person bigger than you.
The Creepshow
You revel in the strange and unusual because you yourself are strange and unusual. You're fascinated by the things that give others nightmares, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.
The Crusader
You're driven to do what's right, especially when it's dangerous or unpopular. Conviction has no meaning if it can be discarded as inconvenient.
The Dabbler
You know a little bit about a lot, and you can be quite useful at the strangest times. You never stick with any one thing long enough to master it, though, because something new always comes along.
The Defender
You look out for those who need it most, those who can't protect themselves. You put others before yourself in the name of the greater good, and you accept that you'll probably go out saving someone else.
The Deviant
You always march to your own beat, and you enjoy bucking the system. Making others step outside of their comfort zone is something you strive for, especially if they learn something from it. Blind faith is a prison.
The Explorer
You want to see everything and go everywhere. Curiosity drives you, and often it drives you into ditches filled with bad stuff, but that's just called the scenic route.
The Fatalist
You're all going to die. Just watch. This will never work out, and you told them so, but they ignored you. Anything that does work out is just setting you up for a bigger letdown later.
The Fool
You daydream through life, walking off of cliffs following butterflies. There's a certain wisdom and serenity to your blissful reverie, a freedom that others don't get. Oh well.
The Gambler
You can't win if you don't play, as the saying goes. Risk brings reward, and you're the one willing to get the biggest rewards. Sometimes it all goes wrong, but that's luck for you.
The Healer
You're driven to fix others, body, mind or spirit. You can't stand to see others suffer or in distress. Do what you can for those in need and make the world a better place one person at a time.
The Heretic
You're a troll, a provocateur, always saying what no one wants to hear. Someone has to, because people need to hear it. You're the devil's advocate of every situation.
The Hunter
Stalking, tracking and observing, that's your trade. You go into the dangerous places and figure out what's going on. You rarely attack head-on, though. That's for heroes and idiots. You plan and use every advantage you can.
The Idealist
Every story has a moral, and finding and furthering it is what you do. You believe firmly in something and you seek to show others that truth, no matter the cost.
The Innocent
You're in over your head and not prepared for any of this. You look for others to protect you and keep you safe, and your naivete only makes that harder.
The Judge
Right and wrong is pretty simple, and you always know it when you see it. Others might think you're self-righteous or quick to judge, but they don't have the moral compass that you do.
The Loner
You don't play well with others or make friends easily, but that's because people can't hurt you if you never give them a chance to. You get that there's safety in numbers, you just avoid getting attached.
The Lover
You need others, need interaction and emotion. Feeling is how you know you're alive. You are not a fighter, unless they threaten what you care about, in which case you'll cut a bitch.
The Martyr
Sacrifice is the highest calling and most noble endeavor. You give and give, and then you give some more. Others need things more than you do, anyway.
The Medic
You're cool under pressure and Johnny on the spot. Getting things done and patching up leaks is what you do best, and under fire is where you thrive. No one gets left behind on your watch.
The Melancholic
Does any of this even matter? There's a strange freedom in ennui, in knowing that none of this may be real or important in the end. It can be liberating to not hold on to sentimentality.
The Optimist
The world can be a better place. It has to be possible, or why even bother? You know you can pull it off, whatever it is, and things will be all right in the end.
The Pedagogue
Learning and teaching, that's what's important. You will never know even a fraction of everything there is to know, and that inspires you to try. Teaching others makes you happiest of all.
The Penitent
Somehow, it's your fault. You did a bad thing, but now you can atone and make it right. Balance the scales. Your burden is heavy, but it's yours to bear.
The Perfectionist
Nothing is ever good enough, and no one is perfect. It drives you crazy. The perfect isn't the enemy of the good, it's superior to it. Always expect more of yourself and others.
The Rebel
The system is a trap, and authority is a prison. Buck the system, question authority, and always be true to yourself. Your integrity is all you really have.
The Rogue
Some people just can't stay out of trouble. They push the button, open the door, check the basement, or whatever it is they know they shouldn't. They can't help it. Adventure is fun.
The Scholar
Education. History. Facts. These are the building blocks of society, and you are their loyal subject. You strive to understand the world around you and learn something new in every situation. You can never know too much.
The Scientist
Everything has an explanation, you just have to understand how it works. Magic is only science that isn't yet understood. You live in the rational, reasoning world where there's a rule or law behind everything.
The Soldier
You are a cog in a bigger machine, and you do your duty. You may not be an actual warrior every story, but you serve in your own way and follow orders. It's what you were born to do.
The Stoic
Never let them see you sweat. You are the mountain, unmoved and unmoving. The immovable object. Others look to you for reassurance, and you never let them down.
The Survivor
Being a survivor sometimes means being a pragmatist and making the hard choices. When it's you or them, you come first. You can't help anyone else if you're dead.
The Thrill-Seeker
Yes, there's danger, but that's what makes it fun. You never feel more alive than when you're probably about to bite the big one. You go head first where others fear to tread because it's awesome.
The Vigilante
You're righting wrongs and settling scores whether others see it or not. You have a very personal code of honor, and it demands justice. That's what you do: bring justice.
The Visionary
Everything can be so much more. You see bigger ideas and potential in everything, and you do your best to realize those dreams. Innovate. Change the world.