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Also Known As

Warren Dumont
Dumont the Majestic
Dumont the Thrice Great

on MUX as



The Athlete


Escape Artist

Apparent Age


Played By

Grant Gustin

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The Athlete is a seeker after a prize. The prize, in whatever form that might take. They will sacrifice and strive and put in any amount of work necessary to attain it.

An athlete is one who competes in a contest to win the prize. It could be a goal they have set for themselves, fame, riches, or even their life. Possessed of strong minds and extremely capable bodies, athletes have the willpower necessary to prepare endlessly for the next challenge and the one after that.

You're strong, or fast, or coordinated - or all of the above. You're also a competitor, pushing yourself to do more and be better at every opportunity.

Role in Carnival

Hermes as Houdini


Brawn: Normal
+ Wiry (Positive)

Possessed of strength out of proportion to his build.
+ Pearl Diver (Positive)

Dumont has learned the secrets of the deep sea pearl divers and is capable of holding his breath for extremely long periods of time.
- Lightweight (Negative)

Even one drink is enough to put this welterweight deep into the tipsy and almost drunk state. A second is likely to put him right to sleep.
Finesse: Good
+ Double Jointed (Positive)

Able to contort, hyperextend, and dislocate almost any joint and set it again in an instant.
+ Sleight of Hand (Positive)

Dumont is an accomplished sleight of hand artist, able to misdirect, hide, and manipulate small objects as though it were magic.
- Terrible Driver (Negative)

No thank you. Please call the driver.
Brains: Normal
+ Meticulous Planner (Positive)

Always has a plan, a back-up plan, and a contingency, and fashions them in an instant.
+ Perceptive (Positive)

Dumont is a keen observer of god, man, and nature.
Spirit: Normal
+ Charming (Positive)

Handsome and mysterious, there always seems more to learn if only one could get closer and watch more carefully.
- Young (Negative)

Audiences expect their magicians to be mature and learned.
- Foolhardy (Negative)

Dumont dares only the most dangerous escapes, even if he's never tried them before. He has a habit of letting embellishment put his plans at risk.

Perks and Quirks

+ Cult
+ Good Luck

Fortune favors the bold!
+ Minor Power: Vanish! - Finesse

Hermes is able to vanish and reappear once again, like teleportation. However, he needs to be observed disappearing. This could be loaded into a milk can, entering a closet, or even stepping behind a curtain. If you would be astonished at his dramatic reappearance from wherever he went, then it probably counts.
- Fortune's Fool

Luck still runs out, though.
- Minor Weakness: Mercury

Mercury is his opposing aspect. The Roman to the Greek. As Romans corrupted the Greek myths, so too does the element Hg corrupt him.
- Minor Weakness: Poison

An exception to the general increased health and vitality of the gods, Hermes is as vulnerable to poison as anyone else.
- Too Pretty

Aren't all Greek gods?

Warren Dumont is meticulous and extremely well put together. His dark hair is slicked and oiled, brushed back and parted to a glossy perfection. His high forehead is ruled by thick, expressive eyebrows that lend gravity to verdigris gazes of mystery and suspense. His long, lean face is youthful, moreso than might expect to see upon the stage, but he is poised and utterly confident despite that apparent defecit. It is a face for the ages, full of character and yet beautiful to behold.

He's wearing a tailored tuxedo, as one does when they're upon the stage and in front of an adoring audience. One must look good, especially when looking into the gaping jaws of danger. Perception is everything, and the best way to be remembered is to make a striking first impression.


There is real magic in the world, and there has been for millions of years. The truest magic is most likely music. Beings so primitive that they cannot rightly be called man knew the power of war drums to show their power and inspire courage. They knew the power of song to soothe and heal. The oldest magic is that of life and death. The light inside of a human that is conceived in love and birthed in pain lives a while, kindling more such light before it passes beyond the veil. It seems these things have always existed, and with them the gods that mete out such things and express their favor or disfavor. As humanity has grown over the millennia, so too has magic. Laws define and regulate the action of thousands, or millions. Agriculture produces a bounty that feeds the growing tide. Religion carries the beliefs from one civilization to another, sometimes converting, but more frequently destroying in a tide of blood.

This is the warfare of the gods.
But not all gods are bloody, terrible gods. Some gods are gods of secrets and of knowledge. Gods of the mind and the body and the spirit.

The Mysterium is a small esoteric cult that knows that magic still lives in the world. They believe in the everyday magic of blood, sweat, and tears. They believe in the power of an oath. They believe that a white lie and a black lie are a form of control that anyone can cast, but inevitably come back upon the wielder. The Mysterium is primarily consists of the skilled workers and apprentices that follow the Thrice Great, known as Warren Dumont and in hushed whispers as Hermes. They tend to the tricks of the trade, oiling hinges, repairing props, and ensuring that the secrets of escape artistry and magic cannot be discerned from the audience. The truth is a powerful magic, and everyone who goes to see an escape artist wants to be deceived and amazed. They want to believe. It is, in a way, dishonest to give them something that they did not ask for. They do not want to know the secret of a trick, even as they try to figure out what it could be.

The difference between the audience and the Mysterium is this: the Mysterium knows that some escapes are impossible, and yet the Thrice Great manages them anyway.



Role: Magician's Assistant


Rita (Carnival)

Magician's Assistant
Rita, known professionally as The Majestrix, is the assistant to Warren Dumont in his escape artistry show. She is a capable magician in her own right, both as assistant and able to perform her own small illusions. She generally uses this in service to distracting the audience from how long the escape takes.

No badges for Carnival.

Show and a Dinner
(2019-04-13 • Show Tent) Hermes puts on a show and has a meal with Alecto after, during which she catches him up to speed.
Cast  •   Hermes (as Warren Dumont and Rita the Majestrix)  •  Alecto (as Alecto and a couple of labourer rubes)  •