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Warren Beausoleil

on MUX as

The Athlete


The Athlete



Apparent Age


Played By

Grant Gustin

Faction Membership


Live Before I Die

I just want to live before I die, tell the world I've been alive. That my days are more than wasted time. And when I look back at my life, it don't matter if I did it right. Cause I lived before I died.


The Athlete is a seeker after a prize. The prize, in whatever form that might take. They will sacrifice and strive and put in any amount of work necessary to attain it.

An athlete is one who competes in a contest to win the prize. It could be a goal they have set for themselves, fame, riches, or even their life. Possessed of strong minds and extremely capable bodies, athletes have the willpower necessary to prepare endlessly for the next challenge and the one after that.

You're strong, or fast, or coordinated - or all of the above. You're also a competitor, pushing yourself to do more and be better at every opportunity.

Role in Slasher

Growing up in the country, Warren did a lot of running and swimming as a kid - there's simply not a lot else to do. He did decent in school, ran track and was on the swim team, both as a distance/endurance racer rather than speed, but his knack for hitting threes on the basketball team landed him a scholarship in-state. Now he competes for the Ducks.

He is a country boy at heart, a bit wet behind the ears and unaccustomed to big campus life and modern culture. He joined a fraternity to try and broaden his horizons, and is slowly adjusting to the frenzy and pop culture that surrounds him. He's pretty much your all-American, small town boy.

Pop Culture: Warren is starting to pick up TV shows and movies. Did you see Batman? That one was really good!

Sporty: He likes sports and is quite competitive, which can lure him out of his naive shell.

The Hick: He's the real country bumpkin in the frat.


Brawn: Normal
+ Marathoner (Positive)

Warren can go all day and all night. Running, swimming, you name it...
Finesse: Good
- Bad Driver (Negative)

If it seems like he learned to drive on tractors, be assured that he did.
+ Quick (Positive)

Warren moves like lightning.
+ Stealthy (Positive)

Sneakers are made for sneaking and he knows how to keep quiet.
Brains: Normal
+ Perceptive (Positive)

Nothing gets by him except sarcasm.
- Unsophisticated (Negative)

A little naive. Kind of a bumpkin. Boy meets world.
Spirit: Normal
+ Grit (Positive)

Warren is experienced at pushing through discomfort and pain.

Perks and Quirks

+ Adrenaline Boost

"Hey ya'll, watch this!"
+ Area of Expertise: Athletics

Warren runs cross country and swims marathons for fun, but he's on a basketball scholarship for draining three pointers from half court.
- Small Favor

Warren owes Emily Reed for all the tutoring. Like, really owes her. He has to keep his grades up to keep the scholarship.

Warren's dark hair is unruly and resists all but the most strenuous attempts to tame it. Once the part is in, that's it. From there on, it's constantly brushed up and back, but that's okay because volume is in. Warren has thick, serious eyebrows and lively green eyes that hide very little. Warren has a long, lean face that tends toward brooding when he isn't paying attention and boyish charm when he's happy.

He's wearing a comfortable pair of broken in Wranglers; tight across the hips and butt, distressed and starting to split at the knee. It took a lot of effort to get them right there without looking like he spent a lot of effort doing it. The black belt is for leather, not Karate, and he tucks his Oregon Ducks tee in like you're supposed to with a t-shirt. It's too hot for the sweet jean jacket, but it still gets kind of cool at night on the water and it really brings out the red on his Air Jordans. Gotta be the shoes, right?


Danny Novak

Frat Boy / Future Burnout

Danny's a good guy. Life of the party! He's also a pretty good trip sitter... if he stays mostly sober.


Emily Reed

Sorority Sister

Definitely a cool chick, and she's really smart. Without her help, Warren definitely would have flunked a couple classes and endangered his scholarship. Some day he will find a way to pay her back.


Mallory Miller

Trail Guide

Oh my god, I haven't seen Mallory since middle school. This is where she moved? What are the odds?

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