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Arthur Grim

on MUX as



The Artist


Musician and Performing Horse

Apparent Age

Early 20s

Played By

Andreja Pejic

Faction Membership

Musician/Performing Horse


When we encounter the Moon, we see a path that leads off into the distance. On either side of the path stand a wolf and a dog, representing our animalistic nature - one is civilized, and the other wild and feral.

In the distance, two towers flank the central path; on opposite sides of the shore, they represent the forces of good and evil, and their similarity in appearance suggests the difficulties that we face in distinguishing between them.

Everything in this card seems to echo the other, as if to suggest two possibilities. When we walk down the path, we walk the fine line between conscious and unconscious, between the tamed side of civilization of the dog, and the forces of nature represented by the wolf.



Sting - The Wild Wild Sea

That night as I walked in my slumber
I waded into the sea strand
And I swam with the moon and her lover
Until I lost sight of the land

All around me was silence
As if mocking my frail human hopes
And a question mark hung in the canvas
For the wind that had died in the ropes

At first just a rustle of canvas
And the gentlest breath on my face
But a galloping line of white horses
Said that soon we were in for a race

The gentle sigh turned to a howling
And the grey sky she angered to black
And my anxious eyes searched the horizon
With the gathering sea at my back


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Beauty, art, music, song, these are the things that life is about, and he sees them all around him, everywhere, in everything and everyone.

He has to express himself in whatever way he can.

He wants to leave his own mark, too.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You have to express yourself, in whatever way you can. Beauty, art, song, these are the things life is about, and you see them all around you. They're everywhere. You want to leave your own mark, too.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

The Fossegrimmen and the Nokken are quite similar creatures in Scandinavian folklore - both are associated with water, both play the fiddle, and both are faeries of a sort. The former is a kind creature, playing and teaching music in exchange for gifts of meat. The latter is a dark, malicious beast that can change into a horse and leads people, often children, to their watery death with the lure of music. Perhaps they were always different sides of a coin, or maybe time and telling has blurred them together. Whichever the case, Arthur Grim is both, brought to this land from the imaginations of the Scandinavians that settled largely around the Great Lakes.

In a sort of Seelie/Unseelie sort of way, he spends half the year a Fossegrimmen and half a Nokken. In Spring and Summer he is kind and benevolent, playing music for the enjoyment of others and living on whatever offered food is given to him. In the Fall and Winter he becomes capricious and dark, luring the unfortunate to whatever body of water is near with the beauty of his horse guise or the music he plays as a man. Their drowning sustains him.

Big Top Performer

Arthur joined the carnival early, an old acquaintance of Mephistopheles. In Spring and Summer he fiddles while his two Friesian horses perform impressive tricks and dance. In Fall and Winter he performs with them in his own horse form, three highly trained horses without a trainer on stage.



Big Top Performer (Fiddler)

Arthur's human guise, an albino, androgynous, ethereal youth. Often found with a violin, dallying in waterfalls, and doing his best to get by in this strange, modern world. Humanity is not even a fleeting illusion to him, and his existence seems tenuous at best.



Big Top Performer (Dancing Horse)

Arthur's Seelie guise. A gentle, friendly horse, fond of giving rides to friends and respectful children.



Big Top Performer (Dancing Horse)

Arthur's Unseelie form. Often on the hunt, when not on the job.

  • As a Fossegrimmen, he can only eat what is given to him, so it's not uncommon to see fellow carnies offer him food at meals in Spring and Summer.
  • As a Nokken, he must lure a mortal to their drowning at least once per lunar cycle during Fall and Winter and cannot eat food at all.
  • He's a musician and artist, and is happy to share his talent.
  • A being of Scandinavian origin, he's quite familiar with and to the Norse pantheon.


Brawn: Poor
+ Tough (Positive)

He'll drag you down to the bottom of the sea, if he's hungry.
- Scrawny (Negative)

Then again, there's barely anything of him left.
Finesse: Good
+ Fleet Footed (Positive)

Horses are speedy creatures, zoom zoom.
+ Nimble Fingers (Positive)

In a musician's hands, quite a lot can become an instrument.
Brains: Normal
+ Cunning (Positive)

A trickster and wild creature, his intellect tends toward the sly and feral.
- Uneducated (Negative)

He's a creature of waterfall and wood. Poetry and songs are his only real literary interests.
Spirit: Good
+ Performing (Positive)

He puts on a hell of a show.
+ Magnetic (Positive)

And he'll charm you with music or a smile.
- Aloof (Negative)

And yet, his connection to anyone is ephemeral as best, like a song at the edge of one's memory. In winter, he's like the wind through icicles, glittering and glacial.

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshifter (Human)

Whether Fossegrimmen or Nokken, he is always luminously lovely.
+ Shapeshifter (Animal)

A white horse, sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrifying.
+ Minor Power: Entrance (Spirit)

Can entrance others, making them follow him and be passive/compliant. He uses this to lure victims away.
+ Minor Power: Entangle (Brawn)

Once touched, can make others stick to him. He uses this after entrancing them to drag them off underwater.
+ Minor Power: Boon and Bane (Spirit)

Can grant good and bad luck to those he chooses, often for an offering of food or a perceived slight.
+ Steel Yourself

What can be monstrous to a monster?
- Archaic Mind

He's of another time and place, a relic of the past.
- Too Pretty

Dangerous beauty.
- Monstrous Diet

In Spring and Summer he can only eat or drink what is given to him freely. In Fall and Winter he does not eat or drink, but must drown at least one victim per Chapter.
- Major Weakness: Duality

He is splintered by season, his personality shifting drastically between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. During the former he is kind, humble, honorable and charming. During the latter he is cold, arrogant, treacherous and sinister. He cannot go against his seasonal nature and urges.


Bianca (Carnival)

Huge silver koi fish.
Having found her alone and lonely in a pond in which he'd sought rest and respite, Arthur took her along with him after discovering with her a mutual love of poetry.


Falada (Carnival)

Black Friesian Stallion
An older horse, wise in circus ways and all things equine, Falada was rescued by Arthur from an abusive owner at a rival circus. After his captor's demise, he chose to follow the Grim, becoming part of Arthur's small herd of four. So what if one of them sometimes walks on two legs? So what if one of them is a fish? Nothing seems to faze him, and for a horse, he's very stoic.


Florian (Carnival)

Black Friesian Stallion
Freed along with Falada, Florian also chose to join Arthur's herd. Young and vain, he enjoys performing for the crowd and revels in the adulation. But, though he and Falada are opposite in temperament and both are stallions, there is no conflict between the brothers; instead, he looks up to the elder Falada and gladly follows his and Arthur's lead.

No badges for Carnival.

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