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Also Known As


on MUX as



The Analyst



Apparent Age

Late 20s

Played By

David Tennant

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Some people gather data to solve problems, make more money, or gather power. Not the Analyst. This guy is an information magpie. A collector. He chases down knowledge the way little old ladies hunt for antique tchotchkes at garage sales. Not because they care about that individual figurine, but because there's an empty space on their shelf begging to be filled.

Patterns are everywhere, and data is paramount. No one can look at the data like you can, making sense out of the seeming randomness of life. If there's a hidden meaning, you'll find it.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

"So there was this thing in the 1800s where those Brits just went absolute bonkers for all things Asian. Japanese, Chinese, you name it, they stole it and mixed it in a pot and vomited it up all over their art and clothes and silly little tea sets. Anyway... So there was this one little group of Brits. Kind of a cult, you might say. Totally okay chaps and all, but bonkers. They fancied themselves Japanese Buddhists, but the thing is, they didn't really speak Japanese, right? And they'd never met a Buddhist. So they end up digging up some half-translated nonsense about a scarecrow that knows everything, and all of a sudden that's the guy they're worshipping, right? I know, amazing! So anyway, they tell their kids all about this scarecrow guy, and their kids grow up and move over here. And that's how old Bik was born. Kuebiko to m'dad."

That's what he tells anyone who asks, anyway. Is that true? Isn't it? Who knows!


Bik is technically supposed to be serving as a barker. The truth is, he can hardly ever be found where he's /supposed/ to be. It's the darndest thing, really. Everyone knows he can't walk, but somehow he always seems to turn up sitting right there in the shadows when some important bit of information is being shared or a secret is being told. You could have sworn that shadow was empty a moment ago, and how on earth does he wheel that flimsy chair around with those skinny arms, anyway?! But improbably, somehow there he is.

It's an open secret around the carnival that if you're looking to put a bee in your bonnet, Bik is your man. If he doesn't know what you're looking for, he'll know who does.


True Form

In his true form, Bik is a sentient scarecrow. Not much more to say about it. He prefers looking human.


Brawn: Poor
- Bound to wheelchair (Negative)

Scarecrow can't walk, fam.
+ Takes a licking (Positive)

They took my legs off and threw them over there! They took my chest out and threw it over there!
Finesse: Normal
+ Boneless (Positive)

That straw stuffing sure does let joints bend in improbable directions, don’t it?
Brains: Good
+ Knowledge collector (Positive)

Is there a thing to know? He wants to know it…
- Driven to distraction (Negative)

…and he’s willing to put himself in harm’s way to find out.
+ Connection Maker (Positive)

Bik has a remarkable way of connecting seemingly disparate pieces of information to reach surprisingly accurate conclusions.
Spirit: Good
+ Friendly (Positive)

Does he like people, or has he just learned that friendliness loosens more lips?

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshift Human (freebie)
+ Minor Power (Teleport) (+10)

Is there gossip to be overheard? Secrets being shared? Don’t look now, but Bik is there. He Can Only Teleport Within A 1 Mile Radius And Only To A Location Within His Line Of Sight. (Uses Brains)
+ Minor Power (Chameleon) (+10)

Bik doesn’t blend in to his surroundings so much as people just… don’t seem to notice him if he doesn’t want to be noticed. (Uses Finesse)
+ Minor Power (Go away) (+10)

When (and only when) Bik feels threatened he can instill in the threatening person/creature a feeling that they should run away. (Uses Spirit)
+ Back for More (+30)

Bik has lived an improbably long time for an accidental creation of cultural misappropriation. He’s hard to unmake, yo.
- Major Weakness (Fire) (-20)
- Freak (Can’t walk) (-10)

Kuebiko was a scarecrow that could not move but retained phenomenal worldly knowledge. The American version is a wee bit watered down... Probably due to mythology mixing over time with rural legends of scarecrows coming alive to walk the earth at night. The result is a scarecrow that can shapeshift human but needs to be wheeled around in a chair when he does, unless he can get that teleport power working (sucks it's so dependent on someone gossiping, don't it?)
- Psychopomp (Touch) (-20)

The one thing Bik doesn't want to know. Please don't touch him. Don't even breath on him.
- Archaic Mind (-10)

You try spending a century or so as a living scarecrow and see how up-to-date /you/ are on current trends.

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