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Riff Raf

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The Advisor


Assistant to Veles

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Pedro Pascal

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The Advisor is someone who has experienced life but doesn't have all the answers. They have the common sense of things figured out but for the true questions that individuals have all they can do is give their best guess. There is innate belief in humanity and general positive outlook associated with this kind of approach to life and perhaps a modicum of nosy interest too.

Risks are for other people. You know a lot about a lot, though, and you're always ready with advice. Is it your fault they don't always listen?

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

1917 Puerto Rico joined the United States of America as a Territory

That same year a wave of young Puerto Rican immigrants hit Florida, New York, and Chicago all looking for that American dream. With them came the culture of the Carribean... Beautiful women, succulent food, and of course their game Dominos. Belief can be such a small thing. Don't make a face or it'll get stuck like that. Throw salt over your shoulder for luck. If you lose a game of Dominos completely you get a Chiva. Small beliefs are still beliefs and sometimes they cast long shadows. No one wanted a Chiva and the only way to get rid of it was to give it to someone else by beating them the same way. It was a ritual of sorts and from belief and rituals came the American Chiva.

A spirit named after a Goat for bad luck and annoyance. Gain a Chiva by losing and your luck is sour. Give them to someone else and your luck is good. No one wants a Chiva, unloved, and unwanted but still they play the games and say the names. Tethering the spirit to the land.

In the Carnival

Veles Assistant Middle Management is unpopular and what better place for one of the most unwanted spirits to be than assisting the big boss and annoying the acts. It just fits really the goatish opinionated man and always being avoided and shooed away with his dull talk of schedules and needs and duties and the like. The one thing everyone knows is don't get to far out of line because the Chiva meddles in luck and mortals rarely win his game. Unlucky mortals in a carnival of myth might just ruin someone's night.

OOC: What is a Chiva?

Chiva Goat Spirit Bad Luck A variant of Dominos played in the Carribean

When playing the game of dominos you can lose 100 to 0 or 10 games to 0 depending on the variant. When you do this you get a Chiva. It is an invisible goat spirit that brings you bad luck. The only way to get rid of this spirit is to pass it on to someone else by beating them 100 to 0 or 10 games to 0. When you pass off the Chiva you are considered 'lucky' again because it's lucky to get rid of it. Also winning by those margins are normally very hard so it is considered lucky for it to happen in the first place. This is a Puerto Rican / Carribean folklore that exists around the game of Dominos and has for quite a long time. It's really more of a superstition than a full-blown myth but even today when I'm playing dominos with other Puerto Ricans we talk about giving each other Chivas.

Unwanted Spirit: The Chiva is unwanted by almost everyone and everything. Between a disgusting habit of chewing on just about anything, his smelly cigars, and his nosy opinions not many people want to spend time with him. Anyone foolish enough to give him to much leeway finds themselves stuck with him and invited to play a game of dominos.

Only Bad Luck: For the Chiva luck only bends one way. His innate nature is souring luck, bad luck, from small to big and small again. Those that play his game and lose are marked by the bad luck. There is a catch though. The worse the luck they gain, the better the luck becomes. If someone rids themselves of the Chiva luck has a way of snapping back. Giving some good for the bad.

Assistant of Veles: Have a problem? Are you the problem? The Chiva is going to come looking eventually. Him just around tending to make things a little worse though so better to find him at someone else's stall or his tent than let him near your things!

Thinnest Tether: The Chiva was born with small belief and ritual and is maintained by the same. Unlike many of the spirits, the unwanted goat spirit has a smattering of unwitting believers all throughout the country. Some of them are starting to wonder 'What is a Chiva anyway?' and fewer people are able to provide an answer. He clings to existence by the thinnest of ties.


Brawn: Normal
- Unsteady (Negative)

Don't let him carry, hold, prop, or do anything with something that needs to be secure or steady.
+ Stay Awhile (Positive)

He has a knack and a grip for keeping someone around for a minute or two more.
Finesse: Poor
- Klutz (Negative)

Anything that needs a delicate touch, balanced hand, or sure step... Don't let him near it or self.
Brains: Good
- Whatsits Whosits? (Negative)

Keep it simple or he gets lost and when he gets lost he gets stubborn.
+ Deal? (Positive)

Simple doesn't mean he can't be clever. He wants you to make a deal, play a game, honor your wager. He has tricks and wits to make it happen.
Spirit: Good
- Abandonment (Negative)

The thought of being abandoned or unwanted shakes him to his core. He doesn't fear being forgotten, he fears being alone.
+ Tethered Confidence (Positive)

Faith that he's tethered gives him a lot of confidence and his bit role as Veles Assistant does too.

Perks and Quirks

- Fortunes Fool

Things just go wrong around him and to him. It's the nature of his myth and his existence. It's nothing personal, it just is.
- Superstitious

+ Never Glance: If he sees his reflection he has to examine it purposefully or it's bad luck for him.

+ Crossing Water: If there's water near an entrance glasses, bottles, barrels, or running water he can't bring himself to cross the threshold.

+ Unwanted Unlucky: Any lucky omen or knickknack repels him from a place or a person. He's unlucky and doesn't like being around luck, it clashes with his style.
- Archaic Mind

If it ain't simple he don't get it. Cars. Motors. Anything that isn't boats and sails, good 'honest' stuff.
- Bestial

He chews on things. Metal, leather, bone, you name it he chomps it right in front of you. Off-putting.
+ Minor Power (Unluck)

Bad things just happen. They do, it's not someones fault. Especially around a Chiva, but sometimes he makes them happen too. Who knows if it's luck or him? (Spirit)
+ Minor Power (Tail)

He's an unwanted spirit, that doesn't mean you can get rid of him. When he has his intent on someone he's just there. Over their shoulder, across the street, in the corner. He can teleport to people who try to end their interactions with him prematurely. (Brains)
+ Shapeshifter (Human)

Sometimes a different face is what's needed to get the job done. Whether it's convincing someone to play a game of dominos or followup on a request from Veles.
+ Shapeshifter (Animal)

Little goat, little goat, where are you? Little goat, little goat, how do you do? Sometimes it's easier to be a goat.
+ Familiar



Chiva main.jpg


Whit Whicky (Carnival)

Carnival Accountant
Whit Whicky is the unfortunate soul that the Chiva is bound too. It's no secret the Chiva is an unwanted spirit, placed upon people as a punishment for losing at his particular game of dominos. Whit Whicky is just the most recent 'familiar' that the Chiva has bound himself too to stay with the Carnival. The man used to be a banker but upon visiting the Carnival and being cajoled into playing a game with Chiva he found himself losing 100 to 0 in short order and the old goat grinning like no tomorrow.

When Chiva claimed he couldn't leave he certainly didn't believe. When he tried to leave and everything under the sun went wrong from his car not working, to people thinking he was a poor vagrant, to some kids mugging him, and more he got the message. Now he serves as the accountant for the Carnival under the Chiva keeping the books mostly in order and being a 'normal' face for any nosy inspectors or officers to talk too.


Marialana Muniz (Carnival)

Rube Herder
Marialana came dirty and poor to the Carnival and was swept along with the show. Oh she didn't believe at first, she just thought it was a good time. She thought it was all so wonderful. She even managed to get a FREE bunk with the Carnival accountant Whick. Soon enough though things started to become to much for even the young woman to overlook. Soon enough it wasn't the thrill of the carnival but it's dirty little secret that kept her around. Some acts, some tents need someone a little in the know to hang around and entice other people to join them. Well she does that now and if she gets to hang out with myths and legends while doing it. Well she dresses much better than she used to.


Carlita Asago (Carnival)

Ineffective Warner
Abuela as she is affectionately and sometimes dismissively called was one of the Chiva's old familiar's. Now freed from that bond she stays because she has been there for to long to make a change now. She sets up the Chiva's tents, tends to things for the other tagalongs. She believes in the Chiva, oh does she believe, and she warns. She is often found trying to convince people not to go to certain tents or acts, especially the Chiva. Invariably though when the old woman is asked why she spreads the myths and legends. A little knowledge a kernel of belief or fear is the tinder to flare to worship. In truth she probably does much more harm than good and her age makes her easy to dismiss by people so the Carnival doesn't force her out.

No badges for Carnival.

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