The Advisor

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The Advisor

Known As

Karl Webb
Tuoni Thorson

on MUX as

The Advisor

Has Been

"Criminal" Lawyer
Weyland-Yutani VP of R&D

Apparent Age


Played By

Christopher Walken

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Few people who attain power are smart enough to remain there on their own, and that's when you call on me. The right hand, the whisper at your ear, the one behind the throne. Morals and ethics are only tools to maintain the status quo. I have advice for any given situation, wisdom gleaned from books and experience, the ivory tower and the underworld. You have a problem? We'll solve it. Just remember who told you how, and that loyalty is a bought commodity, like anything else.

Risks are for other people. You know a lot about a lot, though, and you're always ready with advice. Is it your fault they don't always listen?

In the Facility

The Advisor's Door

A man whispering into the ear of a king, and even though the throne is ornate and the king is richly dressed, it's clear that the man in simple robes is the focus of the image.

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

Karl's briefcase full of papers - shady contracts, suspicious liability waivers, and a tattered copy of the infamous "Terrorists" speech.

Alien Mutation

No memento mori from this story yet.


Nutmeg (Alien Mutation)

Right Hand Feline
Every villain needs a cat to confide in, and for Tuoni Thorsen, that's Nutmeg. A rather small tortoiseshell, she packs a mean wallop in feline fangs and claws, but also emotional support in the way of loud purring and love. Just don't try to pet her belly - it's a trap!


Terri Arceles (Alien Mutation)

Every major corporate figure needs a brilliant suckup, and for Thorson, that would be Terri Arceles, a face for W-Y who handles reports, messages to the company, and other things too menial for him to deal with personally. Too bad she's so annoying.


Rina "Dustcloud" (Alien Mutation)

No one is really sure what Rina does or why she's there. Is she Thorson's lover? Daughter? Helping hand? Personal DJ? Since she never talks and he only refers to her as a "Fixer of Problems," it's anyone's guess.


Irina Bulgakov (Isle of Dread)

A former commander of an elite Spetsnaz unit, Karl lured her away with the promise of a big payout at the end of this gig by helping him stay alive against hordes of drunken rich kids, coked up musicians and local savages. When she's not carrying a gun, she's carrying a combat knife - and more than willing to use it. 9 out of 10 Chechens would agree.


Nova del Sata (Isle of Dread)

Shady Paralegal
Karl's right hand, Nova knows how to hustle, whether it's pulling contracts, doing research, finding "connections" to facilitate Karl's work getting done. Thankfully, she lacks morals as much as he does.


Salvatore Garabaldi (Isle of Dread)

"Professional" Friend
Salvatore made Karl an offer he couldn't refuse in exchange for some questionable land deals in Sicily and a share in NY waste management companies. However, the favor in return was Karl having to bring the mafioso to the festival to work deals and party hard. Excellent at figuring out situations and deals, a smooth talker. Just don't make him angry...


Karl Webb (Isle of Dread)

You grew up with the Wellsons, a few years ahead of them, sure, but you ran in similar circles. Just as they are trying to blaze their own path in their family, so are you trying to make a future of your own. You went to law school, as was expected of you, and you have a junior partnership at a prestigious firm, but you really want something that's yours. Advising friends on the side has proven lucrative, and this current venture is just the latest.

You came with the Wellsons to help them run things and advise them on site. There's a lot of potential for reward, but no shortage of risks, either. Help keep them on the right path, out of legal jeopardy, and when things get big for them after this festival you'll be there to share in the spoils.


Tuoni Thorson (Alien Mutation)

You are the quintessential Company Man. You've steered the Research and Development sector of Weyland-Yutani through some of its biggest triumphs. The 'shake and bake' colony explosion was developed on your watch. Breakthroughs in Synthetic tech were guided by you. And now Project 937 is closer to fruition than it's ever been. Recent scans of the debris field that used to be Sevastopol Station show genetic markers never seen before - alien DNA - and you're certain it's from the Xenomorphs that took over the station. Now you're on the Ludovica in person to make sure they get a sample and get it into the lab. The weapons and defense tech the specimen represents could triple revenue by itself. You've brought along Wynne to make sure the job gets done. No escapes, no explosions. Xenomorph XX121 is in your grasp and you aren't letting go.

Now known as 'Thorrorson', the still-living monstrosity in two parts terrorizing the station.

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