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Elizabeth Barrens

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The Adherent

Role in Carnival

Once, she had everything she could ever want. Elizabeth Barrens nee Murray had been a member of the upper echelon of New York society, married to a self-made man who was swimming in millions: William "Bill" Barrens. She lived the glamorous high life, mingled with celebrities and the who's who, she always received invitations to the most ritzy of parties - Elizabeth was part of the 'it' crowd. It was a life most could only dream of, but she had been living it. Had. Her fairy tale life came crashing down along with Wall Street in 1929, and just like that, everything she had was nearly lost over night. A series of bad investments, betrayal, and bank closings combined with the failing economic climate made things quite dire for William and his wife. Not wanting to downgrade to peasant status, William relied on his connections to the criminal underworld, connections Elizabeth had no idea existed, and started bootlegging for the Italian mob.

From there life went into a dangerous, downward spiral, and though they were able to live well, if a downgrade from the luxurious lifestyle they were accustomed to, things took a dark turn. William's true nature began to emerge with his fall into alcoholism, and more often than not, Elizabeth was victim to the physical violence that came from his unpredictable temper tantrums produced by his out of control drinking habits. The bruises were easy to hide, and her skill with makeup artistry enabled her to veil the signs of abuse while providing her some semblance of control over one thing in her life: her appearance. It allowed her to still appear put together, in control, exuding the image of a confident woman making due with the hardships given by the Great Depression. Elizabeth might have been able to fool the casual observer, but not Claire Saint-Vincent.

Perhaps it was fate that day when the two met in a Greek owned atelier that had been offering classes for a variety of subjects, or perhaps it was divine intervention. The pair had formed a rapport, but it took time for Elizabeth to open up about her husband, his involvement with the mob, her fear, and the abuse she was victim to. It was an injustice that couldn't stand, and it was after that Claire introduced Elizabeth to Nemesis. Everything changed after that. Come 1933, she followed the ancient Goddess to the Carnival of Wonders, finding her place there with her ability as a beautician, applying her skill as a makeup artist and hair stylist to the various performers (and Nemesis, for fitting in purposes) to ensure they look their absolute best for the crowd. And she's damn good at it.

Played By: Idda van Munster

Beautician: Elizabeth is an artist in her own right, using people as her canvas, makeup and styling tools as her brushes and paint, she knows what's en vogue and what isn't. Not afraid to be imaginative with her work for the performers of the Carnival, she helps to ensure they look their absolute best when performing for the crowds.

Traumatized: Physical wounds may heal, but those of a mental and emotional sort are a whole other ball game. She may have survived domestic abuse, but some injuries and half-healed scars linger within her.

No Nonsense: Everything Elizabeth does she does efficiently, wasting no time. She's direct and straightforward, tolerating zero bullshit or, well, nonsense.

Cat's Meow: Despite her diminished lifestyle, she makes due with what's available, and she makes it look damn good. She's always put together, beautiful, stylish, extraordinary in her own right.

Bearcat: She may appear sweet at first glance, fooling those with her beauty and grace, but behind that visage is a woman who is vicious. Feisty and hotblooded, if not a little aggressive at times.


Brawn: Poor
+ Tough as Nails (Positive)

If there's one positive thing (if one can call it a positive) that came from her relationship with William, it's her resilience. She's hard to keep down and able to endure a lick or two.
- Weak (Negative)

Though enduring and able to withstand physical violence, she can't dish it back out, very much lacking the physical strength to do much of any damage.
Finesse: Good
+ Sharpshooter (Positive)

After her abusive relationship with William, Elizabeth vowed to never be a helpless victim again. She took up pistol shooting, armed with one of her deceased's husband pieces, and became very proficient at it. Helpless no more.
+ Practiced High-Heel Sprinter (Positive)

Elizabeth has learned to run from many things, and when it comes time to escape, nothing will stop her from booking it. Not even high heels.
Brains: Normal
- Fixated (Negative)

As with Claire and Alexandre, she's fixated upon Nemesis (Adrasteia) near to the point of obsession. She is her world, her everything, she is all, and at times there is nothing else but Nemesis. It tends to make her a bit narrow sighted.
+ Well-Educated (Positive)

Having been a lady of high society and coming from a notable family, Elizabeth has gone to the best schools, receiving the best education of the time, and it shows.
Spirit: Good
+ Devoted (Positive)

She's cognizant of other gods and otherworldly beings of myth and legend, and while respectful of them, it's to Nemesis that she gives her complete conviction and utter devotion.
- Vain (Negative)

Makeup done. Hair done. Nails done. Elizabeth is always dressed to the nines, perfectly presented. Times are rough, and she makes due with what's available, but she makes it work in her favor. Appearance and presentation is everything.
+ Unwavering Resolve (Positive)

Through thick or thin, when the situation turns from bad to worse, she is steely with her determination. She never gives in, doesn't give up, and will keep going, keep trying.
- Used to the High Life (Negative)

It's a difficult transition for her, losing all the glamour and wealth of the high life, having to make due with non-designer apparel, no longer having the best of everything.


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I'll never forget what she's done for me, my savior. The least I can do for her is help her blend in, for all the good it does. Wherever she goes, I'll be right there with her.



Carnival Jeweler/Justiciar's Assistant

Such a little doll, sweetest thing and my best friend. I'd not be where I am now if it wasn't for her.



Laborer/Justiciar's Bouncer

Mister Vargas, the gentleman He-man of our group, a swell fella that's the absolute berries. For a rube.

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