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Claire Saint-Vincent

on MUX as

The Adherent


Carnival Jeweler/Justiciar's Assistant

Apparent Age


Played By

The Adherent

Role in Carnival

The Crescent City, New Orleans, it's a melting pot of cultures, a place that inspired artists and writers, it was a place where both jazz and Claire Saint-Vincent were born. She was the only child of the Saint-Vincent immigrants who came from France to set roots down in the state of Louisiana. With a jeweler-lapidary father and a painter mother, Claire was surrounded by art, and was groomed to take up the family business, given the lack of any other children. The city of New Orleans had that mystique and wonder, a certain charm and a never ending amount of inspiration for a budding artist, it was especially true in the French Quarter where they lived. They were neither poor nor rich, but lived a comfortable enough life, well within their means, and never leaned towards extravagance. Claire, however, was afflicted with an undiagnosed illness, and each year that passed, she grew more frail and weak, but it never took away from her passion or zest for life.

Despite her illness, life was good. The Saint-Vincent family was well known for the quality of work they put out in painting and jewelry, and business was good. Too good. With the Prohibition in effect, combined with the growing mob families and conflicts with minor gangs, crime was on the rise. It was only a matter of time, and chaos erupted when Claire was barely eighteen years of age. The shop was uncontested territory, it was successful, and to the various criminals in the city, it was a place for profit. An attempt at extortion went so terribly wrong, violence ensued, resulting in the deaths of her parents, along with the razing of the shop. Claire was still inside the building when the fires were lit, and in her weakened state, escape was near impossible, and her fate appeared to be sealed. Until Nemesis came.

Now, Claire is a devout follower, the first of the trio to join the primordial Greek, as thus, she's been with her the longest. Having followed her to the Carnival of Wonders, the young Saint-Vincent applies the trade she was groomed to carry on, creating and repairing costume jewelry and accessories for the various performers and crew. When she isn't occupied with her primary work, she helps the other two whenever they come to a new town, looking for those poor, desperate souls who could use a little good fortune, and sends them on their way to the Carnival with a Nemesis Stone.

Observant: Always watching, always paying attention to anything and everything, she surveys her environment and those in it with a discriminating eye, a trait shared with Nemesis.

Doll: While not a woman that incites lust within men or a figure to inspire it, what Claire does have is a doll-like cuteness.

Jeweler: Very adept at her trade, she helps to create the various accessories and pieces to complete ensembles for the many performers of the Carnival.

French: She comes from an old French family, her parents having immigrated from France, and though American born, she doesn't sound like it. Claire speaks both English and French fluently.


Brawn: Poor
- Frail (Negative)

From early childhood, Claire has suffered from an undiagnosed illness that gradually weakened her year after year, and left her thin and frail.
- Smoker (Negative)

It's a bad habit, she knows it, her lungs know it, and Claire has been trying to quit, but just hasn't been successful so far.
Finesse: Normal
+ Quiet as a Mouse (Positive)

Most of the time she's quiet, making little to no noise whatsoever. Her shyness tends to keep her silent, but Claire can sneakily move around without drawing attention to herself.
+ Nimble Fingers (Positive)

Her work as a jeweler makes her good with her hands, fingers nimble, enabling her to work quickly and with a light touch.
Brains: Normal
+ Piercing Gaze (Positive)

Despite her reserved and timid demeanor, she's got a piercing gaze, sharp when assessing people, things, or situations, picking out details, a sort of visual investigation.
- Fixated (Negative)

As with Elizabeth and Alexandre, she's fixated upon Nemesis (Adrasteia) near to the point of obsession. She is her world, her everything, she is all, and at times there is nothing else but Nemesis. It tends to make her a bit narrow sighted.
Spirit: Good
+ Vim and Vigor (Positive)

Despite her frailty and diminishing lung capacity, Claire is ever enthusiastic, brimming with energy and get-go, lively when she wants to be and when it matters.
+ Devoted (Positive)

She's cognizant of other gods and otherworldly beings of myth and legend, and while respectful of them, it's to Nemesis that she gives her complete conviction and utter devotion.
+ Sweet (Positive)

When she opens up, Claire is quite sweet and cordial, expressing gentleness and kindness to others
- Shy (Negative)

More than a little backward, social interactions are not her strong suit, and she's regularly reserved when in the company of others, opting to listen rather than contribute.


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