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Wayne Adams

on MUX as

The Adherent


Refinery Laborer

Apparent Age


Played By

The Adherent

Role in Alien Mutation

After two run-ins with Penumbra Corp, Wayne Adams was short on options. Really, there were only the three. Run to somewhere Penumbra Corp has no influence (where?!), go to jail, to agree to a work program to repay the damages done to corporation property. Life without society wasn't appealing. Jail slightly less appealing. But working, well, so long as he was out of shackles, he could always take option 1, if work failed, right?

So here Wayne is, keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. Few more years and his debts would be considered paid and he'd be free once more. Until then? It's hard, sweaty work.

;Criminal: Wayne's crimes are not few, but most notable was his alleged robbery of a Penumbra Corp facility. There was guns, there was violence, but no death and no serious damage. Better Penumbra keep this one quiet than admit it's secure facility got robbed.

Yes, he likes them.
Rule Follower
Despite his criminal tendencies, he's trying to make good on this job.


Brawn: Good
+ Fightin' (Positive)
Finesse: Good
+ Shootin' (Positive)
- No Light Touches (Negative)

If Wayne needs to do something delicate, it isn't going to go well.
+ Sneakin' (Positive)
Brains: Poor
Spirit: Poor

No badges for Alien Mutation.

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