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Vinnie Taylor

on MUX as

The Adherent


Asst. Crew Chief

Apparent Age


Played By

The Adherent

Role in Alien Mutation

How to make a Vinnie:

One part reward for decades of good work.
One part investment in a very profitable facility.
One part odd sense of humor of the Synthetic's "owner".
One part quiet threat that high-salary workers could be replaced.

Vinnie Taylor was purchased by Penumbra Corp three years ago and assigned to work in the Refinery, as Addie Jansen's assistant. Why is she a gorgeous woman? Well, why not, says Addie. And why does she have such a strange personality? It just sort of happened. Vinnie herself will be happy to explain her personality, if anyone asks. But be ready for eye-rolling and several long, long groans. That's what humans do, right?

Anyways, Vinnie is a big investment, and just the same, it's a test to see if someone like Addie Jansen (and her high salary) could be replaced. Addie knows damn well she can't, so she's not too worried. But maybe the others at the Refinery should be? Retirement is too far off...

;Synth: Yep.

Music Lover
For better or worse, Vinnie loves music, and musicians. She'll lament her own inability to make up a song, yet something she's heard before? Well, of course she can play it!
Vinnie has a bad attitude. She's a bit obnoxious and dismissive. She'll easily hide behind any dislike of Synths - she's just a synth, what can she do? Is it real? Is it an act? Hardy matters. It all limits access to Addie, and thus forces people to go through proper channels, which is exactly what Addie wants.


Brawn: Good
- Weak (Negative)

She's not, actually. But as a "personality quirk", her programming prevents her from doing heavy lifting. This, the technical manual explains, helps prevent the human mind from stumbling at the idea of a slight woman being super-humanly strong.
Finesse: Good
+ Technical Repair (Positive)
+ Music (Positive)
Brains: Good
+ Calculator (Positive)
+ Digital Audio (Positive)

Vinnie enjoys recording people talking and modulating voices. Why does she do this? Who knows! But it's almost surely deeply unsettling.
Spirit: Good
- Uncanny Valley (Negative)

No badges for Alien Mutation.

What To Do?
(2018-09-12 • Office) Chief Heller and Overseer Riordan convene to discuss where to go from here.
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