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Addie Heller

on MUX as

The Adherent


The Adherent


Concert Crew Chief

Apparent Age


Played By

PJ Harvey

The Killers - The Man

I'm the man, come round
Nothing can break, nothing can break me down
I'm the man, come round and
Nothing can break, you can't break me down


Every story has a dominant paradigm, and you follow it. The world is the world, the system is the system, and the rules are the rules. Without that structure nothing makes sense or has meaning.

That means, when things get scary, we follow the fucking plan that was already put in place for when things get scary. It means if we all do our jobs, we all get to go home.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Every story has a dominant paradigm, and you follow it. The world is the world, the system is the system, and the rules are the rules. Without that structure nothing makes sense or has meaning.

Role in Isle of Dread

You come from a family of musicians, and while you can play a few instruments fairly well, being a technician (roadie) pays a lot more consistently than being a struggling musician does. You've toured with small-time punk and metal bands to big-time pop and rock acts, and you've seen most of the world at one point or another. When the Wellson siblings hired you, you took the job because they knew nothing about running a concert or festival, which meant you'd have full control to do things your way. The right way. They also offered a ton of money, which is nice.

Now you're on this utterly unsettled island with no infrastructure at all, trying to put together the Next Big Event, and it's a clusterfuck. You have what you need, but you're having to put everything together from scratch, and the opening day is looming large. Plus it's hot, everything is pre-fab structures or worse, and the local islanders on your crew are spooked about even being there to begin with. You'd quit right now, but it's too late. Your name is on the line, and your rep in the industry. Time to put your head down and lean in.

* Full Access: She can go anywhere on the grounds at any time.

  • Private Stock: One of her rider requirements was a nice collection of liquor. She's got all the good stuff.


Brawn: Normal
+ Keeps Going (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Music (Positive)
+ Tech (Positive)
Brains: Good
+ Tech (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
+ Logical Appeal (Positive)
- Over-Indulges (Negative)
- Risk-Averse (Negative)


Madison Wellson

Wyred Fest CEO

She's the older sibling and holds the wallet. Yes, ma'am.


Conrad Wellson

Wyred Fest Coordinator

The younger brother and 'idea man'. Yessir.


Maata Kahloa

Head of Security

Head of security. Greener than green. Hope she's as tough as she looks.

The adherent vinnie.jpg

Vinnie Smith (Isle of Dread)

Assistant Crew Chief
"Uh, some guy stopped by? He wanted something. I expressed to him the value of self-sufficiency."

Vinnie Smith is the worlds most unlikely assistant. Who would give a lazy, back-talking, work-hating woman this much power? Addie Heller would. Anyone who gets to know Heller and her operation will quickly find Vinnie's job is to run interference and keep people away. There's a process in place, there's a means to contact the Crew Chief. There's an issue tracker on the website and there's an e-mail to be use. There's even an app for the event! So, anyone that comes to find Heller without an appointment? They get Vinnie.

Probably Heller has a life insurance policy on Vinnie. Someone's going to choke her to death eventually.

The adherent Cheryl.jpg

Cheryl Welch (Isle of Dread)

Sound Tech
"This is, like, the opportunity of a lifetime! Can you believe it? We are going to kick ass. Wait, what do you mean I'm not assistant crew chief? What do you mean Vanessa is? She didn't even finish art school, you know that, right?"

Cheryl is good at electronics. She's good at mixing. She's good at citing literature. She's not so good at shutting up, appreciating people, or accepting that she's not God's gift. She works for Addie Heller doing sound for the concert. She's a brown-noser and a whiner.

The adherent wayne.jpg

Wayne Torres (Isle of Dread)

"Just saying... I ain't afraid of going back to jail. You know. If you need someone to talk to him..."

Making it as a musician is hard. Addie Heller couldn't do it, not really. That's why she used everything she learned and turned it to a productive career. But for some people, that's also hard. For some people, being a full-time roadie is all there ever is. And that's all Wayne managed to do with his life. Now, he's moving boxes and lifting heavy equipment. What else is an ex-felon going to do?

Of course, the fact that his forehead tattoos make people decidedly uncomfortable and his lack of fear of consequences is entirely real helps Heller keep things in check.

No badges for Isle of Dread.

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