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The Addict

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Zephyr is one of the blessed ones, clean and pretty. He's O+, healthy, and educated in the arts of pleasure, among other things. Though he doesn't have all that much autonomy over his body, he's seen how the others live, and he's comfortable where he is. Besides, it's all he's ever known.

Zeph enjoys Lux. While not everything is necessarily a transaction, Lux is a good way to get in good with him. Love comes and goes, but shiny things are forever.

Oh, and he's Drak and Cinder's baby brother.

  • Fortunate: Zephyr is pure as the driven snow. Whatever 'snow' is.
  • Companion: Zephyr's company can be bought, and they say he's worth it.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
+ Dancer (Positive)

Zephyr knows how to move in all the best ways.
Brains: Normal
+ Educated (Positive)

Zephyr can converse on a number of topics, or at least feign interest without completely letting on he has no clue what you're talking about.
Spirit: Normal
+ Attractive (Positive)

Pretty people are just somehow better, aren't they?
- Sheltered (Negative)

Outside his bower, Zephyr isn't sure what to do with himself.

Perks and Quirks

+ Good Luck

Re-roll 1 die. Once per Scene. You must select which die you wish to reroll.
+ Adrenaline Boost

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.
+ Area of Expertise - Music

Your college education or extracurricular activities give you an edge in a specific field. Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.
+ Gifted - Pleasure

Gives the character a +1 in a specific artistic or creative discipline of their choice. Examples might be music, dance, crafting (garments), crafting (jewelry), and so on.
- Gilded Cage

The character cannot leave the Sanctuary without permission and escort, and have many 'duties' expected of them. While they are often required to perform for or sleep with whomever chooses them as a luxury, you ARE NOT required to RP this, nor are you required to RP it as a Breeder.
- Sheltered

The character has little or no experience outside the Sanctuary, and everything out in the wastes is new to them. They react more strongly to shocking experiences and are very naive to the ways of the wasteland. Gives a situational -1 to rolls for things dealing with the wastes, from Freak-Out Checks at Monsters, to being conned by grifters, to finding their way around.
- Faint Hearted

You have to make Freak-Out checks at any bloody or gruesome sight, not just when freaky things happen. Failure leads to the character passing out cold.



Big brother, batshit insane.




Other big brother, jealous.

No badges for The Last Road.

(2019-12-11 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Xavier frets; Lyra and Zephyr are patient.
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Bizarre Bazaar
(2019-12-10 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) In the wake of the War Party's departure people talk in the bazaar.
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We Bleed Beautiful Rubies
(2019-12-03 • Sanctuary - Prime - Gilded Cage) Zephyr comes to Eden winding down for the night to make her aware of a bloody situation.
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Donation Gone Wrong
(2019-12-02 • The Sick Room) Drak cleans up after a blood donation gone wrong. Zephyr, Cinder, and Locke arrive in the aftermath.
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Family Therapy
(2019-11-25 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Lyra, Zephyr and Eden discuss Fortunate business.
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Healing Old Wounds
(2019-11-25 • Gilded Cage) Cinder and Zephyr finally talk to one another about the past and where they stand now.
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